Ivanka Trump has been asked by the House Committee to speak freely about the Jan 6th Insurrection at the Capitol.

‘You will anticipate the committee inviting some people to come talk to us,’ Rep. Bennie Thompson told reporters on Capitol Hill on Thursday, adding, ‘not lawmakers right now — Ivanka Trump.’ 

After New York’s attorney General took aim at Ivanka for her decision to allow her to choose to purchase an NYC apartment for one-third of what it was worth, this is Ivanka’s second defeat.

During Donald Trump’s White House presidency, Ivanka Trump was an advisor to him. Following the Trump administration, Jared Kushner’s wife and three of their children moved to Miami with him.

In its letter to Ivanka, the House committee said they were seeking a voluntary interview about what she saw on January 6th, including Donald Trump’s actions that day and his state of mind as his supporters stormed the Capitol.

The panel sent her a Thursday email stating that they would meet with her February 3, or 4. 2022. “If you cannot make it on the dates we have set, we will arrange another time for you in the week of February 7-2022. 

Ivanka Trump has not said if or not she would make an appearance.

DailyMail.com spokeswoman for Trump said, ‘Ivanka Trump has just heard that the January 6 Committee sent a public request to her to speak’. As the Committee is aware, Ivanka didn’t speak at the January 6 rally. She stated publicly that she was not able to speak at the rally on January 6th, 2003, at 3:15pm. “Any security breach or disrespect for our law enforcement are unacceptable.” It is urgent that violence ceases. Be peaceful.” 

The committee is not yet clear on its next steps in the event that Ivanka Trump does not appear. The committee has the right to issue a congressional subpoena.  

This 11-page document provided new information about how the committee learned about events at the White House that day. 

Ivanka Trump is the latest target of the Trump panel. The committee has also sought logs of phone calls and text messages between the former president’s son Eric Trump and Kimberly Guilfoyle, the girlfriend of Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr. 

The chair of the House committee investigating January 6th said they will invite Ivanka Trump to come and speak with them

Chair of House Committee investigating January 6th stated that they would invite Ivanka to speak with them

Ivanka Trump with her father Donald Trump at his rally outside the White House on January 6th

Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump were at Trump’s rally near the White House, January 6th

According to reports, she visited the Oval Office January 6th and encouraged Joe Biden to request his supporters to be quiet during the raid at the Capitol. They were trying to stop Joe Biden being certified as a presidential winner by the Official Electoral College. 

In its letter, the U.S. House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the United States Capitol referred to Ivanka being present in the Oval Office on the morning of January 6th, when then-President Trump called Vice President Mike Pence to pressure him to try and hold up certification of the 2020 election. 

“The Select Committee would like to discuss the section of the conversation that you witnessed between President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence” she wrote. 

The committee noted General Keith Kellogg, the retired general who served as a national security adviser to Pence and was also in the Oval that day, told them after Trump’s call to Pence, ‘[Ivanka Trump]He turned and told me, “Mike Pence’s a great man.”

“Similarly, the Select Committee would be happy to talk about any conversations that you might have seen or been part of regarding President Trump’s plans to block or hinder the count of electoral votes.

The panel also noted: ‘The committee has information suggesting that President Trump’s White House counsel may have concluded that the actions President Trump directed Vice President Pence to take would violate the Constitution or would be otherwise illegal,.’

‘Did you discuss those issues with any member of the White House Counsel’s Office?’

They stated that they would also like to discuss Donald Trump’s insurrection response with her. A tweet by Donald Trump at 2:24 on that day was mentioned. He said Pence didn’t “have the courage” or to do what was necessary.

We are interested in conversations inside the White House as well with the President, before and after the 2:24 pm tweet. Ivanka was informed by the Select Committee that White House staffers requested help on numerous occasions in order to influence President Trump’s decision to stop the lawlessness and violence at Capitol Hill. 

The Select Committee has evidence that White House staff asked for your assistance multiple times to help them intervene to pressure President Trump into addressing the lawlessness and violence in Capitol Hill. 

They also noted that the White House staff had’recognized’ that Donald Trump might act as the only person capable of getting him to do so. 

The panel also noted Kellogg told them he had ‘very strongly’ recommended that Trump not do a live television statement on that day ‘because press conferences get out of control and you want to control the message.’

“Apparently certain White House staff thought that an unscripted live press conference by President during the Capitol Hill violence might have made it worse,” the panel said. 

Trump finally filmed from the Rose Garden a video message that was uploaded online. To get the staff to post, Trump had to take multiple shots.

“The Select Committee knows that several takes were taken of the video but they weren’t used. According to the Select possession, the information indicates that the President didn’t ask rioters for permission to exit the Capitol during the original clips. “The Select Committee sought to obtain copies from the National Archives these unused clips,” the panel noted.

“You know directly about the actions and inactions of the President on January 6, as well as his mental state during the attack at the Capitol. Ivanka was notified by the Select Committee that it would be grateful for your cooperation in its investigation into these issues.

It was also disclosed that the committee is investigating whether President Trump directed the National Guard to react. 

The Committee found no evidence to suggest that Trump gave any orders or made any other actions regarding the deployment of the Guard that day. It does not appear that Trump ever called any law enforcement agencies or the Department of Justice to ask for deployment of personnel to Capitol.

The panel stated that they wanted to talk to Ivanka regarding efforts made by White House staff, including Sean Hannity from Fox News, to get President Trump to stop making claims about the election being’stolen. 

They point to an exchange Hannity had with Kayleigh McEnany at the time, her then-press secretary, in which Hannity said to McEnany: ‘Key now. No more crazy people.’  

McEnany replied, “Yes, 100%,” 

The Select Committee wrote Ivanka that it would be interested in discussing the effort made after January 6, to convince President Trump to stop affiliating himself with some people and avoid discussion over election fraud allegations.  

Rep. Bennie Thompson (center), chair of the select committee investigating the January 6 attack, said the panel wants to hear from Ivanka Trump

Bennie Thompson, chair of the select commission investigating the January 6th attack said that they want to hear Ivanka.

Jared Kushner in Miami on Wednesday - Ivanka and Jared moved to Florida after the end of the Trump administration

Jared Kushner was in Miami on Wednesday, Ivanka and Jared both moved to Florida shortly after Trump’s exit.

Rep. Liz Cheney (the Republican vice-chair of the panel) hinted last month to ABC News that Ivanka was one of the people they wanted to talk with. 

Cheney declared, “It’s important for Americans to know how dangerous Donald Trump is.”

“We are aware” [House GOP] Leader [Kevin]McCarthy was imploring him to make that happen. McCarthy continued: “We are close to his family and his daughter.” “We know from firsthand that Ivanka, his daughter, went to him at least twice to request that he stop the violence.”

On Wednesday night, the House panel achieved a significant victory when Donald Trump’s request to the Supreme Court for a rebuttal of the White House records regarding January 6th was denied. This basically rejected the claim of executive privilege by the ex-president. 

Ivanka Trump’s difficult week ended with the request by the committee.

A court document filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James says Ivanka Trump was given the option to buy a luxury NYC apartment from the Trump Organization for a third of the value listed on company financial statements.

Ivanka had an option to purchase the Park Avenue apartment for $8.5 million, according to the court order seeking testimony filed by the AG’s office, after leasing it on ‘extraordinarily favorable terms’.

But her father Donald Trump, on his Statement of Financial Condition over several years listed values of the apartment at between $20,820,000 and $25,000,000, according to the document.

The revelations about the lucrative perk for the president’s daughter comes in a sweeping court filing filed by the AG as she seeks to secure testimony and obtain further documentation in a probe of what the AG says in an extraordinary public statement are ‘fraudulent and misleading’ valuations of major business assets. 

It all comes at time when the former president is positioning himself for a potential run to try to recapture the White House – while blasting the probe as a politically motivated witch hunt. It threatens to ensnare not only Trump and his top executives – some who have served his family for decades – but the adult children he relied on both at his business enterprise and while serving in the White House.

The same document reveals that her brother, Eric Trump, invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination 500 times over six hours of testimony – amid a parallel criminal investigation. 

They are among the allegations of accounting tricks and unusual financial arrangements spelled out in court documents filed by James’ office seeking to compel testimony by the former president, Ivanka and Eric Trump in their civil investigation of Trump’s real estate and hospitality empire.

James’ office mentions the apartment in a filing that alleges the Trump Organization pumped up valuations when communicating with lenders, but provided low-ball estimates to tax authorities. 

Ivanka Trump had an option to purchase a Park Avenue apartment leased to her by her father's company for $8.5 million, according to the court order seeking testimony filed by the AG's office. But the firm listed its value as high as $25 million in financial statements

Ivanka Trump had an option to purchase a Park Avenue apartment leased to her by her father’s company for $8.5 million, according to the court order seeking testimony filed by the AG’s office. But the firm listed its value as high as $25 million in financial statements

Park Avenue Apartment with ‘extraordinarily favorable terms’

The AG argues the president’s daughter, who served as an unpaid White House aide when Trump was in office, should have to testify.

‘Given Ivanka Trump’s involvement in these and other matters, her testimony plainly bears a reasonable relation to the matters under investigation by OAG and must be compelled,’ according to the filing.

It states her ‘knowledge’ of the financial statements,  and says Ivanka ‘also has relevant information regarding the valuation of assets contained therein. In particular, she was able to ask for and access financial summaries and projections covering properties or businesses in the Trump Organization portfolio.’

According to a Trump Organization website, the building is 'idyllically situated near Central Park, world-renowned restaurants, shopping and some of Manhattan’s most prestigious schools'

According to a Trump Organization website, the building is ‘idyllically situated near Central Park, world-renowned restaurants, shopping and some of Manhattan’s most prestigious schools’

Ivanka had an option to purchase the Park Avenue apartment for $8.5 million, according to the court order seeking testimony filed by the AG's office, after leasing it on 'extraordinarily favorable terms'. Ivanka is seen in the apartment with two of her kids

According to the AG’s court order, Ivanka was allowed to buy the Park Avenue apartment at $8.5 million. However, she had to lease it for ‘extraordinarily advantageous terms’. Ivanka and her two children are seen together in the apartment.

Ivanka's father father Donald Trump, on his Statement of Financial Condition over several years listed values of the apartment at between $20,820,000 and $25,000,000, according to the document.  Ivanka and Jared's kids are seen in the apartment

Donald Trump was Ivanka’s father and listed apartment values in his Statement on Financial Condition for several years at $20,820,000 to $25,000,000. According to this document.  The apartment is occupied by Jared and Ivanka’s children.

The apartment had room enough for a Steinway baby grand. Ivanka was later given the option to buy a larger unit

There was enough space for a Steinway Baby Grand in the apartment. Ivanka later had the opportunity to purchase a bigger unit.

Ivanka tweeted images from her apartment on Instagram

Ivanka posted images of her apartment to Instagram

New court filings allege complex schemes to overstate the value of company holdings

In new court filings, complex schemes are alleged to have been used by companies to exaggerate the company’s value

The highlighted section of the document alleges Ivanka was given the option to purchase the property at a cheaper price

Ivanka may have had the opportunity to buy the property for less than the stated price, according to the highlight of the document.

According to the filing, Ivanka paid “a monthly rental rate that was just a fraction of what other penthouse tenants paid in this building.” 

According to filings, she rented an apartment on Trump Park Avenue starting in 2011.

Its 2012 and 2011 financial statements showed that the company was valued at approximately two-and-a-half times the option prices, without disclosing the existence or price. In 2013, it was valued at $25 million – ‘more than three times the option price, again, with no disclosure of the existence of the option.’

Ivanka was able to buy a penthouse unit in the same building, for $14 million in 2015. 

According to a Trump Organization web site, the building is ‘idyllically situated near Central Park, world-renowned restaurants, shopping and some of Manhattan’s most prestigious schools, houses over 120 luxury condominiums in one of the Upper East Side’s most coveted locations.’

The Trump Park Avenue was meticulously decorated in a sophisticated and elegant style.

The New York’s attorney general is seeking a court order to force Donald Trump and his two oldest children to testify in their fraud case, stating that she has ‘uncovered significant evidence’ of financial misconduct.

James is currently investigating tax matters of Trump Organization since March 2019. This was after Michael Cohen, former Trump confidante shed light on the organization’s business practices.

James investigates whether Trump Organization inflated the assets to get tax relief.