Ivanka Trump, Don Jr. REFUSES to comply with subpoenas issued by Democrat New York AG Tish James in civil investigation of whether their father inflated his property values

  • Trump’s youngest children, supposedly served the day after he died on December 1, according to some reports 
  • James filed a Monday court document with a Trump Organization lawyer. It indicated that Ivanka as well as Don Jr. may take legal action today to stop the subpoenas.
  • Trump has asked James to depose James, and James wants him to do the same. He called probe a “witch hunt”. 

Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump are refusing to obey the subpoena issued by New York Attorney General Letitia Jam in an ongoing investigation into tax fraud regarding their family’s business. 

According to the New York Times, they were received on the same day their father served them.

Trump Organization lawyers filed Monday a court filing revealing that their involvement in the civil probe. This was in an attempt to prevent the former president, his children and other family members from speaking with James.

James filed a joint court document with an attorney representing the family of the former president to inform Ivanka (and Donald Jr.) about the status of the ongoing investigation to the’respondents. 

The filing also indicates they could take their own legal actions to fight James’ subpoenas as soon as Monday, ABC reported.

Trump dismissed the probes repeatedly as witch hunts. He accused James and Vance of having political motives, and asked them to concentrate on New York City’s rising crime rate. 

According to reports, Donald Trump Jr. as well Ivanka Trump are going to file motions in order to halt James’ subpoenas.

James has been looking into the Trump Organization for more than two years

James has been following the Trump Organization closely for over two years

James began investigating the Trump Organization’s fraud for over two years. He has investigated whether Trump misrepresented the true value of Trump’s real estate assets to tax authorities and banks. 

His youngest adult son, Eric Trump, was interviewed by the team in October 2020. 

James claimed she wanted to depose Trump for her civil investigation, which started in March 2019 when he was still in White House. 

James also works alongside Cyrus Vance Jr., Manhattan District Attorney in the ongoing criminal fraud investigation into Trump Organization.

This investigation already led to charges being brought against Allen Weisselberg (CFO of Trump Organization) and Trump Payroll Corporation. 

Weisselberg has pleaded guilty to the charges that he, along with his company, evaded tax on extravagant gifts and other benefits for executive officers. 

Three of the former president’s adult children joined his family firm shortly after he graduated from college. They have held senior positions for a long time and are still influential.

Ivanka quit the Trump Organization January 2017 – approximately two months after becoming her father’s White House advisor.

Donald Jr. and Eric were given control of the business when Trump was elected. 

In an attempt to stop James’ investigation, the ex-president filed suit against James last month. 

James and his family were subject to James’ “bitter crusade” and he claims that James’ lawyers bombarded them with subpoenas.  

James’ office stated that no one was above the law.

James stated that the Trump Organization had tried to delay an investigation into their business dealings. Now Donald Trump and his company name have filed a lawsuit in attempt to stop this investigation.

To be precise, Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization do not have any control over where or if they answer for their actions. Because no one, even Trump himself is above law, our investigation will go on. 

James retaliated against Trump that afternoon. She accused her of being “nothing but corrupt officials doing dirty work for your party.”

‘Tell Letitia that she is not dealing with the Cuomo brothers, a corrupt Governor in a corrupt state, including your office and others, and Fredo, who did the Governor’s dirty work for him. Yours, despite many years of investigation, is nothing that anyone else could have survived, even if things went slightly wrong.

“This is not about delays, this is about the Constitution! Your party is corrupt and you are only a corrupt official. This is why you should not hold office. You could have been rejected for this reason by NY voters in your inept bid to become governor. You didn’t quit for a higher purpose, you quit because your poll numbers were atrocious—you didn’t have a chance. New York got lucky!’

James announced her intention to run for New York governor. She then suspended her campaign in order to mount another bid for Attorney General to complete her investigation.