If everything had gone as planned, Lissie Harper could be getting ready for her third Christmas married to Andrew.

Who knows, they might have even started their own family. But, things didn’t go as planned.

She lost all her hopes when Andrew Harper (the man she’d been falling in love with from the time she was a little girl) was shot and killed in an attack on a house in August 2019, just one month after their wedding. 

Lissie watched in terror as her husband and his three killers laughed when she was sentenced to manslaughter rather than murder.

With the support of the Police Federation she campaigned to get tougher sentences for police officers who were killed while on trial.

She demanded that anyone who kills 999 people in the line for duty be sentenced to a life sentence. Harper’s Law will apply to any killer of an on-duty police officer, fireman, paramedic or prison officer — and anyone who kills medics providing NHS care.

It is anticipated that the amendment to the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill will make the changes into law by early next year. 

Dominic Raab stated in The Daily Mail that we all owe gratitude to the dedicated emergency personnel. They should know that we are there for them.

We do. However, not all people see it that way. This change has caused some liberals to wring their hands in disgust. A two-tier justice system, you say? It’s not possible. They argue that the police are in a terrible state.

JAN MOIR: Lissie Harper's dreams were shattered when PC Andrew Harper, the man she had been in love with since she was a schoolgirl, was killed responding to a burglary in August 2019, just a month after they married (pictured together at wedding)

JAN MOIR. Lissie Harper had her hopes crushed when she lost PC Andrew Harper in an attack on a house in August 2019. It was only a month since they were married.

One comedian from the Left pointed out on TV that not all cops are good cops. Take a look at Wayne Couzens. 

Take a look at these Met officers, who took photos of the two sisters murdered and called them ‘dead bird’. They were found guilty this week of gross misconduct.

As a cop, I feel obligated to remind people that they are not the norm.

While their blue crimes may be deplorable, serious questions still remain as to whether the Met is fit for purpose.

Couzens is a serial rapist, murderer, and would not be visible from their ranks for long. He would have been a firearms officer and had undergone psychological profiling. However, no red flags were raised.

But the police need more support than ever. Although the pandemic was hard on NHS staff, it is also taking a heavy toll on police.

Since the beginning of the Covid cases, they’ve been on the front lines dealing with the tough stuff. They are charged with not only maintaining law and order in an ever more belligerent public but also trying to interpret or impose chaos changes to scrappy government policy and any new laws.

As a result, there has been an increase in the number of police officers being attacked. There were nearly 40,000 assaults on officers— including deliberate coughing and spitting — in the year following the start of the Covid outbreak in March 2020. 

This is a 20% increase on last year. There were an average of 100 attacks on officers in England or Wales per day, according to official statistics.

We must make our society safer by making those who help us more secure. Each day emergency workers risk their lives. We can only do our best to provide them with extra protection, such as the possibility of a stiffer sentence.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson meets with PC Andrew Harper's widow Lissie inside No10 Downing Street

Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister. He meets Lissie, PC Andrew Harper’s wife at No10 Downing Street.

It would be nice if anyone who was involved in the murder of a British officer in police custody could fear the consequences of their actions, rather than laughing at it. 

Already there have been complaints that it is wrong to say that the lives of police and emergency workers are worth more than the lives of the general public — but that is not what Harper’s Law is about.

You must enter the building in flames, confront the killer and deal with violence.

Responders are often called upon to put the safety of the public before their own and I feel that the size of that sacrifice should be acknowledged and protected — because a public sector salary and pension doesn’t even begin to cover it.

Andrew and Lissie Harper were unable to make their honeymoon due to the bad behavior of three young lawless men.

The irony of it all is that, while her husband’s killers will soon be released from jail within a few years she has been sentenced to a life term. That isn’t right.

She has done her bit to make things better — now it’s up to the rest of us.

Stella and Parliament are not meant to be creches.

Are you a worker in an environment where many tiny children run about screaming and crying?

Yes. We don’t have children to deal with at the Daily Mail office.

Stella Creasy MP was annoyed that she couldn’t bring her three-month-old, well-behaved sleeping baby to the chamber.

Stella! How three months old is this little girl? Even Theresa Wheat Fields May’s three-month old had some nappy and bawling moments.

Labour MP Stella Creasy speaking with her newborn baby strapped to her in the chamber of the House of Commons

Stella Creasy, Labour MP for the House of Commons is seen with her baby in her arms while she speaks to the House of Commons

For a second, be serious. Parliament is a place of work, not a crèche. Many parents can’t take their children to work, and Westminster is no exception. On Twitter she said, “Mothers in mother of all Parliaments are not to been seen or heard it seems.” She also added that mask awareness was not as high in Westminster.

Why would you put your baby in such an unsafe environment? God help us all to escape the entitlement-driven new mothers. 

Stella could take her full-paid maternity leave, then have daycare or a nanny.

High street has moved on 

London’s Oxford Street is under attack by tumbleweed. Debenhams shut its doors in May forever, Selfridges has gone up for sale and House of Fraser will close its main premises in January. 

John Lewis has reduced its retail space by 50 per cent and Westminster Council has just approved plans for Marks & Spencer to reduce its shop floor space by a third. You might not believe it. This is the end for famous shopping streets? 

Are London’s men going to panic about Christmas Eve and not buy scarves? 

It is difficult to imagine how department stores could survive in this environment. While browsing the internet can be time-efficient, I miss the old days when it was fun to wander around department stores and inspect every jumper, pleat, juicer strength, lipstick texture, and the feel of each garment. 

This is incredibly soothing, and it brings you a sense of calm that Amazon cannot match. It is gone and is not coming back. 

Madge really wants her marbles. 

We can all agree to not be surprised by Madonna’s shock tactics. That will surely give her an unforgettable shock.

This is the 63-year old’s most recent lunatic attempt to infamy. It is unclear if the cultural commentators will judge if it is worse than her confected outrage last month, in which she recreated Marilyn Monroe’s deathbed scene.

I wonder what she will do next. What next?

Madonna poses on a bed with her nipple covered by a heart emoji in her latest Instagram post

Madonna is seen lying on her back with her nose covered in a heart emoticon.

Madonna watchers will find the odd shots in which she wears nothing other than a pair if fishnet tights, with her head underneath the mattress and a cup granny tea at her side table. 

Was she trying to convey something? What is it she hiding under that? Anneka Rice claims it’s her phone charger. But, I don’t know. Below are some suggestions. Madonna is looking for…

A. Her pants.

b. her latest terrified young lover.

c. Her dignity was lost in 2015.

A collection of the remnants from a successful film career.

Her marbles.

f. a pension scheme.

g. Her fall detection alarm.

H. Her credibility.

I. Pop sock, hair scrunchie 

A thousand congrats to Yola, a British singer who has been nominated for two Grammy awards — Best American Roots song (for Diamond Studded Shoes) and Best Americana album (Stand For Myself).

This is not bad news for a Bristol girl! Yolanda Qartey, 38, is not from America, despite her rootsy nominations. Windrush-born, her parents raised her and she was homeless in London.

She is now a Nashville superstar with an unforgettable voice, a repertoire of songs that will touch your heart and a stunning vocal range.

Her emotional lung power is so strong that she can even beat Adele. I simply love her.

Nadine wrongs Brits

Nadine, Culture Secretary, is against the removal of gendered categories from next year’s Brit Music Awards. It was an “incredibly sad decision” she said to a Parliamentary Committee Monday.

Why Nadine? So what’s the problem? The Grammy Awards are the American equivalent to the Brits. They have not had a gender issue for more than ten years.

Sam Smith (pop star) is a non-binary. He was exempted from Brits categories for this year. And Sam is right — why should anyone be excluded? Gender doesn’t have anything to do with great songs or outstanding performances.

Nadine claims she is not woke, but I’m curious if Nadine really is half-awake. It feels more like an instinctive reaction than anything that has been considered. It is her belief that women will not be represented fairly in 2022 Brits if the gender categories are removed. But that’s crazy, because Adele is already going to win everything.

Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries (pictured) is against the pop music Brit Awards scrapping gendered categories next year

Nadine Dorries is Culture Secretary and (pictured) she opposes the scrapping of gendered categories in next year’s Brit Awards pop music.

Nad maintains that the best male and female winners are identified by their past achievements.

Nadine is an author and many people are cruel enough to point out the reason she did not win The Booker Prize. It had nothing with gender. Below is an example of her bedpan povera style, which she made her own with bestsellers like The Angels Of Lovely Lane.

“Emily smelled something that made her heart water. She turned around to see an earthenware container on her kitchen table, covered with a tea towel. Instantly, she was overcome by tears.

As Nadine may write, I smelled something. Eau de Hokum. It’s time to recognize the contributions of artists, regardless of their gender, for the music they make and the work they do.