It has been announced that the investigation into David Fuller’s crimes will include the families of victims.

Sir Jonathan Michael, Inquiry Chair, stated that the task before his team was “challenging and vitally important” and pledged to show compassion and empathy for those who are’so horrendously impacted’.

Fuller brutally beat Wendy Knell (25), and Caroline Pierce (20) to death, before sexually assaulting the pair in Tunbridge Wells in Kent in 1987.

In addition, the hospital electrician also recorded himself abusing at most 102 corpses. This included a nine year old girl, two sixteen-years-olds and a 100-yearold woman. These were all taken over 12 years, before his arrest in Dec 2020.

His murders were sentenced to him for life, and his crimes for which he had been convicted of 12 years, was delivered in December 2021.

Sajid Javid, Health Secretary, promised an independent investigation into the events, headed by Sir Jonathan.

David Fuller, a Twisted Hospital electrician, filmed him sexually abusing at most 102 corpses

His hospital job and access gave him the way into morgues to carry out the evil sex acts

He was an employee in a hospital and had access to the right information that allowed him into morgues for the execution of the horrible sex acts.

The body of Azra Kemal, 24, who died after a bridge fall , was abused by Fuller three times

Fuller abused the body of Azra Kmal (24-year-old) after she died from a fall on a bridge.

The inquiry chair stated in a Tuesday statement that the investigation will be conducted in two sections.

The first phase will concentrate on Fuller’s work at Kent and Sussex Hospital and Tunbridge Wells Hospital. While the second stage will consider the implications of Fuller’s activities for the nation as a whole.

Sir Jonathan stated: “No one can read of David Fuller’s acts, and the fact they occurred in an NHS Trust’s mortuary cannot be ignored.

He promised to get the opinions of all the involved families and assured them that their privacy would be protected throughout the investigation.

Wendy Knell, 25, was murdered and sexually assaulted by Fuller in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Wendy Knell (25), was sexually assaulted and murdered by Fuller in TunbridgeWells, Kent.

Caroline Pierce, 20 from Tunbridge Wells who died following Fuller's attack outside her home

Caroline Pierce (21 years old), Tunbridge Wells died after Fuller attacked her outside her home.

Chief NHS Executive Sir Jonathan Michael was tasked to lead the investigation into David Fuller’s crimes.

Sir Jonathan Michael heads the NHS’s investigation into the crimes committed by David Fuller, the mortuary monstrosity.

Sir Johnathan trained in St Thomas’ hospital as a surgeon in 1970. He then spent the next ten decades training to be a specialist in renal disease.

St Thomas’ Hospital and Guy’s Hospital at that time were distinct. In 1993, the two hospitals were merged into Guy’s and Saint Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust.

Since 2000, Sir Jonathan has been the chief executive and medical director of University Hospital Birmingham NHS Trust.

For his service to the NHS, he received the New Year Honours knighthood in 2005.

To become head of British Telecom’s Health division, he quit the NHS in 2007.

Three years later, he returned to the NHS in 2010 as the chief executive at Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. This is one of the most prominent acute trusts in England.

After serving four years, he was named chief medical officer for the 6PM group, which is now Idox.

In 2016, he was appointed as an independent supervisor of the plans for Manchester’s single hospital service.

He said, “I’m determined that my team will be objective in our work.

“I’m equally determined to provide an opportunity for families and employees who were directly affected by David Fuller’s actions to share their experience with the inquiry in a way that is sensitive and supportive.

“This will form the core of our approach to the inquiry.”

The chair announced that a two-part inquiry on the allegations made by murderer David Fuller who sexually assaulted at minimum 102 female and girl victims after their deaths will take place.

Sir Jonathan Michael stated Tuesday that the first stage would focus on Fuller’s activities at the Kent and Sussex Hospital and Tunbridge Wells Hospital.

“The second half will look at Fuller’s actions and other issues for the whole country. This is to ensure the safety of the decedents and prevent Fuller from repeating his horrible acts elsewhere.

Sir Jonathan declared that this task is ‘challenging and vitally important’. He promised to reach out directly to all families who gave their consent.

The families of Fullers victims are set to launch legal action to sue the NHS for failing to prevent the electrician having free rein to abuse bodies in hospital morgues.

The group could be in line for tens of millions of pounds in compensation following Fuller’s convictions for spending at least 12 years sexually attacking corpses in the two hospitals.

The warped electrician at the hospital sexually assaulted Azra Kemal (24), on three occasions. She died from her injuries after falling off a bridge. Her family is unknown if they will be joining any litigation.

The first attack happened hours after Nevres, her grieving mother, visited her daughter.

“I spent about two hours sleeping in the mortuary with her,” she said. It gave me some relief.

“Little did he know, that my daughter was violated before that day and in the evening that night.

“So while I was stroking my girl’s hair and sleeping on it, a man… crawled all across her skin.

“And then, there was me cuddling up and kissing my final goodbyes.

Over 400 relatives are horrified and have called the police to ask if their loved one was murdered in hospital morgues.