My body is in purr-fect condition! Cat does SIT-UPS in Chinese gym

  • This muscle-building moggy was captured working out in a Jining gym
  • To lose some extra pounds, the cat seems to be performing crunches
  • The feline isn’t alone in his fitness obsession.

In an apparent attempt to lose some weight, this cat was seen doing sit-ups at a Chinese gym.

The owner caught the feline doing crunches near a table at the Jining gym.

A video was posted onto the social media network Douyin with the caption: ‘Where did my fitness card go?’ 

A cat at a gym in China's Jining City performs st-ups by a workbench

This health-conscious kitty was caught on camera attempting to get purr-fect abs

This muscular moggy was caught doing crunches at  gym in China in a bid to burn off a few extra pounds

However, this apparently isn’t the only time the muscle-building moggy has paid a trip to the gym for a quick workout, as two other videos were posted also.

As he did a set 11 crunches and then started on to a second set with eight sit-ups, his owner noticed him.

He is also seen in the third video working out at a second workbench and doing sit-ups to tone his abs.

Chinese Douyin viewers viewed the videos extensively and asked if the dog-loving gym junkie offered private lessons.

You can’t go wrong with purr-fect abs.  

This cat was caught on camera working hard in the gym by his owner

His owner caught this cat working in the gym.