Israel suggests that all adult citizens receive the FOURTH Covid jab. Health officials claim this can provide triple protection from severe illnesses.

  • The recommendation of advisory committee must be approved by the director at Health Ministry
  • The fourth jab protects against severe illness at a rate of 3-5x.
  • An additional study revealed that 4 doses are not sufficient to stop Omicron infection.
  • Israel offers a second boost to anyone over 60 who is at risk.

Israel’s health authorities recommend that all adult citizens receive a fourth Covid vaccination, as it has been shown to triple the protection from severe illnesses. 

A fourth dose can provide three to five times as much protection from serious diseases and protect you against infections than three doses.

A recommendation for the Omicron vaccine must be approved and signed by the Director of Health Ministry. This comes as another study has shown that four vaccinations are not sufficient to protect against Omicron.  

Israel already offers an additional booster for people aged 60+ and high-risk individuals as it struggles with containing a wave infection caused by Omicron.

Last summer, it began to offer third doses of the drug to the general public.

Health officials in Israel said a fourth dose provides three to five times the level of protection against serious disease. Pictured: a volunteer poses with a vial of the Pfizer jab in Zion, Israel, on January 11

According to Israeli health officials, a fourth dose of the Pfizer jab provides protection from serious diseases three to five times as high. Pictured: A volunteer holding a Pfizer jab vial in Zion (Israel) on January 11.

The recommendation came as a separate smaller study showed a fourth vaccination isn't enough to stop people getting infected with Omicron. Pictured: a teenage girl receives the Covid vaccine in Zion, Israel, on January 11

A separate study, smaller in scale, found that a fourth vaccine is not enough to prevent Omicron infection. Pictured is a teenager girl who received the Covid vaccination in Zion, Israel on January 11, 2017.

According to Israel’s Health Ministry, there are 580,000 patients currently in Israel. Only 845 of these patients are listed as severely ill.

A third dose has been administered to nearly half of the population, and 600,000.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, Israel has recorded 8,487 deaths.

Since late 2020, Israel has led the way in vaccine distribution.

The organization has extensive information that informs other countries about the response to this pandemic.

Following preliminary data from an additional trial of more that 270 health care professionals in the country, the recommendation was made. The results showed the fourth shot did not raise antibodies as much as those who received triple vaccinations. 

The likelihood of a positive test for mutant strain in four-dose participants was only slightly lower than that who received three doses. 

Both Moderna and Pfizer were able to replicate the results.

According to researchers at the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv who conducted the study, the symptoms of infection were mild, if any, or not at all. 

A press conference was held by Dr Gili Regev Yuochay, author. These are preliminary results and will not be published. 

Staff look after a a patient at the ICU's Covid-19 department at Ziv Hospital in Zefat, Israel, on January 16 this year

A staff member looks after a patient on the ICU’s Covid-19 unit at Ziv Hospital Zefat in Israel. This was January 16.

“But we’re giving this out because it’s urgent for the public get as much information as possible about the fourth dosing.” 

Earlier this month, a UK Government adviser today became the latest senior figure to warn against repeated mass vaccinations, recommending a targeted approach like for flu.

European Union regulators stated that too much stimulation could cause immune system weakness.

To avoid having countries have to revaccinate every couple of months, the World Health Organization (WHO), has asked vaccine manufacturers to create variant-proof jabs. 

Israel became the first nation to release boosters in 2013 and was also the only country to begin giving out 4th jabs in October to fight Omicron.

Three jabs have been shown to be effective against severe illness. They offer about 88% protection from hospitalisation. Omicron, however, can sneak past the immune system, causing infections more quickly.