Ireland  restricts bars and restaurants to table service and maximum groups of six while issuing a ‘very stark’ over fears of Omicron variant in run-up to Christmas

  • Indoor events are limited to 50% while bars and restaurants can hold six people. 
  • Even though 91% of those eligible have been vaccinated, infections are at an all-time high.
  • Omicron, according to health officials, could escape vaccines and create a new spike 

After heeding stern warnings by health officials, Ireland announced new Covid restrictions to stop the Omicron variant. 

Indoor events must operate at half capacity from Tuesday through January 9. This measure, according to promoters, will render concerts financially unprofitable.

The government stated that bars and restaurants must refuse bookings of more than six persons and offer only table service.

Ireland has announced harsh new Covid restrictions in a bid to halt the Omicron variant after 'very stark' warnings from health chiefs

Ireland announces new Covid restrictions as a way to stop Omicron after receiving stern warnings from the health authorities

According to the guidelines, people shouldn’t welcome anyone from three different households into their homes.

The new regulations will force the closure of nightclubs which were opened October 31st for the first times in 18 months. 

Even though 91% of people aged 12 and older are fully vaccinated, infections in the country have reached new highs.

The death rate is much lower now than in earlier waves, and the number of cases has stabilized. 

Omicron could increase infection rates even though it does not have to evade vaccinations.

Prime Minister MichealMartin stated in a broadcast address that Omicron would take root and be more transmissible. This is a clear indication of the danger for serious crises. Martin also mentioned that he has received very stark advice from doctors.

Martin stated, “The risk of proceeding to the Christmas period… without restrictions…is just too high.”

He also said the advice of health officials was’very clear’.  

Angela Dorgan (Chair of the National Campaign for the Arts lobby) said, “It’s utterly devastating.” She also stated that restrictions during the pandemic had been unjust to the arts and nightlife.

Martin stated that government will ensure the entertainment industry has the financial support it needs.