A designer in interior design shows how to build a decorative sidetable out of one’s favorite books

  • This DIY expert has demonstrated how to build a side table full of books.
  • Becky Wright stated that the project was completed in 12 hours and it cost less than $500.
  • MDF boards, nails and sandpaper were used by her. She also had a drill, machine, and a few other tools.
  • The table was admired by millions of people after it was shown in a TikTok clip. 

A guide has been shared by an interior designer that explains how to build a side table with books.

Becky Wright, co-founder of the online platform “The Sorry Girls”, captured attention online with her “book table” that was inspired from images on Pinterest.

The clever design integrates books into the table, rather than storing them on the top of a regular side table.

It took 12 hours to complete the DIY project using MDF boards, nails and a drill to accurately match each book’s size.

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Co-founder of online platform 'The Sorry Girls', Becky Wright, detailed how she built a unique side table made for containing books (pictured)

Becky Wright is the co-founder and CEO of online platform The Sorry Girls. She explains how she constructed a special side table for books. 

Unlike a standard side table that stores books on top, the clever design incorporates the books inside the table

The table’s clever design integrates books within the table instead of storing them on top as a side table.

Becky from Canada brought the books that she would like to place in her table. She measured each book on MDF and began by gathering them.

The length of the slits can vary depending on which book you choose. For best results, it is recommended to use books longer than usual that are slightly smaller.

Becky shared her thoughts on the blog The Sorry Girls.

The DIY project took approximately 12 hours to make using MDF boards, nails, a drill, sand paper and machinery used to cut the separate pieces of wood to precisely match the size of each book

As outlined on The Sorry Girls' blog, Becky began by measuring the books against the MDF boards then cutting each piece to shape

This DIY project required 12 hours of work, MDF boards and nails. A drill, sandpaper, and machinery were used to create the pieces of wood that correspond to the book’s size.

For stability, clamps were used to secure the multiple MDF pieces together.

Then, she used a long drill bit to make a few holes on all of the pieces in order to connect them.

She explained that after drilling holes through all pieces, she used threaded rods to attach them all.

“Next, it got a little sand on it and that was it!

It cost $554AUD, and the final result was amazing.

'After cutting out all the 'book sections' I was left with these L shaped pieces of MDF to line up with one another,' Becky wrote on The Sorry Girls' blog

Becky shared her thoughts on the Sorry Girls blog: “After cutting out all the ‘book sections’ I was left only with these L-shaped MDF pieces to align with one another.

'Once the holes were drilled all the way through every piece, I used some threaded rods and connector half nuts to secure all the pieces together,' she said

Afteer drilling the pieces in place, the table was sanded back

“Once all of the holes had been drilled through each piece, I used threaded rods as well as connector half nuts to attach them all together,” she stated.

The project cost $500 Canadian dollars / $554 AUD and the end result looked incredible

It cost $554 USD / $500 Canadian Dollars, and it was amazing.

The clip became viral after three days of being shared on TikTok, with people admiring it. It was viewed over 11 million times. 

The caption reads: “Trust the process,” 

Other people quickly called the design “one of the most important projects” that The Sorry Girls ever did.  

“Oh my God, this is so cool!” One person commented, while another wrote: “THIS. This is what I do !!!’ 

“Omg! I cannot imagine how many measurements you must have taken.” “This is amazing,” wrote a third.

The whole process can been viewed here on The Sorry Girls’ YouTube channel.  


Books you’d like to keep in your table

MDF boards can be cut to the size you need 


2 G-clamps

You will need a drill and nails

Long drill bit  

Machinery to cut the MDF precisely – or could be done at Bunnings Warehouse