Reminisce with great people! Instagram’s Playback feature allows you to look back at the top Stories of 2021.

  • Instagram launched Playback as the year 2021 comes to an end
  • To feature a story, users can pick up to 10 Stories out of their archives
  • Instagram Playback has a very limited function and will only be available for a short time. 

We share special moments on Instagram Stories with many people, whether it is a large birthday celebration or delicious dinner.

As 2021 comes to an end, Instagram launched Playback, a feature that allows you to recall your best moments of the year.

You can select from up to 10 stories in your archive and share them with your followers using Playback.

Instagram’s new Playback feature allows you to reminisce about your best moments of the year.

How to Use Playback 

  1. Open Instagram
  2. A message should appear at the top your feed in order to make a Playback
  3. You can tap the 2021 sticker to view your Playback if you are able to see a Playback story from 2021.
  4. Click on @creator to search for an account  

Instagram published a blog announcement about the Playback feature that will launch globally on today’s Instagram.

It said, “We all feel the same feeling after another difficult year. January 2021 feels like it was only a few years ago.”

This year, from the February lockdown walk to reconnecting with old friends in July and your first holiday in September, was both memorable as well as mundane.

“That is why Instagram will help users reminisce on their 2021 experiences this year – Enter Playback. It’s a new feature to IG Stories which allows people to reflect back on their year through Instagram Stories.

To share their stories with others, users can choose up to 10 Stories from their Stories Archive.

The stories you share will be included in a package that you can post to your profile.

‘Users will see a message on their feed inviting them to create their Playback – and if they see a 2021 Story, they will simply need to click on the 2021 sticker within this to view and post their own Playback story,’ Instagram added.

You can try this feature right away if you don’t want to wait. Playback is an extremely limited feature that will only be available for a couple of weeks.

The launch of Playback comes shortly after Instagram announced that the chronological feed is finally making a return.

If you want to try the feature yourself, don't wait around - Playback is a limited feature and is only running for a few weeks

You can try this feature right away if you don’t want to wait. Playback is an extremely limited feature that will only be available for a couple of weeks.

Yesterday, Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram confirmed that news at a Senate hearing. He said that the platform was ‘actively working towards’ the announcement.

While the exact date of the launch is still unknown, Mosseri indicated that the launch will be in the first quarter next year.

Insta continued the hearing of Mr Mosseri with additional information. 

It stated that “We want people have meaningful control over what they experience,”

“We’re currently experimenting with Favourites. It allows you to select which posts you wish to see above others. Another option is to view posts of people you follow chronologically.

Instagram stated that the chronological feed will not be the one we saw back in 2015.

‘We want to be clear that we’re creating new options — providing people with more choices so they can decide what works best for them — not switching everyone back to a chronological feed,’ it added. “You can expect to see more of this in the coming year.”

Instagram introduces a new feature that gives users additional information to help them identify fake accounts.

Instagram launched an anti-fake account crackdown, adding a feature that shows users who really is behind the username.

After weeks of similar steps by parent Facebook, the Photo-sharing app with more than 1,000,000 users can now verify accounts.

The “About This Account” feature allows users to view advertisements, country information, and username changes over the past year.

To learn more about an account, go to their Profile, tap the … menu and then select ‘About This Account.’ 

You will find the Instagram account’s date of creation, its country, shared followers and accounts that have been updated in the past year. 

Instagram is also planning to dramatically increase the number verified accounts of public figures and celebrities as well as global brands. 

The account username will be required along with full names, and proof of business or legal identification.

Instagram said that third-party apps, such as DUO Mobile Authenticator and Google Authenticator will be allowed to use two-factor authentication in order to secure users’ accounts.