After she married and eloped in India, a teenager was arrested and charged with allegedly murdering his older sister.

Sanjay Mote, 17, allegedly beheaded his sister Kirti Thore, 19, in the kitchen of her home in the western state of Maharashtra while she was making tea for him and their mother Shobha Mote. 

Sanjay and Shobha then allegedly posed for selfies with Kirti’s severed head and showed it to their neighbours, police said.  

Sanjay Mote, 17, allegedly beheaded his sister Kirti Thore, 19, (pictured) in the kitchen of her home in the western state of Maharashtra while she was making tea for him and their mother Shobha Mote

Sanjay Mote (17), allegedly killed his sister Kirti (pictured) while Kirti, 19 was making tea.

Kirti was just two months old when she eloped with her boyfriend Avinash, whom she met at college. She married him secretly in June, after her family had disapproved, because her lover was less than her family. 

Her mother and brother asked to visit her and the pair arrived at Kirti’s home on Sunday when the teenager attacked his sister from behind.

Shobha (39) held her daughter’s legs, while Sanjay washed his sister’s head with a sickle. This is a circular blade in agriculture that can be used to harvest crops.

Both the mother and teenager surrendered to police at Virgoan and were taken into custody. 

Times of India’s Superintendent of Police Nimit Goyal said that the boy had taken his inspiration from a Marathi film. His sister, who was cooking tea for him and his mom at the time, was killed by him. 

“After this, he and his mother took selfies with the head.” 

Shobha, 39, (pictured) held her daughter's legs while Sanjay beheaded his sister using a sickle - a curved blade used in agriculture for harvesting crops - before they posed for selfies with her head and showed neighbours

Shobha (pictured at 39) was holding her daughter’s legs as Sanjay executed her sister with a sickle. This is a straight blade that can be used to harvest crops in agriculture. They then took selfies of their heads and shared them with neighbours

Goyal claimed that they had seized the cell phone as part of an investigation but that Sanjay, his mother Shobha and the image were deleted. 

We will take the phone to the forensic lab for analysis in order recover the photo. Goyal explained that this is an important piece of evidence. 

Kirti was home with her husband Avinash when she died. Police said that the 17-year old tried to assault his father-in-law, but managed to flee.

Kailash Prajapati was a Vaijapur police officer where the crime took place. He told NDTV that his wife, who was ill at the time, was found lying in bed in their home. After hearing falling objects, he awoke to hear them and ran for the kitchen. 

“The brother of the woman tried to kill him, but he managed to escape.” Later the brother ran from the house, holding her head in one hand. 

“He went to the station, surrendered.”

Kirti, who was two months pregnant, had eloped in June and married her boyfriend Avinash Thore, who she had met in college, secretly after her family disapproved because her lover was poorer than their family. Pictured: The scene

Kirti, two months pregnant at the time, had eloped and wed Avinash Thore in June. Avinash was a man Kirti had known in college. Kirti’s family had disapproved of her secret marriage because Avinash was poorer than her family. This is the scene

Every year, hundreds of Indian women are murdered in so-called “honour killings” because they were married against the wishes of their families. 

A father-of-4 decapitated his daughter, aged 17, and ran her head down the street in protest of her boyfriend. 

Yesterday, residents saw Sarvesh Kumar with his head walking in Pandetara (India), Uttar Pradesh. 

Following an honor killing, he was driving to the station and had cut off his daughter’s head. 

Polic officers question the man about his name, origin of the head and who it is.  

NDTV said that Kumar had admitted to the killing of his daughter using a sharp object because he was not happy about the marriage she was in.

It was my idea. It was me. The latch was closed and I did the job. He said, “The body is in this room.”