Jacinda Ardern announced that she would delay her wedding, after placing all of New Zealand under Covid Red Alert due to nine Omicron cases found in the community without any connection to the border. 

After a group of Omicron-related cases was detected within the community, Prime Minister stated that all residents would be subject to additional restrictions starting Sunday at 11:59pm.  

Ms. Ardern said that she would postpone her wedding due to the recent outbreak, saying that it was ‘no different from other New Zealanders. 

During a press conference, she said that’so is life’ and reiterated to journalists that she was not putting the country in lockdown. 

“My wedding won’t be happening, but it’s just that I’m joining many New Zealanders who’ve had similar experiences as a result to the pandemic,”

The PM was due to wed her television host partner Clarke Gayford this summer in Gisborne on the North Island after becoming engaged in early 2019. 

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (pictured) has announced all of New Zealand will be placed on the Code Red Covid footing from 11:59pm on Sunday

Jacinda, the Prime Minister (pictured), announced that New Zealand would be on the Code Red Covid basis starting Sunday at 11:59pm

Ardern (pictured with her partnner Clarke Gayford) also announced her wedding would be postponed due to the latest outbreak

Ardern is pictured in a photo with Clarke Gayford. She also said that the wedding was being postponed as a result of the current outbreak.

“Red does not need to be locked down.” Red businesses are always open so that Red customers can travel around the country and visit family, as well as other activities. 

‘One of the most important things that people can do is to make sure you and your family have a buddy – like a neighbour or a friend – who can help you out by delivering things that you need if you do become unwell.’ 

After a cluster of 9 Omicron cases was discovered in the area with no border connection, the settings have increased.

New infections have been detected in Nelson and Marlborough, which means there may be community transmission in Auckland or Motueka.  

These cases were part of one family that flew in January to Auckland for a big wedding. A flight attendant was also infected.  

Ardern explained that they don’t have as clear a lead in the index case connecting this family with the border, but have information about other Omicron cases.  

New Zealand had reported 24 new community cases, 47 additional cases discovered at the border on Sunday. There were eight patients in hospital and no ICU admissions.  

The red traffic light in New Zealand allows residents to still do all things. This includes travel and visiting other homes. 

'Such is life,' Adern (pictured with her partner and their daughter Neve) told reporters during a press conference after confirming her wedding would be postponed

Adern, pictured here with her partner Neve and their daughter Neve after she confirmed that the wedding had been postponed.

The increase in settings comes after a cluster of nine Omicron cases were discovered in the community with no link to the border (pictured, people line up to get tested in New Zealand)

This is because nine Omicron cases from the same community were identified. There was no connection to the border. (Photo: People line up for testing in New Zealand.

'At Red businesses stay open and you can do most of things that you normally do, including visiting family and friends and travelling around the country,' the PM said

The PM stated that Red businesses remain open at all times and can be used to do many of the things you do every day, such as visiting loved ones and traveling around the country.

In order to be able to work in retail, hospitality, and airports, masks will now be required.

Although hospitality establishments can remain open for as long as they are permitted, there will be a maximum of 100 guests per hour. Patrons must show their passport to get vaccinated and then stay seated.

Retail and public buildings also have capacity limits. Offices are allowed, but not obliged to allow work-from-home conditions.  

To enter numerous venues, New Zealand will need to have a vaccine pass called My Vaccine Pass.

Public and private events will be limited to 100 vaccine-infected attendees, and 25 unvaccinated. Ardern could also add her wedding to Clarke Gayford.

The 2022 academic calendar year will not be affected by any changes, but all staff and students above the fourth grade must wear masks indoors. 

As the country begins a new Covid wave, the PM stated that both the North- and South Islands will be subject to the red setting for “some weeks”. 

Three stages of Omicron will be prepared by the government. The third stage is for new cases that exceed a thousand. 

The definitions of close contacts, as well as the isolation requirements for rapid antigen testing to be more commonly used would undergo changes. 

Ardern said both the North and the South Islands would be under the red setting for 'some weeks' as the country enters the start of a new wave (pictured, people line-up for vaccines)

 Ardern said both the North and the South Islands would be under the red setting for ‘some weeks’ as the country enters the start of a new wave (pictured, people line-up for vaccines)

It comes just hours after it was announced household contacts of Covid cases will have to isolate for 24 days under harsh new rules (pictured, people wait to get vaccinated)

This announcement comes hours after the Covid case household contacts were announced. They will be required to remain isolated for 24 days according to new strict rules. (Image: People wait to get vaccinated.

Ardern was due to wed her television host partner Clarke Gayford (right) this summer in Gisborne on the North Island after becoming engaged in early 2019

After getting engaged in the early part of 2019, Ardern had planned to marry Clarke Gayford, her TV host partner (right), this summer in Gisborne.

According to the prime minister, it is important that residents present for their booster shot. This was done with around 21 percent over New Zealand’s population who are over twelve triple-vaccinated.  

This happens just hours after the announcement. household contacts of Covid cases will have to isolate for 24 days under harsh new rules.

Ardern introduced the stringent measures to ensure that the country fights for Covid Zero, despite the danger posed by the contagious mutant strain.

Critics say that the long quarantine period makes it impossible to test for HIV and could lead to people avoiding being tested.

Covid infected individuals are now expected to be kept isolated for 14-days, instead of the previously prescribed 10 days.

New Zealand recorded 84 new Covid cases on Saturday, with 43 in the community and another 41 caught at the border (pictured, protesters

New Zealand had 84 Covid cases recorded on Saturday. There were 43 new Covid cases in the locality and 41 at the border. (pictured: protestors 

Contacts from households must remain in quarantine until the disease is fully controlled. 

New Zealand has recorded an additional 84 Covid cases, 43 of which were in their community. Another 41 were caught at the border.

One of the victims was an Auckland Airport worker, who had tested positive for the Omicron strain. This raises concerns that the number of cases could rise to as high as 1500 per day if this mutant strain is spread across the country.

According to the NZ Ministry of Health, the modifications were implemented after Japanese scientific data revealed that the strain was more infectious than previously thought. Sufferers can also be affected for longer periods of time.

However, critics say the policy is not feasible and may result in more cases refusing testing to get out of quarantine.