A parole hearing has been granted for a former Miss Hitler Beauty Pageant contestant, who was jailed as a member in good standing of National Action, a far-right terrorist organization.

Alice Cutter has now been released after serving 19 months out of a sentence lasting three years. A parole hearing will take place later in the month.

If she succeeds, she may be walking again on the streets early in summer.

Alice Cutter, pictured, was jailed in 2020 for being a member of the banned far-right terrorist group National Action. The 25-year-old former Miss Hitler beauty pageant entrant could be freed by early summer depending on the outcome of a Parole Board hearing

Alice Cutter (pictured) was imprisoned for her membership of National Action, which is a banned far-right terrorist organization. A Parole board hearing will determine if Alice Cutter, 25, could be released before the end of this summer.

Cutter, pictured, was one of four neo-Nazis who were jailed by Birmingham Crown Court in June 2020

Cutter is pictured as one of the four neo-Nazis that were sentenced to Birmingham Crown Court’s June 2020 jail term.

Cutter is currently being held under closed conditions at HMP New Hall, near the village of Flockton, West Yorkshire

Cutter is currently held in HMPNew Hall near Flockton West Yorkshire.

Cutter was one of four neo Nazi ‘diehards’ convicted of belonging to the terrorist group in June 2020.

According to a spokesperson from the Parole Commission, “We confirm that Alice Cutter is being parole reviewed by the Parole Review Board. The Secretary of State has listed her for a hearing in March.”

The decisions made by the Parole Board are solely concerned with the potential risk that prisoners could pose to the general public, and whether the community can manage this risk.

The panel will review a wide range of evidence to determine if there is any evidence of behaviour change or the original crime. It will also examine the effects of crime on victims.

In the days leading up to an oral proceeding, members read through hundreds of pages and reports.

At the hearing, witnesses such as probation officers, psychiatrists, and psychologists as well officials responsible for supervising offenders in prison will be called to provide evidence.

“The hearing, which can last up to a whole day, is when witnesses and the prisoner are interrogated. Parale reviews are done carefully and with the greatest care. Our number one priority is to protect the public.

Cutter is currently held in closed condition at HMPNew Hall near Flockton West Yorkshire.

Rosemary West, a serial killer, once lived there.

One option for the Parole Board if they do not release her immediately is to downgrade Cutter to an open prison, where she will be eligible for day release

If they don’t release Cutter immediately, the Parole Board has an option: Cutter can be downgraded to open prison and she is eligible for day release.

If Cutter is not released immediately, the Parole Board has an option: Cutter can be downgraded to open prison where she would be eligible to day release.

Prosecutors stated that Cutter made jokes about gazing synagogues, using a Jew’s head for a football and gassing synagogues. Cutter also entered the pageant in order to recruit.

Cutter and Mark Jones, a Nazi-admiring partner in crime, were convicted after a trial that began March 2020.

Before he sent Jones to Birmingham Crown Court for his sentence, Paul Farrer QC said that Jones had played a’significant role in the continued of the organization’ after December 2016’s ban.

Alice Cutter

Mark Jones

Cutter and Mark Jones were respectively jailed for five and five-and half years.

Cutter responded to him by saying that Cutter had not held a leadership or organization role. Jones, however, said she was a trusted confidante and a committed relationship with Jones.

Following a series rallies and incidents that included praise for the assassination of Jo Cox, National Action, an extreme right-wing organization, was declared ‘racist. anti-Semitic. and homophobic’ in December 2016.

Cutter was entered in the Miss Hitler beauty contest under the name Miss Buchenwald. He had denied being part of the group, even though he attended its rallies where banners proclaiming ‘Hitler was Right’.

After hearing about Ms. Cox’s killing, jurors also saw messages from the waitress in which she made jokes about gazing synagogues, using one Jew’s head for a football and exclaiming, “Rot in Hell, bitch!”

Jones, who was an ex-member of the British National Party’s Youth Wing and a railway engineer, was described in trial as a “leader and strategist” and played a “prominent, active role”.

Original London Regional Organizer of the Group, 25 year old confessed to taking photos while performing a Nazi-style salute, and waving an NA flag at Buchenwald’s execution rooms during 2016 trip to Germany.

Cutter and Jones were both from Sowerby Bridge near Halifax in West Yorkshire. Prosecutors also described Jack and Scothern, who they said, were members of an ‘active’ group, even though the ban was lifted.

Jack (24-years-old) was a member of NA’s Midlands Subgroup.

Garry Jack, pictured, was jailed for four-and-a-half years in prison for his role in National Action

Garry Jack was jailed in 2004 for his participation in National Action.

Additionally, he was convicted of a prior offense for putting up stickers with NA’s racist messages on Birmingham’s Aston University campus. Some said “Britain IS ours. The rest must go.”

Scothern (19 years old) was from Nottingham and was “considered future leader material” having distributed nearly 1,500 stickers calling to a final solution’ in response to Nazi genocide of Jews.

Cutter was sentenced to three years in prison, and Jones was given a term of five and a half years.

Jack was sentenced for four-and-a half years imprisonment, while Scothern received a detention sentence for 18 months.

Max Hill QC, Director of Public Prosecutions described NA members, speaking before sentencing.