Many celebrities have come forward, including Jamie Lee Curtis (film icon), Sarah Silverman (comedian), and Josh Gad (Frozen star) to condemn Kanye West’s antisemitic Tweet outburst.

Curtis addressed the timing West’s words. It was a week following Yom Kippur. Curtis added that “words matter.” An act of genocide brought an end to the threat that was made against Jewish people.

Sarah Silverman, comedian and author of the comedy “The Silence is So Loud” has voiced concern at non-Jewish outrage following Kanye West’s antisemitic tweets.

Silverman’s words were repeated by Josh Gad who stated that while many are supportive of him on other issues, they remain silent in the face of instances anti-Semitism. 

EGOT winner John Legend, who famously was christened ‘Legend’ by West during the pair’s long time friendship tweeted: ‘Weird how all these “free, independent thinkers”  always land at the same old anti blackness and anti-Semitism.’ 

Legend made clear over the years that his relationship with West was deteriorating due to Trump’s support and West’s own 2020 presidential bid.  

After his Paris Fashion Week show where he displayed his White Lives Matter shirts, West (45) declared war against the Jewish community. 

A-listers reacted strongly to the fact that both Instagram and Twitter were subject to a lot of criticism for their apparent inability or unwillingness delete antisemitic comments.  

After receiving shocking threats, West was banned from using his Twitter account today – hours after Instagram had been closed to him.

Kanye posted, which was later removed by Twitter: “I’m a little sleepy tonight, but when I get up, I’m going to death con 3 on JEWISH POPLE.”

He continued, “It’s funny that I’m not Anti Semitic. Black people are Jew.”

“You guys tried to blackball any opponent to your agenda and toyed with my feelings,”

Page Six reported that West’s friends were undergoing a psychiatric episode on Sunday night.  

Jamie Lee Curtis spoke about the timing of West's words, coming a week after Yom Kippur, adding: 'Words matter. A threat to Jewish people ended once in a genocide'

Jamie Lee Curtis discussed the timing West’s words. It was a week following Yom Kippur. Curtis added: “Words matter.” The threat of genocide against Jews was ended once and for all.

Sarah Silverman tweeted this after spending most of her Sunday retweeting other prominent Jewish commentator's thoughts on West's outbursts.

This was tweeted by Sarah Silverman after she spent most of Sunday tweeting other Jewish commentators’ thoughts about West’s outbursts. 

Frozen star Josh Gad also chimed in on West's remarks and the silence from the public-at-large

Josh Gad, Frozen’s star, also commented on West’s comments and the silence of the general public.

Kanye West continued his return to Twitter with a disturbing tweet where he suggested he would be 'going death con 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE' while bringing back his 'White Lives Matter' T-shirt

Kanye West continues his Twitter return with a worrying tweet suggesting he will be ‘going to death con 3’ on JEWISH people while bringing back his White Lives Matter’ T-shirt

Curtis of True Lies, now 63, posted: ‘Last week, was the holiest in Judaism. The power of words is what matters. Once, a threat against Jewish people was ended in genocide. Your words cause violence by inciting hatred. You are a father. You must stop.

Tony Curtis was the father of Halloween’s star, Tony Curtis. He was Jewish and the son Hungarian Jewish immigrants who came to America.  

Silverman, 51, tweeted: ‘Kanye threatened the Jews yesterday on twitter and it’s not even trending. What is the point of Jews speaking out against Jewish hatred? “The silence is so loud.

Hours after posting, West was locked out of his Twitter account – as Jewish celebrities and politicians condemned him for the vile online abuse. 

Silverman, before making her statement, spent Sunday tweeting disgust at West from other comedians and commentators. 

Among them was Yair Rosenberg, Atlantic’s Yair Rosenberg. He wrote: ‘Kanye’s second tweet was posted before the first one was removed. Perfectly demonstrating how “the Jews Control Everything” is a preemptive antisemitic defense against the consequences of expressing antisemitism. 

Jamie Lee Curtis' famous father, actor Tony Curtis, was Jewish, born to Hungarian immigrants to the United States

Jamie Lee Curtis was the famous son of actor Tony Curtis. Tony Curtis is a Jewish immigrant from Hungary who came to America to be with Jamie Lee Curtis. 

Josh Gad said of West's remarks: 'More and more, I find that anti-Semitism is one of the rare forms of hate towards a specific group that is seemingly met with silence by the masses'

Josh Gad stated about West’s remarks that: “More than ever, I find anti-Semitism to be one of the few forms of hate toward a particular group that is apparently met with silence among the masses.”

New York Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez made her feelings known on West's opinions

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a New York Congresswoman made her opinions known in response to West’s opinions

Frosten’s star Josh Gad tweeted Silverman’s sentiments and added his message.

Gad, 41 years old, stated that antisemitism, one of the most rare types of hate against a particular group, is met with silence in the mass.

He continued, “It is heartbreaking to stand with so many other people on issues after issues and then find that those same allies continually silence us when we are in need of them.” 

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a New York Congresswoman tweeted that there is no place in the country or the world for antisemitism. It is important to see how harmful + dangerous Kanye’s words are – not only to our Jewish brothers, sisters, & siblings, but also to our collective society at large.’

Elle added, “We must refuse this garbage wherever it is found.” 

Silverman doesn’t call West out every day. After his famous visit to the oval in 2016, she had some harsh words for Trump. 

Ralph Breaks the Internet’s star talked about the GOP’s embrace of West, but not their rejection of Taylor Swift’s liberal views. 

She said: ‘Republicans’ knee-jerk reaction, of course, is to tell her to stay out of politics. Hey, you can’t give Kanye a free ticket to the White House and then tell Taylor to stay in her lane.’

When West, inexplicably tweeting: “BILL COSBY Innocent !!!!!!!!!!'”, in 2016 The Cosby Show Star was about to be tried for sexual assault.

Silverman replied to West by saying, “Kanye!” You can’t be for real. FIFTY WOMEN. There is nothing you can do with a statute of limitations on RAPE. Oy.’ 

Comedian Sarah Silverman has crossed West in the past, questioning his access to the White House under Trump and his support of Bill Cosby

Sarah Silverman, a comedian from West Virginia, has crossed the West in the past. He is being questioned about his access to Trump’s White House and his support for Bill Cosby.

Twitter spokeswoman said that West’s comments were locked because of a violation to Twitter’s policies. Accordingly, the rapper is unable to upload. 

Deafcon is also known as defense ready condition. It’s an alert by the US Armed Forces that indicates how quickly military personnel can be mobilized during deadly attacks or emergencies. 

Influencer and Real Housewife Savetsky made videos pointing out Kanye's hateful words - before she received a barrage of abuse herself for defending the Jewish community

Influencer and Real Housewife Savetsky made videos pointing out Kanye’s hateful words – before she received a barrage of abuse herself for defending the Jewish community

West debuted the shirt at Paris Fashion Week, alongside conservative commentator Candance Owens (pictured together)

Along with Candance Owens (pictured together), West presented the shirt during Paris Fashion Week. 

Lizzy Savetsky, who is among the new cast members for the Real Housewives of New York, slammed Kanye for his repeated antisemitism on social media

Lizzy Savetsky, who is among the new cast members for the Real Housewives of New York, slammed Kanye for his repeated antisemitism on social media

West had previously claimed that Diddy was being controlled and silenced by Jews. This led to West’s Instagram account being closed. 

Diddy replied in a blog post that he hoped we would stop the ‘coonin and baffoonin.

Kanye took a subtle swipe at him and said: “We don’t have time!” It is a time of emergency! Unapologetically Black First! 

This is because Lizzy Savetsky, Real Housewives of New York’s star, was attacked for exposing Kanye’s hateful antisemitism.

Savetsky claimed that Instagram was now a “breeding ground” for antisemitism. She blasted Kanye and the app for making hateful remarks. 

The reality star received a nasty backlash and was instructed to “get your hidey holes in the attic ready to you and the family” – an insensitive reference to Anne Frank who was murdered by Nazis in 1945.

Other people commented on her appearance and propagated anti-Semitic stereotypes about Jews controlling the media, banks and media. One even said that Germany should have won World War Two.  

Kanye has been banned by Instagram. She then took to social media to express her gratitude. But that doesn’t mean I won’t continue to get horribly hateful, nightly threatening comments supporting his anti-Semitic message.

Texas mom-of-3 said that her great-grandmother died in Auschwitz. She was not able to be with us as we watch people attack our survival as humans. You must speak out! These threats are serious to me and should be taken seriously by you. 

Savetsky was announced in August as the new member of the cast. She reposted Kanye’s recent tweet and wrote, “In case you missed Kanye’s now removed tweet. 

Kanye’s Twitter post was immediately removed. However, his account was not blocked unlike Meta’s decision.  

Real Housewives of New York star Lizzy Savetsky called out Kanye for a previous post about antisemitism - but then received a barrage of abuse by his fans

Lizzy Savetsky, Real Housewives of New York’s star, called Kanye out for his previous antisemitism post. But then he was subject to a torrent of abuse from his fans

Kanye West was spotted with his ex-girlfriend Vinetria checking into a hotel in Beverly Hills just days ago

Kanye West was seen with Vinetria, his ex-girlfriend, checking in to a Beverly Hills hotel a few days ago

Comedian Hannah Einbinder also rallied her 124,000 social media followers to stand up against the hate that Kanye spewed online

Hannah Einbinder, comedian, rallied 124,000 of her social media fans to protest the hatred that Kanye spread online

Mayor of Beverly Hills Lili Bosse spoke out against the rapper's antisemitism, saying that he 'clearly spews hatred to Jews'

Lili Bosse of Beverly Hills spoke out against rapper’s antisemitism and said that he had ‘clearly spewed hatred toward Jews’

Shocking the fans: Ye first wore the 'White Lives Matter' design at his surprise Yeezy fashion show in Paris on Monday

Surprising fans: Ye, 45 years old, wore the White Lives Matter’ dress at the surprise Yeezy fashion show held in Paris Monday.

Comedian Hannah Einbinder told her 124,000 followers on Instagram after Kanye’s tweets: ‘Just a reminder that if you f*** with this man then you are dead to me.

‘Gonna need my non Jewish friends to condemn that s***. There aren’t enough Jews left to defend ourselves. Allies are needed. 

Ritchie Torres (a US Representative for New York’s fifteenth congressional district) was among the celebrities and politicians calling out the rapper about his antisemitism. 

On Twitter, he wrote: “Kanye West, if you consider yourself to be at war against Jewish people, then by definition you’re antisemitic.” Shame on both you and all your enablers. 

British comedian David Baddiel, author and actor said: “Kanye West’s threat to Jews was as ever based upon a myth about Jewish power. A myth that is believed across all political spectrums.

Kanye West was pictured wearing his White Lives Matter t-shirt Saturday

The rapper donned the controversial outfit to watch his daughter North play basketball

Kanye donned controversial White Lives Matter Twitter to view his daughter North’s basketball game in Los Angeles. Shortly thereafter, he sent the shocking tweet about Jews  

Kanye West's tweet saying he would go 'death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE' was removed by Twitter as it 'violated the Twitter Rules'

Twitter removed Kanye West’s tweet that he would die at ‘deathcon 3 on JEWISH POPLE’ because it ‘violated Twitter Rules’

David Baddiel, author of Jews Don't Count, also stood up for the community following Kanye West's tweet

David Baddiel author of Jews Don’t Count also stood up to the community after Kanye’s tweet

Representative Ritchie Torres told Kanye West following the vile abuse: 'Shame on you and your enablers'

Kanye West was told by Ritchie Torres, Representative of Ritchie Torres following the horrible abuse: “Shame on your and all your enablers.”

He wrote the book Jews Don’t Count. 

Dov Hikind (Veteran New York State Representative) also condemned the rapper’s hateful statements, calling him “sick”

Hikind declared that Kanye is a Jew-hater who denies it. He is clearly sick.

“Twitter” removed Kanye’s dangerous and antisemitic tweet. However, we won’t forget what this man did. 

‘We can only watch with the same sadness shared by his own family as Kanye West self destructs and attacks his former friends. Whoever sows hatred will reap the pain.

Kanye was also criticised by Mayor of Beverly Hills California, who said that Kanye ‘clearly spews hate to Jews’

Lili Bosse stated: “As a daughter and Auschwitz survivor, who is not longer on this Earth, I am left as witness to antisemitism. 

Assemblyman Dov Hikind called Kanye a 'sick man' after he was restricted on Instagram and then had his post deleted on Twitter

Dov Hikind, Assemblyman called Kanye “sick” after his Instagram account was blocked and then having his tweet deleted by Twitter

West has found himself in multiple scandals in recent days, after he wore a White Lives Matter shirt at his Paris fashion week show

After wearing a White Lives Matter shirt to his Paris Fashion Week show, West was caught in several scandals.

“As Twitter explodes over the tweet of someone who obviously hates Jews, I’ll be the voice for those without a voice. Never again. Never Forget. 

Kanye took to Twitter hours after Meta was removed to resume his attacks.

West’s tweets were his first in almost two years of posting to Twitter. Elon Musk welcomed West’s return, writing “Welcome Back to Twitter, My Friend!”

Ye lashed out at Zuckerberg’s Twitter account for his posts being removed after they were taken down by Meta.

“Look at that Mark. How you gone kick me off Instagram. You use to be my n***a.’

The tweet was posted by him along with a photograph of them performing karaoke together at unknown times.

Meta spokesperson stated that they may place limitations on accounts which repeatedly disregard our rules.

American Jewish Committee released a statement saying that Kanye West’s recent rants were remarkable, even for his standard. Ye must see the importance of words, particularly in light of the vicious antisemitic comments that were recently shared on social media. 

He should learn to express his opinion without inciting hatred.