New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern has risen above a petty jibe about her appearance on a live video chat discussing how the country is battling Covid.

Nine minutes into the heated discussion that covered travel restrictions as well as the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, Ms. Ardern read a comment from a viewer.

Amanda says that she thinks that I’ve grown old. “Merry Christmas Amanda,” the Prime Minister said to her. 

Amanda’s classy reply was swiftly backed up by others who commented. 

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (pictured) has been hailed for her classy response to a mean comment online

Jacinda Ardern, New Zealand’s Prime Minister has been honored for her classy responses to mean comments online

“Amanda, have you received that personal message?” Jacinda was polite and more patient than me when I received your letter. I get more value from honey than vinegar,” one responds. 

Prior to being rudely interrupted Ms. Ardern used Facebook Live Chat to address misinformation about the New Zealand government’s Omicron plan.

Chris Hipkins (Covid-19 Response Minister) revealed Tuesday precautionary measures taken by the government to lessen the chance of the contagious virus getting into communities.

The Pfizer vaccine is being offered to five- to eleven year olds starting in January 2017.

Ms. Ardern stated that she will speak directly on the subject because of all the misinformation online.

The decision about whether or not a child is vaccinated belongs to the parent or caregiver. You must consent. 

There is no law that requires children to get vaccinated. That is left up to the parents and caregivers. That’s why I thought it would be nice to make this clear once again.

Some commenters expressed concerns about the PM’s overall health following her coughing multiple times during the video.

The NZ government has delayed a move to allow self isolation at home for international arrivals (Air New Zealand plane pictured) and an end to Managed Isolation and Quarantine

NZ has delayed plans to allow international arrivals self-isolation in their homes (Air New Zealand plane shown pictured), and to end Managed Isolation.

‘I can assure that I am very, very well. She said, “I’ve just swallowed all the wrong stuff down my windpipe. Please excuse the small cough for a second.”

Earlier, Ms Ardern had sparked an angry backlash after a Christmas Facebook post backfired with furious Kiwis raging over her travel ban.

The picture was of a gingerbread house she had knitted and the story behind how that became a family Christmas tradition over the last 30 years.

However, it provoked an angry reaction amongst New Zealanders confronted with a second Christmas separated from their families due to Covid’s latest restrictions. 

The planned lifting of travel restrictions starting January 17th has been moved to February. This is a heartbreaking news for Kiwis who are stuck overseas.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern (pictured) sparked an angry backlash after a Christmas Facebook post backfired with furious Kiwis raging over her travel ban

Jacinda Adern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (pictured), provoked a furious backlash following a Facebook Christmas post that went wrong.

Ms Adern posted a picture of a knitted gingerbread house (pictured) and told the story of how it came to be a Christmas tradition for her family over the past 30 years

Ms. Adern shared a photo of her knitted gingerbread house (pictured), and explained how she made it a family Christmas tradition over the last 30 years.

Ms. Adern posted on social media that her father, a US tour guide, gifted the knitted ornament to her as a Christmas gift. Since then it has been used every Christmas.

She asked, “Do you have any Christmas decorations? They bring back so many memories when they are seen?”

The gingerbread house should be no less than thirty years old. My father was an additional job that took tourists all over New Zealand when I was young. 

“On one his tours, a lady sat down on the bus to create. This was what she made at the end of her tour. Every Christmas since, this has been available. 

“I doubt Dorothy the craftsperson from the United States would still exist, but this gift is very loved!”

A message (pictured) from a dissatisfied New Zealander to their Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

Unsatisfied New Zealander sends a message to Jacinda Ardern (pictured).

The Christmas memory prompted an angry response from some though (pictured) with Kiwis furious at being cut off from their families for a second year

Some people were furious about the Christmas memories (pictured), with Kiwis furious that they had been cut off from their families for another year.

Some people were angry about the Christmas memory.

Sandra Grigg wrote, “Tons of memories are shared and traditions continue to be made like this.” We are not able to bring them home with us to visit our grandparents, so we will be sharing these precious memories in NZ for the second time. 

“Your actions have brought heartbreak all over the globe. So yeah….Merry Christmas to you.’

Miranda Guthrie shared the following: I hope you spend Christmas with YOUR family and not like so many New Zealanders that will have to face another without yours.

“You and the government must be ashamed to treat them like criminals untrustworthy – they are tarring everybody with one brush and forcing this insane process in our beautiful, ever more divided nation.

The uproar comes after the government delayed a move to allow self isolation at home for international arrivals and an end to Managed Isolation and Quarantine (pictured, domestic travellers checking in Auckland Airport)

After the government delayed making it possible for self-isolation at home to international arrivals and ending Managed Isolation and Qarantine (photo: domestic travelers checking into Auckland Airport), this has caused a commotion.

This is because the government delayed an action to allow international arrivals self-isolation at their homes and to end Managed Isolation.

To fly to New Zealand, travellers must have an MIQ voucher. These are very limited.

Numerous Kiwis are stuck overseas waiting for MIQ spots. They hoped that January’s relaxed restrictions would enable them to fly home. 

Not only will there be delays to these relaxed restrictions but also those arriving with MIQ vouchers, they’ll now need to remain in quarantine for up to 10 more days. 

The sudden surge in Omicron cases worldwide has forced a rethink from New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Adern on easing restrictions. Pictured is Auckland Airport

Jacinda Adern, New Zealand Prime Minister, had to reconsider her policy of easing Omicron-related restrictions due to the sudden rise in Omicron case worldwide. Photo: Auckland Airport