Ivanka Trump was in the giving spirit on Thursday when she stepped out with her oldest son Joseph in a $90 belted shirtdress to make a donation to a local Jewish food bank in Miami. 

The 40-year-old donned a number of designer looks during her tenure in the White House, but she opted for a budget-friendly frock by the German fast-fashion brand Lichi for her visit to the Jewish Community Services Kosher Food Bank. 

Ivanka, who is relatively private since moving to Florida with her family, chose a beige shirtdress with chic tortoiseshell cateye sunglasses.  

'Tis the season: Ivanka Trump and her oldest son Joseph visited the Jewish Community Services Kosher Food Bank on Thursday to make a donation two weeks before Thanksgiving

Ivanka Trump with Joseph, her oldest son visited Jewish Community Services Kosher Food Bank Thursday. They made a donation just two weeks prior to Thanksgiving. 

Style: The 40-year-old wore a $90 beige shirtdress by the German fast-fashion brand Lichi for her visit

Style: She wore a Lichi $90 beige shirtdress for her visit.

Looking sharp: Ivanka's short utility dress featured silver buttons and a matching belt that cinched her waist

Look sharp: Ivanka’s utility short dress had silver buttons and a matching belt which cinched her waist. 

Although she was dressed in a stunning outfit despite the Florida heat and humidity, her blonde locks looked natural and were loosely tied around her shoulders. 

She admitted to Harper’s Bazaar in 2015 that her blow dryer was not something she owned because she didn’t know how it worked.

She said that she walked to work most mornings with her hair still wet. 

Ivanka was minimally adorned with jewelry. A simple band for her right hand and small hoop earrings in gold were all she wore. Her wedding band and her 5.22-carat, diamond-encrusted engagement ring were not on her.

Joseph, her son, was more casually dressed in a blue T-shirt with a stripe design on the front. He also had a navy pocket at the front. A baseball cap protected his eyes from the sunlight. 

The former first daughter drove her own car — a black SUV — to the location and spent an hour meeting the team and delivering food to the pantry. 

A security guard accompanied the mother and her son as they gave their gift two weeks prior to Thanksgiving. 

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were likely to have employed the bodyguard as they lost their Secret Service protection in July. They had been given an additional six-months of protection under a deal with former President Donald Trump. 

Ms. Independent: Ivanka, who has kept a relatively low profile since her family's move to Florida, drove to and from the location herself with her security guard in the front seat

Ms. Independent: Ivanka drove the vehicle to the destination with her security guard and was comparatively quiet since the family moved to Florida.

Out of pocket: The bodyguard has likely been employed personally by Ivanka, who lost their Secret Service coverage in July, after having been granted an extra six months of protection as part of a deal secured by former President Donald Trump

Ivanka was likely to have hired the bodyguard out of her own pocket. She lost Secret Service protection in July after being granted six more months as part of an agreement with former President Donald Trump.

Protectively: The security guard, who was seen with the family last month, stayed close to Ivanka and Joseph

Protective: Joseph and Ivanka were accompanied by a security guard.

Added touch: Ivanka jazzed up her minimalist outfit with a pair of tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses

Added touch: Ivanka jazzed up her minimalist outfit with a pair of tortoiseshell cat-eye sunglasses

Who needs a blowout in this heat? The former first daughter's long blonde hair looked like it had dried naturally and was worn loose around her shoulders

In this hot heat, who needs a hairstyle? Long blonde hair of the ex-first daughter looked naturally dried and was loosely tucked around her shoulders.

Meet and greet: Ivanka and her son spent about an hour meeting the team and delivering food to the pantry

Ivanka with her son met the team for about an hour and delivered food to the pantry.

Watcha looking at? Something caught Ivanka and Joseph's eyes while they were standing outside

Watcha looking at? Joseph and Ivanka noticed something outside. 

Look: Ivanka was seen pointing to something between the cars in the parking lot, though it's unclear what she was looking at

You can see Ivanka pointing at something somewhere between the cars of the parking lot. It’s not clear what it was. 

Bare: Ivanka didn't have on her wedding band or her 5.22-carat diamond engagement ring, which is rumored to be worth over $500,000

Bare: Ivanka didn’t have on her wedding band or her 5.22-carat diamond engagement ring, which is rumored to be worth over $500,000

As part of an order put into place by her father, Ivanka and her siblings Don Jr., 43, Eric, 37, and Tiffany, 27, continued to benefit from official Secret Service protection for half a year after their father’s presidency came to an end — a service that was revealed last month to have cost the taxpayer an additional $1.7 million.

Secret Service agents usually protect Presidents and spouses for the rest of their lives. Any children of these individuals receive security up to age 16.

Trump’s order however provided six additional months of protection to his spouses and adult children as well as Steve Mnuchin (his Treasury Secretary), his chief of staff Mark Meadows and Robert O’Brien (his national security advisor).

Ivanka und Jared now have to find and pay for their own security.

Ivanka was seen standing outside the JCS with Joseph, her security guard, and a few other people who appeared to be involved with the organization. She had her hand rested on her son’s shoulder, and at one point, she pointed at something for him to look at, though it’s unclear what had caught her eye.  

As she stood outside her car, the three-year-old mother gave one woman an embrace. Her iPhone was attached to her wallet and she held a lollypop. 

According to the JCS Kosher Food Bank’s website, it is the only Miami-Dade County food bank that provides kosher food for people who adhere to Jewish dietary laws. The JCS Kosher Food Bank provides food for more than 380 families and nearly 100 Holocaust survivors. 

Ivanka, who converted to Judaism in order to marry Jared (a Modern Orthodox Jew), They are raising their three children — Arabella, ten, Joseph, eight, and Theodore, five — in the same faith.  

Catching up: Ivanka stopped to chat with a woman near her car before she left the community center

Ivanka chatting with the woman next to her car, before leaving the community center 

Friendly faces: Other people were also seen milling around the JCS parking lot at the time

Friendly faces: Other people were also seen milling around the JCS parking lot at the time

People were friendly: Others could also be seen milling about the JCS Parking Lot at that time 

Fellow moms? The two women were huddled between their open car doors and there appeared to be another child with them

Are you a fellow mom? Two moms sitting together in their cars, the two women appeared to have another child. 

Family friends: The unidentified child was standing between Ivanka and the woman while getting into the car

Familie friends: Ivanka was interrupted by the unidentified girl while she got into her car. 

Faith: Ivanka converted to Judaism to marry her husband, former White House senior adviser Jared Kushner, who is a Modern Orthodox Jew

Faith: Ivanka, a former White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner who is Modern Orthodox Jew, converted to Judaism in order to wed her husband.

Tradition: Ivanka and Jared are raising their three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, in the same faith

Tradition: Ivanka and Jared are raising their three children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, in the same faith

New life: Ivanka and Jared have all three of their children enrolled in a local Jewish school that is close to their luxury apartment building Arte Surfside

Ivanka and Jared start a new chapter in their lives. All three of their children attend the local Jewish school, which is located near their luxurious apartment building Arte Surfside. 

All the children attend a Jewish school near Miami. It is only a short drive from the family’s luxury Oceanfront property Arte Surfside.

It is one of the most costly complexes in the area, with an average rent price of $47,000 per month. Its penthouse sold for $33 million to an unnamed private equity executive from New York in January of this year — the same month that Ivanka and her family moved into the building.

The Kushner family is said to be using the large, unfurnished unit as a temporary home while they build a property on a two-acre plot they purchased on Indian Creek Island — also known as the ‘Billionaire Bunker’ — for $31.8 million late last year. 

The Real Deal reports that they bought another $24 Million mansion nearby.

This alleged property purchase by the couple includes six bedrooms and eight-and-a-half bathrooms. It was previously owned by Julio Iglesias, a Spanish singer.

8.510 square foot French Neo-Classical Residence is situated on 1.26 acres.

The mansion also features manicured gardens and reflecting pools as well as a swimming pool that is resort-style. It has a dock. However, aerial photos of it suggest it will need extensive maintenance after it fell into disrepair on the market.

Ivanka, Jared, and their Arte Surfside condo will remain until it’s fixed up. It is just two blocks from the Champlain Towers South Condo that collapsed in June. This condominium left nearly 100 dead.

Quiet: Ivanka has kept a relatively low profile since she and Jared moved to Miami after her father lost reelection

Ivanka’s quiet life: Ivanka moved to Miami with Jared in the wake of her father losing his reelection bid.

Embrace: Ivanka leaned in to hug the unidentified woman while Joseph stood close by

Ivanka hugged the unidentified woman, while Joseph stood by. 

Necessities: Ivanka was holding her iPhone, which had a wallet attached, a mask, and what appeared to be a lollypop

Ivanka had her iPhone. It was attached to a wallet and a mask. 

Hugs and kisses: The former model puckered up while giving the woman a warm embrace

Hugs, kisses, and kisses – The ex-model sexily kissed the woman as he rubbed her lips. 

Helping hand: The JCS Kosher Food Bank is the only food bank in Miami-Dade County that offers kosher foods for those who observe Jewish dietary laws

Helping hand: The JCS Kosher Food Bank is the only food bank in Miami-Dade County that offers kosher foods for those who observe Jewish dietary laws

Directions? Ivanka was looking at her phone before she pulled out of the parking lost with her bodyguard by her side

Directions? Before she left the parking lot, Ivanka looked at her smartphone. Her bodyguard was by her side.  

Spotted: In late October, Ivanka and her husband Jared were seen walking on a beach path with their children, Arabella, Joseph, and Theodore, as well as their security guard, after leaving a local synagogue

Spotted: Ivanka, Jared, their husband, were seen on October 29th walking along a beach path together with their three children (Arabella, Joseph and Theodore) after they left a synagogue. 

Back in the spotlight: Ivanka and Jared enjoyed an audience with former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara during their trip to Jerusalem last month

Ivanka (and Jared) are back in the spotlight! 

Since moving to Miami, Ivanka and Jared have kept out of the public eye and have only been seen out and about with their children on a handful of occasions — a marked change from their lives in Washington, D.C. when they were regularly photographed on family outings in their upscale neighborhood.

The family was last seen together in late October, looking every inch the happy family as they strolled along a sandy path near their luxury oceanfront Miami condo. The family had just been to a synagogue nearby and was dressed appropriately for the occasion. 

Ivanka had on a long-sleeved white wrap dress, which she paired with white sneakers, large aviator sunglasses, and a pair of glitzy pearl earrings. Arabella followed the example of her mother by wearing a similar dress to her mom. She chose a bright, blue-colored design that was in line with her colorful scrunchie.

Jared wore light blue polo shirt, chinos, and black sneakers to complement his younger sons Joseph, and Theodore. They were wearing matching Ralph Lauren white button-ups and smart khakis. 

Last month, the couple enjoyed a short return to the limelight when they went to Jerusalem for the first meeting of the Caucus for Promoting the Abraham Accords. Trump’s last months as president saw the negotiation of peace agreements between Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates.

Jared Berkowitz and Avi Berkowitz, his former aide, helped negotiate the accords that normalized relations between Israel, the Arab countries, and Israel.

Jared and Ivanka met the Knesset panel during their Israel visit. This was a group they had helped put together while working as senior presidential advisors. It helps promote US-brokered peace agreements.

Prior to their trip they spent some time with Benjamin Netanyahu, former Israeli prime minister and Sara Netanyahu. They then went on to attend a glamourous event in celebration of the Abraham Accords.