Janet Jackson says that Michael Bullied Janet over her child weight and called Janet a pig for her body.

The 55-yearold woman, whose weight fluctuated in her years of being on the media, talked about her brother’s cruelty towards filmmakers creating a documentary about her life.

Filmed over five years, the documentary features unreleased archive footage as well as videos taken at home during her five-year tenure as mother to Eissa AlMana, her son. 

“There were many times Mike would tease and call me names. She replied, “Pig, horse or slut? Or hog? cow?” 

‘He would laugh about it and I’d laugh too, but then there was some­where down inside that it would hurt.

“When someone says you are too heavy it can affect you.

Janet and Michael Jackson are pictured at the Grammy Awards in 1993, several months before he was accused for the first time of child sex abuse

Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson were pictured together at the Grammy Awards 1993. This was several months prior to his first child sex abuse conviction.

Jackson is pictured in 2002, presenting an award at the second annual BET Awards

Jackson is seen in January 2020, at a pre-Grammy gala in Los Angeles

Jackson was photographed in 2002 (left), and January 2020 at a pre-Grammy gala held in Los Angeles.

Jackson claimed that Jackson’s weight problems began after she was cast in the sitcom Good Times, which ran from 1970 to 1973.

Jackson was 11 years old when she joined the cast as Penny, a young girl Willona adopted after her abuse mother left.

“I am an emotional eater. It comforts me when I’m stressed out or worried about something.

“I did Good Times. That’s when I started to notice weight loss and how my body looked at me. 

“I started developing very early and got a chest. They would then bind it to make me look flatter.

She was asked whether being out in public created the problem and she answered: “It probably wouldn’t have ended up having a problem.”

Janet and Michael Jackson are pictured in December 1972, at their Hollywood Hills home

Janet Jackson (left) and Michael Jackson (right), are seen in December 1972 at their Hollywood Hills residence.

The Jackson siblings seen in the 1970s, when Michael was part of The Jackson 5

The Jackson siblings, as Michael was known in the 1970s when he was part of The Jackson 5

True You is her 2011 book about self-image. She describes a 2006 period when she gained weight and then ballooned up to 180lbs. 

Your body adapts to new exercises. I know that because of the long time I’ve been doing it, my body has become accustomed to it. She told Reuters that it was actually harder to perform a show.

She said that weight gain was something she’d dealt with all her life. In 2011, she was the face of Nutrisystem. 

In January 2017 she gave birth to her son with husband Wissam Al Mana, a Qatari billionaire businessman, and then embarked on a grueling health and fitness kick that saw her lose 70lbs.

Al Mana was her third husband. She divorced him later in the year.  

In 1984, she married James DeBarge (singer), and in 1991 to 2000 to Rene Elizondo Jr. (1991-2000). From 2002 to 2009, she was with Jermaine dupri (producer and rapper).

Jackson is seen with her first husband James DeBarge, who she was married to for a year from 1984

Jackson with James DeBarge is her first husband. She was their spouse for 1 year.

Jackson is seen in 2006 in New York City

Jackson seen in New York City, 2006

“I haven’t lost my love,” she said to the documentary makers. 

“It’s harder to be in public and look for love.

“A happy relationship is what I want for the future.”

Jackson said that she and her brother, who died in 2009 aged 50, drifted apart as they grew older.

Jackson stated that she was shocked and angered at the cost of her child’s sex abuse when the singer was initially accused by Jordan Chandler, a 13-year old boy, for his 1993 abuse at Neverland Ranch, California.

She stated, “It was frustrating for my,”

“We live separate lives, and even though he is my brother that doesn’t have anything to do with us.

“But, I wanted to be there to help him and support him as best I could.”

In January 1994, the lawsuit was settled with $23 Million going to the Chandlers.

Michael ended up paying money for the family. Jackson said Jackson that Jackson wanted the money to disappear.

She stated that she was in the midst of signing a Coca-Cola deal, which would have been her biggest deal ever.

However, it was stymied by allegations.

Coca-Cola responded, “No, thank-you,” when that news was published. Guilt by association. It’s just what they call it.

Jackson is seen in a still from the documentary, which airs on January 28 and 29

Jackson can be seen in the stills from the documentary that airs January 28th and 29.

The two-night, four-hour documentary joins Jackson as she travels back to her hometown of Gary, Indiana to see where her journey began

Jackson travels to Gary, Indiana, to return to the beginning of her journey. The documentary is four hours long and lasts for two nights.

Later, she and Michael attacked Michael’s coverage of his allegations in 1995’s single Scream.

She said, “It was his song, and I was there support him,”

However, she said that her team had frozen her.

‘Michael shot nights, I shot days. His record company blocked off his set to make it impossible to see the action. They wouldn’t allow me to be on the set.

“It felt as if they tried to make us both very competitive.

“That really hurt me, because I felt like I was there fighting the battle with him, and not to fight him.

“I wanted it felt like old times between him and me, but it didn’t.” The old times were long gone.

Her family, along with their brothers from The Jackson 5 tried to make an intervening attempt on his Las Vegas residence. He refused.

“I replied, “We want to discuss you guys going back on tour and if it would be possible for us as brothers.” It would be an honor to perform for you.

He didn’t really have anything to say and was quite standoffish. It was very upsetting.

“My family chartered an aircraft private and they arrived for an intervention. He was not having it.

According to her, the divisions began decades ago when he published Thriller in 1982.

She said, “It was Thriller that changed everything.”

“I really loved the Thriller Album, and for the first times in my life I felt that something was changing between us.

“That’s when Mike and me started our separation. He wasn’t as much fun as he used be.

Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, is seen in a 1987 publicity shot

Michael Jackson (who died in 2009) is shown in this 1987 publicity photo

Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson and LaToya Jackson are seen at the Santa Maria courthouse for a pretrial hearing in the child molestation case of August 2004

Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, and LaToya Jackson attend a Santa Maria courthouse hearing regarding the child molestation matter of August 2004

Jackson is a US Number One Hits singer with an estimated record of 100,000,000 worldwide sales. Jackson said Jackson’s family history has been both a help and a hindrance.

She said, “I’m thankful that it’s opened many doors for me. Having that name,”

“And yet, there is a lot of scrutiny that comes with having that lastname. It’s an expectation.

“I desired my own identity. I didn’t want people to listen to this music simply because of my lastname.”

The documentary featured extensive discussion of Joe, her abusive and controlling father who passed away in 2018, at the age of 89.

“Growing up, my dad wasn’t the experience I desired. You never knew what mood he was in — whether he was in a playful mood. The way he played wasn’t funny.

“My father would sometimes wake us by lighting matches and putting them between our toes. Sometimes he could get very cruel.