Gary Burgess, a journalist for ITV News, has passed away from cancer at 46.

On January 1, doctors diagnosed tumours on his lungs. They told him that it was inoperable. He passed away peacefully at home.

Burgess told fans that he had six to twelve months left to live in November 2020 and documented his cancer journey on his blog after receiving the terminal diagnosis.

His testicular cancer was diagnosed in 1999. Additional tumours were treated in 2015 and 2016.

In a final message released by ITV following the news of his death, Burgess praised his ‘soul mate’ Alan and said he had ‘great sadness’ at the prospect of leaving his friends and family behind.   

ITV News journalist Gary Burgess has died of cancer aged 46 on New Year's Day at a hospice, it has been confirmed

Gary Burgess (ITV News) has died from cancer. He was 46 years old. The news came out of a hospice.

He died peacefully in his sleep at a hospice in Jersey on January 1 after doctors found tumours on his lungs and told him they were inoperable

After doctors discovered tumours in his lungs, they told him that they could not be removed and that he would have to die in his sleep in a Jersey hospice on January 1.

Burgess told fans that he had six to twelve months left to live in November 2020 and documented his cancer journey on his blog after receiving the terminal diagnosis

Burgess shared with his supporters that he only had six to twelve more months to live. After receiving his terminal diagnosis, Burgess also documented the journey of his battle against cancer via his blog.

His words were: “I’ve lived the best life.” It’s been the best life. My soulmate, the love of mine and my future husband became my wife. Working in studios and newsrooms with amazing people was a job that I adored.

“And I have been blessed to be surrounded by people and love ones that have enrich my life in ways they might never understand.

“My biggest sadness is leaving behind all that I have and everyone else. Although it is difficult to believe that Alan would do this, I am certain the same people who showed me support and love will continue to wrap their arms around him.

“It is time to give up my keyboard and microphone to others, so my last words will be simply “Thank you”. Each person has helped me to live the best life possible. That’ll do.’ 

Burgess’s husband Alan took to Twitter to praise Burgess and express appreciation to his fans. This was in an emotional tribute to the journalist.  

His words were: “It is with deep sadness that I must announce the passing of Gary, my amazing husband on Saturday January 1st.” Gary passed peacefully after a long battle with cancer. He was buried in Jersey Hospice.

‘I’d like to publicly acknowledge all the Jersey services and Southampton General Hospital personnel who cared so well for Gary during all the stages of his illness over the past 7 years. 

Burgess's husband Alan took to social media to praise the star and thank fans for the 'overwhelming' support they both received

Alan Burgess, Burgess’s husband took to social media and praised the star as well as thanked fans for their ‘overwhelming support’

“I want to express my gratitude to Jersey Hospice, and to the Clinical Investigations staff from Jersey’s Hospital for allowing Gary to remain at home as safely as possible and in his own way. Even with the oxygen tank, he was able to make occasional visits to his favorite breakfast places on the island.

“And, of course, I have to thank all the well-wishers, whether they be family members, friends, former colleagues, fellow workers, listeners to radio, readers to blogs, or strangers who have expressed their support and love since Gary was diagnosed with terminal cancer in November 2020. Although we found it overwhelming at times, we are always grateful for all the positive, warm, and supportive messages that we receive.

‘I know there will many tributes made Gary in the following hours and days. I want to keep these words as short as I possibly can about Gary. Gary saw every word that describes someone’s courage, strength, wit, humour and kindness. He also witnessed their determination and stubbornness. They were also able to describe their love of simple pleasures and their mischief. 

‘So, in an attempt to avoid cliché, I am just going to misquote a line of dialogue from the final episode of The West Wing, being one of Gary’s favourite programmes and something said with love and pride by one spouse to the other. Gary, you were a great help. It was a great deal.

Many tributes were offered to the reporter by colleagues and friends. He was described as an ‘excellent journalist’, friend and a wonderful colleague’. 

Guernsey’s previous Chief Minister, Gavin St Pier tweeted: “Receiving that news was no more sad for its inevitability. 

“It was an honor to know Gary and call him a friend. Some of his attributes were kindness, tolerance, and optimism. Many people aspire for these qualities more frequently, but Gary carried them with ease.

The late star revealed that a CT scan in October 2019 had found five more tumours which were treated with chemotherapy

Star revealed in October 2019, that five additional tumours had been discovered by CT scanning. These were then treated with chemotherapy.

Guy Phillips is the Head of ITV Regional News. He wrote this on Twitter: “Gary was brilliant as a journalist, and he loved all his coworkers. One of his most special characteristics was his determination, enthusiasm and courage. It is a very tragic loss. My thoughts and condolences go out to Alan’s family as well his numerous friends and colleagues.

Karen Rankine was Head of News, ITV Channel TV. She wrote: ‘We all are devastated by the loss to our dear friend Gary. Gary and Alan are in our thoughts and prayers.

After new tumors were discovered in his lungs, he had them surgically removed. A year later, more of the same kind of tumours were taken out.

Star revealed in October 2019, that five additional tumours had been discovered by CT scanning. These were then treated with chemotherapy.

His oncologist, however, told him on November 3 that his cancer had reached its final stage.

Burgess was a host of Channel 103, hosted news reporting and wrote a column in the Jersey Evening Post.

Last year, he wrote: “Hello friends.” This is an extremely difficult post. My health has always been a topic of concern to me. Today, I’m sharing some of the news that I had never imagined.

It was posted on his well-known blog. He wrote: “Hearing that you are going to die”   

These nasties that were growing in my lung and heart from three months worth of “salvage chemotherapy” have grown back. They’re inoperable. They are inoperable.

“It seems that I’m unusual” (I was aware of this).This is because my oncologist only sees one instance of the rare form each year.

“It is possible to prolong my life by using chemotherapy, however, the downside is the reduction in quality of my life as a result of side effects. I have yet to make a decision on whether or not I will pursue this treatment.  

He stated, “It instantly washed over my mind like the most overwhelming ocean of guilt to imagine that my husband will likely be alone at home with me. The holidays. The sofa watching television. Our weekend breakfasts.

“It feels completely unfair. His. Me. It makes me sound selfish, I’m sure. It’s not what I meant. 

“The most bizarre thing is that I have felt deep within for three months I was dying. Just kept hoping that it would not be so.

“The doctors didn’t know, as I only had the scan last week. However, I knew that I was on the verge of death.” 

“I didn’t know how to explain it, but I tried my hardest to stay positive as every day became more challenging.

“It’s small stuff. It’s just that I am a shade slower. I am just a shade slower. My skin is only a shade dryter. My pain is just a shade cooler. It goes on. It’s gradual, but it all adds up over time. I don’t feel good.

‘But I smile my smile. Doing my job. When people are so kind and tell me nice things about you, such as ‘you look great’, it makes me cry inside. Then I turn my back and smile and thank them. This is my way to try not to be a liar to them and not burden them with my troubles.  

What can I do to transfer my savings from my bank account to my husband? How do I get my flight loyalty points? Are I required to call the tax department and inform them that I am dying? 

“Should my funeral be planned now?” Are you a cremation or buried person? How will it feel to die? What is the best way to not be here? 

“What happens when cancer is declared dead?” I Googled the question and found that it was completely untrue.

“Now, my heart is broken at the thought of someone I love more than anyone else in the world being cast aside. He is not being fair. He makes me feel awful, and I realize that it is self-serving self-pitying silly talk.