Frankie Bridge was impressed at David Ginola’s slender physique during Tuesday’s I’m A Celebrity’s Don’t Waste It Challenge. 

She joked with Wayne that Wayne would be jealous of her Saturdays song because the 54-year-old footballer was shirtless.

David displayed his amazing figure when he took off his top to show off the challenge. Naughty Boy and Frankie from Main Camp were competing against each other for a chance at winning a plate full of digestive biscuits.

Phwoar: Frankie Bridge was impressed by David Ginola's hunky physique as they competed in the Don't Waste It challenge on Tuesday's I'm A Celebrity

Phwoar – Frankie Bridge was impressed at David Ginola’s imposing figure during Tuesday’s I’m a Celebrity’s Don’t Waste It challenge

Frankie (and David) were put in locked boxes. They had to collect as much liquid from a bucket. While their partner had to go up the steps to replenish the tank, the teammate was required to do the same.     

It was important to maintain the liquid’s level above the line. It was the first couple to permit their waste to touch or exceed the line.   

Frankie commented: “So David decided that he would go topless. This was for me such an odd moment. He has yet to be properly met with me. 

Funny: The Saturdays singer, 32, playfully joked her husband Wayne, 41, would be jealous after the footballer, 54, went shirtless for the messy task

Funny: Wayne (41), a Saturdays singer joked that Wayne would envy her for going shirtless after the 54-year-old footballer took on the difficult task.

I'm A Celeb stars: Frankie has been married to Wayne since 2014 and the couple are proud parents to their two sons (pictured in January last year)

I’m A Celeb Stars: Frankie and Wayne have been married since 2014. They are proud parents to their 2 sons. (Photo taken in January 2012) 

Proud of his muscular figure, David said: ‘I took my top off – because I think, why not?’

Frankie laughed, saying: “I think Wayne is quite happy that there were bars between David and me in our shower.”

The pair had a lot of fun and banter as David said to Naughty Boy, “Quicker on your way down.” It’s me, my boy.

Wow: David showed off his impressive physique as he stripped off his top ahead of the challenge which saw him and Naughty Boy compete against Frankie and Kadeena Cox

Wow! David showed his incredible physique by removing his top before the challenge that saw him compete against Frankie, Kadeena and Kadeena.

Balancing act: For the game, Frankie and David were placed in locked cages where they had to catch as much liquid as possible in a bucket

The game’s balance act: Frankie (and David) were put in locked cages and had to collect as much liquid from a bucket as possible.

Tough: Frankie and David's respective teammate had to run up the stairs and replenish the tank

Tough: Frankie, David and their respective teammate had a difficult time running up the stairs to replenish the tank.

Hot stuff: Proud of his muscular figure, David said: 'I took my top off – because I think, why not?'

Hot stuff: Proud of his muscular figure, David said: ‘I took my top off – because I think, why not?’

Playful: To which Frankie laughed: 'I think Wayne will be quite pleased that there were bars in between David and I in our shower.'

Funny: Frankie laughed and said, “I believe Wayne would be very pleased that there was a bar between David (and me) in our shower.”

Frankie responded: “I believe I might love you David.” 

Main Camp was later informed by the Loose Women host: “It was almost like David and I were sharing a bath together.” It was like I said, “Give them what they want David”.

‘I glanced over at him and said to him, “You look like your in a spa.” He seemed so relaxed.  

Encouraging: And the pair exchanged some playful banter during the challenge as David told Naughty Boy: 'Quicker on the way down. That's my boy!'

Encouragement: The pair had a lot of fun chatting during the challenge, with David telling Naughty Boy that he was going to be putting his best foot forward. It’s me, my boy.

Kadeena, the singer, won the challenge. The former footballer wasn’t impressed with how messy it was.   

David stated, “If I had known that it would be like this, I would probably have gone myself, me up the stairs.”   

Naughty Boy and David confirmed that they did not win the biscuits back in The Clink.

Danny stated, “How are you going to dip that in, if there isn’t any coffee or tea? So..’

Richard encouragingly said to Naughty Boy, “It seems like you won silver.”

Well done: The songstress and Kadeena eventually won the task, while the former footballer was unimpressed at how messy he got

Bravo: Kadeena and the songstress won the challenge, while Kadeena was not impressed by how messy it got.

The 21st season of the ITV show kicked off in Wales’ Gwrych Castle on Sunday evening and numbers from, show a peak audience on 9m – a fall of nearly 2m on last year’s debut, which aired on 15 November 2020.  

Despite the fall in numbers, the show, which aired from 9pm-10.40pm, remained the channel’s most-watched programme of the weekend, a year on from scoring historic numbers for the launch night in peak lockdown. 

ITV scored its biggest Sunday night of the year thanks to the episode and An Audience With Adele which accrued a peak of 5.4million viewers, the third highest rated show of the night – with each show scoring 1m streams at time of publication. 

I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! Wednesday, 24 November 2009 at 9:15 on ITV Hub and ITV. 

Impressed: The Loose Women presenter later told Main Camp: 'It was like me and David were in a shower together. I was like, "Give the viewers what they want David"

Main Camp was impressed when the Loose Women host later said to Main Camp that it felt like David and I were sharing a bath together. Then I thought, “Give the viewers whatever they want David!”