Before I’m A Celebrity was even confirmed, she was revealed as the odds-on favorite. 

And speaking ahead of her time in camp, Frankie Bridge laughed off the pressure to become Queen of The Castle, joking: ‘I was favourite for Strictly and I didn’t win that!’ After her stint as a BBC dancer, she came in second.

On Saturdays, the 32-year-old singer also talked about her plans for weight loss. She was particularly concerned by trials that she is most afraid of. 

Pressure? Frankie Bridge, 32, laughed off the pressure to become Queen of The Castle after it was revealed she was odds-on favourite to win I'm A Celebrity

Pressure? Frankie Bridge, 32, laughed off the pressure to become Queen of The Castle after it was revealed she was odds-on favourite to win I’m A Celebrity

Frankie said that she didn’t like the idea of Frankie being chosen as I’m A Celeb’s winner. Although it adds some pressure, it really doesn’t mean much.

“People are able to see the world in ways you don’t know.” That’s why the show is so interesting. It’s impossible to predict how others will feel about you.

“I feel more pressure than my family and friends. Plus, Strictly wasn’t my favorite show so I felt more pressure. Star laughed.

Frankie said that he preferred the outside shower to one located in Australia. He added: “We have curtains, so it’s more private. 

Laughing it off! The pop star joked: 'I was favourite for Strictly and I didn't win that!' after her 2014 stint on the BBC dancing show (pictured) where she took second place

You can laugh it off! The joker for the pop stars was: “I was favourite on Strictly but I didn’t win that!” Following her 2014 appearance on BBC’s dancing program (pictured), where she was second

Real talk: The singer also gave her views on shower nudity, as she noted: 'we're gonna be getting very close and friendly very quickly!'

Real talk

“I haven’t had a shower in a group effort, so it’s going to be very easy for us to get close. It’s going to be a great event! 

Campmates can often shed significant weight on I’m A Celebrity by eating a simple diet of beans and rice.

Asked if she’s worried about potential weight loss, Frankie admitted: ‘I haven’t really thought about that side. Everyone does seem to [lose weight]. It’s more important to me that I don’t get hungry.

Christmas will be fun! Asked if she's worried about potential weight loss, Frankie quipped: 'I'll have missed out on mince pie time, so I'm sure I'll make up for it when I get out!'

It will be a great Christmas! Asked if she’s worried about potential weight loss, Frankie quipped: ‘I’ll have missed out on mince pie time, so I’m sure I’ll make up for it when I get out!’

“It’s all part of the Christmas lead up and I’ll miss out on mince pie, so I’m sure that I’ll make it up when I get there!

The TV personality shared her fear with us before the program.

‘I hate being sick. I can’t cope if I have to swallow something hard.  

Taking turns: Frankie's husband, footballer Wayne Bridge, took part in I'm A Celebrity in 2016 and was the 8th campmate to be eliminated

Turns: Frankie’s spouse, Wayne Bridge, a footballer, participated in I’m A Celebrity 2016, and was eighth campmate eliminated

Oh dear! The Saturdays singer revealed that in preparation for her stint, he attempted to teach her how to light a fire, but ultimately was unsuccessful (Pictured in January 2020)

Oh dear! He tried to show her how to make a fire in the kitchen, but it was not successful. (Imaged January 2020).

Frankie’s spouse, Wayne Bridge (footballer), took part I’m A Celebrity 2016, and was eighth campmate eliminated.

According to Saturdays’ singer, he tried to teach her how light a fire but was ultimately unsuccessful. 

She stated, “It is so frustrating because he did Australia. And it’s completely different kettles of fish.

He’s trying to teach me how light a flame because I am ineffective and we have a fire. I will be staying. At the end of it all, I decided to give up and wear my coat and uggs. His response was “I don’t get how you cannot keep it lit.”

Confused: Asked what their children - sons Parker, 8, and Carter, 6 - think about her taking part in I'm A Celebrity, Frankie admitted they're finding it 'hard to get their head around'

Confused? Frankie asked her children, Parker, 8 and Carter, 6, what they thought about Frankie participating in I’m A Celebrity. They said it’s ‘hard for them to grasp’.

He said, “Enjoy it!” It was so much fun that he wanted it to be mine ever since. “I just want to go to the cyclone, because my dad didn’t get it!” 

Frankie was asked by her sons, Parker (8 years old) and Carter (6 years old), what they think of Frankie taking part in I’m A Celebrity. She said that it’s difficult for them to understand.

Elle elaborated, “My oldest can’t wait for me to do scary things with bugs and other animals.” He knows that I’m afraid of everything and is concerned about my youngest.

“I believe they will find the show funny if they watch it.” It’s getting to the point where they are proud of what I do, so I expect they will be proud.  

Reassured: Frankie also noted how the show being in Wales makes her feel more secure, saying: 'As a parent I'm a car drive away rather than being on the other side of the world'

Frankie is reassured. Frankie said that being in Wales helps her feel safer.

Also, the TV actress stated that “being a mom does teach patience” – which she will be bringing to camp.  

She added: I like to think I’m a patient person any way. When someone bothers me, I will go and have a conversation.

“But being alone for so many hours is not a good idea. [quarantined ahead of the show]It’s amazing to be able hug and see people.

Frankie noted that she feels more secure because the show is in Wales. She said: “As a parent, I prefer to be a short drive from home than on the other side. If I need to return home for whatever reason. 

Oops! Frankie also admitted that that her Loose Women co-stars guessed that she was going into I'm A Celebrity (Pictured with Christine Lampard, Gloria Hunniford and Brenda Edwards)

Oops! Frankie also admitted that that her Loose Women co-stars guessed that she was going into I’m A Celebrity (Pictured with Christine Lampard, Gloria Hunniford and Brenda Edwards) 

The singer also explained how her time on the chat show has helped prepare her for the castle(Pictured with Denise Welch and Jane Moore in 2019)

The singer also explained how her time on the chat show has helped prepare her for the castle(Pictured with Denise Welch and Jane Moore in 2019)

Frankie said that Loose Women friends had guessed that Frankie was joining I’m A Celebrity. Frankie continued: ‘It can be hard to keep a Secret from Your Friends!

“It is a great idea,” she said. [I’m A Celeb]The show featured him. “I just stated that I am rumoured each year so it was easy for me to escape, but they probably thought I was going in.”

She also spoke out about how the time she spent on chat shows helped her prepare for her role in the castle. The Loose Ladies will be a great help. I listen to other opinions regardless of how they may be perceived.

“I have stronger opinions and personalities than mine so I can deal with them better.

“But it’s different to appear on an hour-long television show with women that you love and be with people who are tired, hungry and miss home. It is hard to predict how I will deal with it. I will probably sneeze all over television!    

Excited! Frankie also wasn't allowed to tell her The Saturdays bandmates, and relayed how excited they were after she lead the I'm A Celeb line-up rumours (Pictured together in 2010)

Excited! Frankie was also not allowed to share her excitement with The Saturdays’ bandmates. She relayed their joy after Frankie led the I’m A Celeb line up rumours. (Pictured in 2010

Frankie didn’t have permission to tell Saturday’s bandmates and they relayed how thrilled they were after Frankie led the I’m A Celeb line up rumours. 

She stated that they were excited. Two people texted me after hearing the rumours. But they thought it hilarious, as I am scared of everything. Also, I’m a picky eater.

Television personality, Sheryl Crowe insists that she is determined to do her best. I am not competitive with anyone. I would hate to be forced to participate in a trial, and then not do my best to get stars and food for camp. I would feel ashamed to tell the world “I’m a Celebrity! Get Me Out Of Here!” 

Frankie answered Wayne’s question about any bad habits she finds bothersome. It’s interesting to me if you can clean the plates.

“Maybe my culinary skills will be an irritation to everyone. It will not be easy for me to make something from scratch. This might cause people to get frustrated. 

The 2021 I’m a Celebrity Line-up




 AGE: 53

 CLAIM TO FAMILY: Broadcaster & ex BBC Breakfast Host

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL in THE CASTLE It’s nice to be able to show the fun side of me rather than the serious news presenter.

PHOBIAS: This is a horrible idea!

ROLE IN CAMPIt’s okay to hug you and make it more delicious.

MISS MOST My comfortable bed and lovely bath.

DREAMER CAMPER Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig – we wouldn’t have a problem getting stars if he were in the Castle.




AGE: 23

 CLAIM TO FAME: Olympic Gold Medallist

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE:I am known for being very calm and focused on diving. It will allow people to get to know me more.

PHOBIAS: I don’t like rats. 

ROLE IN CAMP I don’t mind helping out with cleaning.


 DREAM CAMPER: Ed Sheeran & Will Smith 




AGE: 29

 CLAIM TO FAME: Radio 1Xtra DJ 

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE:My friends know me for my bubbly personality, but I am also very shy when I go outside my comfort zone. 

PHOBIAS: Bugs, heights and I’m claustrophobic.

ROLE IN CAMP I love twerking on a Friday night and I’m going to teach everyone how to do it in the Castle!

MISS MOST My cat and lip gloss.

THE DREAM CAPERJim Carrey, Big Narstie.




AGE: 65

 CLAIM TO FAMILY: Journalist and TV Presenter 

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: Nothing. I don’t worry about what people think.

PHOBIAS: Heights. I’m not sure how I will feel if I have to walk across a plank very high up!

ROLE IN CAMP Cook. Interviewer. I love finding out about people’s lives.

MISS MOST Judy and I are the only ones who don’t keep up with what’s happening in the news. My obsession with news is unstoppable.

DREAMER CAMPER  Jimmy Greaves. He would have been a great person to talk with about goals in Castle.




AGE: 78

CLAIM TO FAMEChoreographer

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People don’t really know the real me at home and I’d like to show people the motherly side, the side my family sees.

PHOBIAS:I hope I’ll overcome my fears and be able to participate in the Trials.

ROLE IN CAMP Mum and to organise some fun dance routines! 

MISS MOST My notepad and pencil –I am known for always having to write down ideas.

DREAMER CAMPER Giovanna Fletcher –she is such a lovely, warm person.





 AGE: 36


BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL in THE CASTLE People don’t know the real me and I want everyone to get to know me.

PHOBIAS: It is difficult to find space and heights in confined spaces, so I am going to try the Trials to get some stars back.

ROLE IN CAMP Castle chef and someone who everyone can confide in.

MISS MOST My mum. I live with her and it’s going to be hard being away from her.

DREAMER CAMPER Sir Elton John would be amazing.




AGE: 30

CLAIM TO FAMILY: Paralympic Gold Medallist

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL in THE CASTLE It is great to demonstrate to people all kinds of disabilities that they are able to do different things in their lives.

PHOBIAS: Snakes, rats, spiders, heights – everything!

ROLE IN CAMP Chef – so long as there isn’t too much pressure to make the food interesting!

MISS MOST TikTok is my dog and mum.

DREAMER CAMPER Thierry Henry –I love watching Arsenal play.




AGE: 54

CLAIM TO FAMILY:The football legend 

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL in THE CASTLE Because I don’t hide behind false images. You get what you see.

PHOBIAS: I am going to tell you when I am in the Castle!

ROLE IN CAMP Chef. Chef.

MISS MOST My partner and my little girl. It’s going to be tough.




AGE: 32

 CLAIM TO FAMILY:The Saturdays are the stars 

 BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL IN THE CASTLE: People think if you are in a pop group, you lead a glamorous lifestyle and won’t get stuck in, but I’m determined to muck in with all the chores.

PHOBIAS: Spiders, rats and confined spaces scare me.

ROLE IN CAMP The serial hugger.

MISS MOST Wayne and my brothers.

DREAMER CAMPER  Larry Lamb and father figures




AGE: 30 

CLAIM TO FAME: Emmerdale actor 

BIGGEST MISCONCEPTION TO DISPEL in THE CASTLE There is none, but I’d like to share with everyone my real-life personality and not just Aaron Dingle. 

PHOBIAS: I am absolutely dreading the eating Trials! Fear is that I’ll gag

ROLE IN CAMP A shoulder to cry on and a person everyone can come to if they have a problem.

MISS MOST My fiancée, Steph, and our new baby.

DREAMER CAMPER  Fred Sirieix and any other ex-football player. I won’t be able to leave them alone asking lots of questions!