Jake Paul displayed grit and heart as he defeated Tyron Woodley in brutal fashion. He also answered his critics with an imposing performance in Tampa, Florida. 

Paul scored perhaps the most important punch of the fight. After overcoming a severe cut in his forehead due to an accident clash of heads, he finished proceedings with a perfect overhand.

Paul who claimed the win was his ‘greatest moment in my life’, moved to 5-0 with the win, and called out Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal in the immediate aftermath.  

Jake Paul (right) claimed a huge knockout victory over Tyron Woodley on Sunday morning

Jake Paul (right,) won an impressive knockout over Tyron Whiteley on Sunday morning

The 24-year-old moved to 5-0 as a professional with his stunning victory in Tampa, Florida

After his amazing victory in Tampa (Florida), the 24-year old moved to #5-0 as a professional. 

Woodley was checked over after suffering a brutal knockout in the sixth round of the bout

Woodley, who suffered a severe knockout during the sixth round of this bout was taken to the hospital.

Paul received a standing ovation from the crowd. Paul made his way towards the ring carrying a message to Tommy Fury. Fury had been originally set to wrestle unbeaten American but was forced to withdraw due to complications with his ribs and chest infection.

His top read, “Hey Tommy! Wish you could be here, but viewing from a television is cool too,”

Woodley said he was defeated in three rounds during the initial fight. Paul looked the aggressor in the early stages. But, in a narrow first round, Paul took center ring.

Paul, fighting with chip on his shoulder and a chip in his hand, stepped up the pace during the second round. He landed with a sharp combination, finishing it off with a left hook to the head, as he took an early lead.

Woodley looked to show better activity in round one but it was Paul who took centre ring

Woodley seemed to be more active in round 1, but Paul won the centre ring.

Paul appeared more at ease than the other two. However, in round three an accidental headbutt (which the referee originally called an elbow) left a large cut on the forehead of ‘The Problem Child. Woodley was looking for a stoppage.

It would be interesting to see what Paul truly is made of. As he entered the fourth round, he was still being rocked in the first fight. Trainer BJ Flores calmed him down and said that the cut was over.

Woodley, who is still a novice boxer, was reminded in their August bout that Woodley had only one previous professional fight. The fourth saw Woodley literally lift his opponent to the floor and send him plunging down to the ground. He was issued a warning. 

Paul suffered a gruesome cut to the forehead after an accidental clash of heads in round three

Paul was injured in the forehead by an accident head-to-head collision during round 3.

Former UFC champion Woodley picked Paul up and threw him to the canvas in round four

Woodley, a former champion of the UFC, picked Paul up in round four and tore him to pieces.

But in the sixth round Paul landed the telling blow as he knocked Woodley out with one punch

Paul’s sixth round knockout of Woodley was the turning point.

Florida saw more boos as round five was a dull affair with both the men clashing again. Woodley, who is shorter, entered the room looking for something to happen.

Paul won round six with his one-handed, destructive right-hand. There weren’t any boos. He has eliminated all his four opponents.

In the moments immediately following, he stated that “This is as real and as true as you can get, just like your right hand. I told you, I was going to f*** him up. And I f**** him up.

“This guy is an icon and we respect that he took the fight at two weeks’ notice. Tommy Fury is a b**** for pulling out of the fight.

“It was hard. There was blood everywhere. The job was done. The whole fight was set up by me. It was a surprise to him. Timber is like a lumberjack.

“It has to be the best moment in my entire life. Take a look at the year. There were four fights and four knockouts. Masvidal and Nate Diaz – you are b***** for leaving this arena. I will f*** you up too. Everybody. Anytime.

Paul’s next steps are still unknown, although it’s clear that he addressed many of the questions on Sunday morning.  

Paul celebrated with his team having claimed genuine adversity in his fifth professional fight

Paul celebrated his five-professional fight victory with his team.

A downbeat Woodley, 39, waved to the Florida crowd as he made his way out of the ring

As he left the ring, Woodley (39), a downbeat man waved at the Florida crowd.

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