DailyMail.com has confirmed that James Corden will leave The Late Late Show host position at the end next season. This is in line with plans to spend more time in the UK.

The Brit, aged 43, decided to end the eight-season run despite CBS executives’ best efforts. They exclusively stated to DailyMail.com, “desperately attempted to keep him longer.”

Jules, his star wife, has been contemplating a move to the UK for Max, 12, Carey (77) and Charlotte (44) but are trying to figure out the next step. 

DailyMail.com is told by an insider that the possibility of spending longer time in Britain after the finale of the series’ final episode is “definitely on the horizon”.   

The Late Late Show, which is filmed in Los Angeles, premiered its first episode with Tom Snyder as host. Craig Kilborn followed Craig Ferguson as hosts, until James Corden arrived in 2015.

He's out! James Corden will step down as the host of The Late Late Show at the end of next season, DailyMail.com can confirm

He’s out! DailyMail.com has confirmed that James Corden will leave The Late Late Show’s host position at the conclusion of the current season.

‘We [CBS]Although James wanted to stay on the show for one more year, a CBS senior source said that he was not interested in keeping him there. “He was such a huge hit for us, so we will be missing him very much.”

“It’s rare for talent to reinvent an established format. He continued: “His skits were viral and broke records worldwide. They also created the most viewed online video clips ever made in the history late night television.” 

His show has featured some of the biggest stars around the globe, and even the White House.

Corden shared with Deadline that it was a hard decision, after such great success. 

It’s hard for me to let go of the show that I love so much. Extending is an exciting opportunity for me. [for a year]. It was something I had always hoped to do for five years, then quit and return. But then it happened. It’s been something I have thought about for years, wondering if there’s another adventure.

The next move: Jules are mulling over a return to the UK with three children Max, 11, Carey, seven, and Charlotte, four, but they are still trying to 'figure out' what they will do

Next move: Jules and Max are considering a return home to the UK. Carey is seven-years old, Max is eleven years old, Charlotte is four. But they’re still trying to figure out what to do. 

Corden answered the question “truly don’t know” when asked whether he would like to return home.

“It’s something that we think about and talk about but we have not yet made a decision. He said that this is the “life side” of things, which we will figure out. 

“I Love Living Here” [in LA]. It’s a blessing. This incredible journey has never been taken for granted by my family. It’s a daily experience to drive Sunset from work, and it makes me feel like I’m High Wycombe.

However, he did confess that he would love to spend more time at West Ham United with Mark Noble. Nobel has decided to retire at the close of this season.

Corden stated, “He is the most happy that I am not leaving September because he wants to play golf.” 

I’ll be here eight years. Mark Noble has been at this club since he was nine. It’s the best thing for me to think of Mark Noble in the same breath, but it would not be fair.

Corden admitted that he will miss the show, but it was a sad farewell. 

He said, “I will miss the adrenaline of thinking, “Next week, I’m going out of a airplane with Tom Cruise, or in two weeks, we’re going around the White House with Michelle Obama in a car or sing Penny Lane driving down Penny Lane with Paul McCartney.”

An insider added to DailyMail: ‘What’s next? James’s focus is on the production of a truly spectacular final and current season.

He said, “He’ll also launch Mammals (Fall) in autumn,” which he was excited about.

“However, more time in the UK is on the horizon after filming wraps as he’s very close to his family there.

Corden was a host on The Late Late Show and created smash hits segments such as Carpool Karaoke. He drives an actor around while they sing along. Carpool Karaoke became its own Apple show in 2017, and won an Emmy Award. It is currently on season 5.

'We [CBS] desperately tried to keep him for longer but James only wanted to do one final year that will keep him on the show until next year,' a senior CBS source revealed. 'He's been such a hit for us for so many years, we will miss him very much.'

‘We [CBS]James was desperate to be kept on-screen for longer, but a CBS source confirmed that James just wanted one last year to ensure that he would continue to appear on the program until then. “He was such a huge hit for us, so we are going to miss him greatly.”

A CBS source stated that “He said that he had an incredible time, and is extremely grateful to CBS. But he feels it is the right time for him to end on a high note and make this his biggest year yet.”

James and his show won many Emmys. He also won a Critics Choice award, as well as a Tony Award. Before joining CBS in 2012, James was a household name. As well as his huge celebrity endorsements, he won over fans and critics immediately.

Father-of-3 has referred to his show’s cast as his family, and paid them from his pocket during the pandemic.

James’s tenure with the network wasn’t without its problems. The show had to alter one of Corden’s most famous skits Spill Your Guts 2021 after being accused of being anti Asian.

Issues: James' time at the network has not been without controversy, however. In 2021, the show was forced to change one of Corden's more famous skits, Spill Your Guts, after it as accused of being anti-Asian

Issues: James’ time at the network has not been without controversy, however. After being accused of being anti Asian, Corden was required to change Spill Your Guts in 2021.

Stars such as Kendall Jenner, Justin Bieber, and Chrissy Teigen have participated in this segment. The participants are given the option of answering a probing question or eating something called “gross”.

Corden called several of the disgusting items from Asian cultures ‘disgusting’.

One TikTok user started the Change.org petition, which attracted nearly 50,000 signatures. James announced later on the Howard Stern Show that he wouldn’t use Asian foods during the segment.

James also hosted the Tony Awards, Grammy Awards, along with other primetime programs for CBS. 

He has also had a successful film career, starring in films like Peter Rabbit and Prom.

Mammals will be his debut British TV role after his Gavin And Stacey Christmas Special broke all records and became the UK’s most-watched non spring event.

Leading man: The Late Late Show premiered in 1995 with Tom Snyder as host, Corden took over in 2015 following Craig Kilborn and Craig Ferguson

Leading man: The Late Late Show premiered in 1995 with Tom Snyder as host, Corden took over in 2015 following Craig Kilborn and Craig Ferguson