Mystery last night surrounded the future of James Corden’s television production company that makes his successful US chat show.

Fulwell 73 Productions LLP is due to dissolve on Tuesday, according to documentation.

It is the umbrella company to Fulwell 73’s three other firms, one of which is also being dissolved.

According to the move, Mr Corden appears to have resigned from the business. He joined it in August 2017, to much fanfare.

Fulwell 73’s spokesperson refused to respond when asked last night if Mr Corden would be the owner of any company that was affected by the changes.

The firm, jointly based in the UK and the US, is behind Mr Corden’s Late Late Show, as well as the recent programme where singer Adele was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey about her divorce.

Mystery last night surrounded the future of James Corden’s television production company that makes his successful US chat show. Documents show that Fulwell 73 Productions LLP, on which the global star is listed as a designated member, is to be dissolved on Tuesday

Mystery last night surrounded the future of James Corden’s television production company that makes his successful US chat show. According to documents, Fulwell 73 Productions LLP is set for dissolution on Tuesday. The global star of the chat show is listed on it as a designated member.

According to Companies House documents, all remaining assets after the dissolution of Companies House will be given to Crown. The value of any assets is unknown.

The company’s latest accounts, which related to 2019, show it had a turnover of £25.5 million and a profit of £11.5 million.

Sources close to Fulwell 73 – which was formed by Mr Corden’s long-standing friend of 18 years, Ben Winston – described the move to dissolve the firm as a ‘procedural technicality with HMRC’, which ‘relates to accounts filed and delays due to the complexities of Covid accounting’.

A spokesman declined to answer questions about whether the company had not paid its tax bills.

Last night, in a statement, Fulwell 73’s five partners, including Mr Corden, said they are ‘as committed to the business as they ever have been’, and insisted that ‘Fulwell 73 is thriving’, after instructing celebrity public relations firm Freuds to deal with the media surrounding the company’s current circumstances.

The move appears to mean Mr Corden is no longer involved in the business, which he joined in August 2017 to great fanfare. Asked last night whether Mr Corden would own any of the company after the changes, a spokesman for Fulwell 73 declined to comment

This seems to indicate that Mr Corden has decided to step aside from the company, which he founded in August 2017. It was a highly publicized venture. Fulwell73 73 declined comment when asked last night if Mr Corden would still be involved in the company following the changes.

According to some reports, there was a dispute between business partners. But sources close to Corden dismissed the suggestion and said there hadn’t been a row.

Both Mr Corden and Mister Winston moved to Los Angeles from London in January 2015. They were both looking forward to working on The Late Late Show, which is presented by Gavin and Stacey. The executive producer is Mr Winston.

In 2003, the pair met while working on Teachers in Britain. Corden was a promising actor and Winston was a runner. The pair is now considered one of showbusiness’ most influential and skilled partnerships.

The Late Late Show on CBS is currently in flux. It’s not known what the shakeup will mean for The Late Late Show. Since the pair’s arrival, it has attracted some of the world’s biggest names, with guests such as Tom Hanks, Anne Hathaway and Ed Sheeran joining Mr Corden on his sofa in the Hollywood studios.

Carpool Karaoke is a popular online service that he and Winston (40) also created. Ms. Michelle Obama, Adele and others have joined Corden on his journey around Hollywood to sing along with him.

Adele’s appearance amassed a staggering 42 million views on YouTube.

He has gone from being an international star to being British’s 43-year-old Corden. After arriving in Hollywood in 1973, he hosted the Golden Globe and Grammy awards. He also received a few gongs for American work including 10 Primetime Emmys. Mister Corden has only been given an official Fulwell-73 role, despite having worked with Mr Winston over many years.

He said at the time: ‘In many ways, I’ve felt like an unofficial partner for many years, and now that it’s official I feel incredibly proud to have joined this incredible company.

It is unclear what the company shake-up means for The Late Late Show, which is aired on US network CBS

The Late Late Show is on CBS in the USA. It’s not clear what this company change means.

‘In Gabe, Ben, Leo and Ben, I feel I’m working with the most vibrant, passionate, talented directors and producers I’ve ever met.’

Fulwell 73, founded by brothers Ben and Gabriel Turner as well as Leo Pearlman in London in 2005. Fulwell 73 has been a popular television program.

Most recently, it was behind Adele’s two programmes on each side of the Atlantic, An Audience With Adele which was on ITV and Adele: One Night Only which was screened in the US on CBS.

The Friends reunion was also held earlier this year.

Fulwell 73 also has a long history in making sports documentaries, including The Class of ’92 which told of the Manchester United football team that featured the likes of David Beckham and Gary Neville. It is the fastest-selling sports documentary.

One Direction’s friend and close confidant, Winston also made several of their music videos. In a statement, Mr Corden, Mr Winston, Mr Turner, Mr Turner and Mr Pearlman said: ‘Fulwell 73 is thriving and the five partners remain as committed to the business as they ever have been, and to suggest otherwise is as silly as it sounds.

‘After an exciting 2021 where we produced the Grammys, Friends: The Reunion, two record-breaking Adele specials, Stand up to Cancer, Among The Stars, the ground-breaking series for Disney+, Amazon Prime Video’s biggest hit of the year Cinderella, getting announced as the new producers for the Kardashians, winning a number of significant awards and celebrating the 1000th episode of The Late Late Show, the five of us cannot wait to see what 2022 holds.’