Bridgerton fans were sent reeling after Eloise, a fan favorite was shown holding a baby bump in a teaser photo. 

Netflix showed fans last night the first glimpse of its highly anticipated second series. Star-studded actors returned to Netflix for another episode of period drama. 

Unlucky-in love Lord Anthony will seek a wife for his family. He has his eyes on Edwina and Kate, his sister.

However in one new image released, Eloise Bridgerton (Claudia Jessie) can be seen with her hands pressed to her stomach while talking to Penelope Featherington (Nicola Coughlan).

The photo led some fans to speculate that Eloise could be pregnant in the new series, with one writing: ‘PENELOISE MY QUEENS you two deserve the world. Eloise looks kind of pregnant especially with her hands ok her tummy but would they really release a picture indicating her pregnancy this early?’

This could indicate that the series is going to depart from Julia Quinn’s book plot. Eloise’s love story with Sir Philip Crane, a celibate, will not be revealed until the fifth novel of the series. 

Bridgerton fans have been sent into a frenzy after a teaser image appeared to show fan favourite Eloise holding a baby bump

Bridgerton fans were sent reeling after Eloise was teased with a picture of her baby bump.

Another said, “She seems pregnant here.”

Another commented, “Is Eloise pregnant? Or what?” One third wrote, ‘Is Eloise pregnant?’ while the fourth wrote, ‘Why does Eloise seem pregnant!’

Another wrote: “There is no chance that Eloise will be a lesbian during season 2. She’s already found love and something, so she is pregnant.”

Eloise may have been pregnant in the second season, suggesting that Netflix’s hit series was not inspired by Julia Quinn’s books. 

Many social media users were blown away at the suggestion that Eloise could be pregnant in the second series of the show

Social media users were shocked to hear that Eloise might be pregnant during the second series. 

The series’ second season was expected to continue the storyline from The Viscount who Loved me, the book that tells of Anthony Bridgerton’s journey for love.

Even if every season were based on one book in the series, Eloise’s journey to love would only be revealed until the fifth episode. 

In the fifth book of the series, To Sir Phillip, With Love, Eloise falls in love with Sir Phillip Crane.

In the novel, he describes his relationship with Eloise before marrying her. This is a reference to Sir Philip’s first marriage. 

Coming soon: Bridgerton have given fans their latest glimpse of the much-anticipated second series in new snaps, with Phoebe Dynevor returning as newly-married Daphne Basset

The later parts of the book focus purely on Eloise’s love story with Sir Phillip, a moody ill-mannered widow who proposed because he thinks she will be ‘homely and unassuming.’ 

Eloise was immediately taken in by Sir Philip and his children, who began playing pranks upon her from the time she entered the house. He is still deeply disturbed by the loss of his wife.

His plant experiments were his only source of income, so he had never had sex for eight years. 

Julia wrote, much like Daphne Bridgerton from the original series, that Sir Philip has a tendency to’relieve himself’ in order to cope with his sexual frustrations.

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But as Eloise bonds with his children, the two fall head over heels, with their sexual tension sizzling as they spend time looking after Sir Philip’s peas in the greenhouse.

Eloise notices Sir Phillip sporting whip lashes from the beatings of his father on the back. This is before they have had sex.

Netflix will soon be re-releasing the series on March 3. New images show Phoebe Dynevor returning as the newly-married Daphne Basset, while newcomer Kate Sharma (played by Simone Ashley) brandishes her rifle as she joins her male suitors for a shoot. 

Daphne was once again the main character in last series. Rege Jean-Page, her now-husband Duke Of Hastings (Rege Jean-Page), will not be there.

Keep your distance! Kate intends to end their union after Lord Anthony targets Edwina’s sister from India.

What's going on? While it appears Kate is determined to thwart Anthony's plans to marry her sister, it appears their verbal sparring may really bring them closer together

What is the deal? It seems like Kate is trying to stop Anthony’s plans for her to marry her sibling, but it could be that their verbal sparring might actually make them more close.

It seems that she will be more involved than ever in Anthony’s love story, as he becomes more determined to marry a woman.

Another photo shows series leader Kate with her rifle held in her hand while shooting. She is surrounded by male friends, such as Anthony (Luke Thompson), Benedict Bridgerton (Luke Thompson), and Jack (Rupert Young).

Although it seems that Kate wants to stop Anthony from marrying her sister, another photo shows them engaging in passionate dancing. 

Golda Rosheuvel plays Queen Charlotte and is embrossed in another Lady Whistledown publication in an image. It also shows some grand sets of the show with a view of a ballroom in gold.

Arms! In arms!

Lavish: Golda Rosheuvel, who plays the regal Queen Charlotte, is embrossed in yet another of Lady Whistledown’s publications in one image