ITV makes an embarrassing Christmas Day live mistake by incorrectly announcing the Pope’s passing.

  • ITV newsreader Kyie Pentelow mistakenly announced death of Pope Francis 
  • Reporting on Pontiff’s Christmas Day speech, the journalist was reporting 
  • Tweet commenters reveled in the embarrassing live broadcast gaffe

An ITV newsreader wrongly announced the death of the Pope on live television during an awkward Christmas Day blunder.

Kylie Pentelow was mistakenly started announcing that the Catholic Church leader had died. The segment ended quickly on Saturday with an exchange of toes.

Ms. Pentelow reported on the Christmas Day speech of the Pontiff in Vatican City. She explained how he urged world leaders to provide vaccines ‘to the most in need.

Then, she continued to state that ‘his death had been announced’. She quickly realized her error and added: “excuse me” as the segment was over.

Pope Francis (85) had been leading the Catholic Church since 2013, when he succeeded Benedict XVI. 

Francis called for an end of coronavirus pandemic. He made this request in his Christmas Day Address to demand health care for all and vaccines for the needy.

ITV journalist and presenter Kylie Pentelow mistakenly began announcing the death of the leader of the Catholic Church, before swiftly ending the segment in a toe-curling exchange on Saturday evening

Kylie Pentelow, an ITV journalist and host, incorrectly announced the death of Pope Francis. She then quickly ended the segment with a toe-curling exchange Saturday night

Many people commented on Twitter that they enjoyed the hilarious gaffe broadcast to ITV’s live audience.

Sheenagh McCann wrote, “This made me laugh so hard.” Pope Francis, still living and well.

Jack joked that Christmas Day episodes were always predictable. There’s either always a death or a wedding. Sometimes it’s both but at least one. 

Stephen Brooks joked about a conversation Ms. Pentelow may have with her family after her shift is over: “How was work?” 

It was a coincidence that The Pope died on national television. 

ITV News has been reached out for comment. 

Amid a record-setting rise in COVID-19 cases in Italy this week, only a few thousand people flocked to a rain-soaked St. Peter’s Square for Francis’ annual ‘Urbi et Orbi’ (To the city and the world) Christmas address. 

Normally the square would be packed with tens of thousands of holiday well-wishers, but many will be grateful they were able to visit the square at all this Christmas, after last year’s lockdown forced Francis to deliver a televised address from inside the Apostolic Palace.  

Pope Francis waves to the gathered faithful following his Christmas Urbi et Orbi blessing in St. Peter's Square at The Vatican on December 25, 2021.

Pope Francis waves to the gathered faithful following his Christmas Urbi et Orbi blessing in St. Peter’s Square at The Vatican on December 25, 2021.

Amid a record-setting rise in COVID-19 cases in Italy this week, only a few thousand people flocked to a rain-soaked St. Peter's Square for Francis' annual 'Urbi et Orbi' (To the city and the world) Christmas address.

Only a handful of thousand people flocked St. Peter’s Square to witness Francis’ annual ‘Urbi et Orbi’ Christmas address. This was amid a record setting rise in COVID-19-related cases in Italy.

Midnight Mass preceded the Pope’s Christmas Day balcony message. During this time, Francis called upon the faithful to cherish the “little things” in life and stand with the needy.

According to the Vatican’s press release, around 2,000 people and 200 religious leaders attended St Peter’s Basilica mass. They wore face masks and observed social distancing in order to combat the coronavirus.

People who were unable to get tickets watched from huge screens located outside of the church.

The central aisle was filled with a maskless Francis as the Sistine Chapel choir performed Noel. It kicked off Vatican’s Christmas holiday, which commemorates Jesus’ birth at Bethlehem.

In cities around the world, people were seen attending annual masses at churches in America, Sri Lanka, Iraq and Kenya.

Despite the rise in Covid-19-related cases, the Vatican continued to provide its services. This has led to a mandate for new vaccinations by Vatican staff.