Partygate, triggered last December by the revelations about a Downing Street party that was held on December 18, 2013, shows no signs of abating. 

The polls reflect public anger at the revelations about Whitehall party parties that were held during the lockdown.

Brand Boris is feeling the heat – 63% believe that he should be fired. Another poll shows Labour leading Labour by four points, which is their highest rating since the 2019 General Election.

As we’ve suspected, Boris is operating within an exclusive version of truth. Partygate shows the extent of his deep rot, since minister after minister claimed that such an event had never occurred.

The shine has well and truly worn off Brand Boris - one poll shows 63% think he should resign. In another, Labour has a four-point lead, their best rating since the 2019 General Election

Brand Boris has lost its shine. A poll found that 63% of respondents think he should step down. One poll showed Labour with a lead of four points. This is the highest since 2019.

We've always suspected that Boris operates within a special version of the truth. Now Partygate shows how the deep rot has spread to those around him, as minister after minister previously claimed this event had 'never taken place'. (Above, the PM arriving at hospital on Thursday, after the birth of his baby daughter)

As we’ve suspected, Boris is operating within an exclusive version of truth. Partygate shows the extent of his deep rot, with minister after minister claiming that such an event ‘never happened’. (Above: The PM arrived at the hospital after his daughter’s birth on Thursday.

After claiming no parties existed for several days on television and radio, the group began to speak about gatherings and allegedly broke no rules.

True, they think we’re all mugs.

As details were filtered out, I became furious. 

Christine Bleakley, a fellow Loose Woman was ‘incandescent. She had been alone for Xmas 2020 without Frank Lampard, her husband who was abroad. 

This was not the only Brit who suffered a terrible festive season.

Now we are seeing the full scope of double standards and the widening chasm that exists between party workers and politicians, as well as how ordinary people manage their lives in the face of a pandemic.

My fellow Loose Woman, Christine Bleakley (above) was 'incandescent' - she had spent Xmas 2020 alone without her parents or husband Frank Lampard who was working abroad. She was just one of millions of Brits who had a miserable festive period

Christine Bleakley was a Loose Woman and was referred to as an ‘incandescent. She had gone on Xmas 2020 without Frank Lampard (her husband, who was in the United States) and her parents. This was not the only Brit who suffered a difficult festive season.

We were able to observe the rules at our home, but we discovered that Downing Street employees often had wine tables set up on Fridays so they could have drinks at their desks for the “end of the week”. 

It was not something that normal workplaces did in November 2020 and December 2020, as it violated guidelines.

However, these “special” individuals have rules that are different from the rest of the population. Boris twists the truth.

Toryland grants such privileges without restriction.

The rest of the country cancelled their office parties in Tier 3 and Tier 4 last November, early December and, then, Tier 4. They celebrated the holiday season at home and didn’t mix with the others.

Tory Towers was a very different place. 

Boris Johnson delivered a speech at the Downing Street party’s leaving do on November 27. There was another party at Department of Education on December 10 and another party for Shaun Bailey (Mayoral candidate). A Tory party headquarters took place on December 14, where a door was opened. 

Dominic Cummings (deposed advisor) said that there were parties at Carrie’s apartment upstairs. Also, during December, an annual Christmas Quiz was organized with advisors and officials taking part in Downing Street offices.

Boris has been accused of being flexible in telling the truth about his personal finances, holidays, and home décor. This is supported by the revelations that Boris emailed the Tory donor, who funded redecorating his Downing Street flat. 

While the Prime Minister always said he didn’t know who had paid for it, now we have a WhatsApp text he sent asking the Tory donor for permission to send. Lord Geidt who conducted an inquiry into its cost is said to be angry.

It’s good that Boris Johnson didn’t manage the weather bulletins in the latest storms. We would be receiving forecasts at random hours of the day or night, telling us it was heatwave.

As with the conflicting advice, don’t wear a mask if you plan to do things like sing carols or have a beer.

There are headless chickens squawking behind the filing cabinets hoping they won't be sacked. Allegra Stratton (above), the world's most disastrous political PR, has already shuffled off sobbing in front of an incredulous bunch of journos, and she won't be the last

Headless chickens are squawking in the shadows of filing cabinets, hoping that they will not be fired. Allegra Straton (above), world’s worst politician has already started sobbing in front a skeptical bunch of journos.

You don’t need to purchase tickets for pantos at the Palladium or the Hackney Empire, Wimbledon or other theatres in this year. The real-life events taking place behind 10 Downing Street doors are just as entertaining.

Headless chickens are hiding behind filing cabinets, hoping that they will not be fired. 

Allegra, world’s worst politician, is already sobbing in front a group of incredulous journos.

For the boss, he just got back from being macho Drug Bust Liverpool’s uniform-wearing accomplice. Now he has a gorgeous new little girl and an enormous headache.

The video of him and his assistants laughing about the party that “never was” resulted Wednesday in an oblique apology before the Commons. He still appeared to be uncertain if it took place. However, he hoped that asking a civil servant for assistance might help to dispel the doubts.

For the boss, he just got back from being a drug bust in Liverpool and has been blessed with a gorgeous new little girl along with an enormous headache

A new, confusing Covid Plan B restriction was issued as an emergency tactic. It provided sufficient proof that Downing Street’s chaos clown could not run even a small pie shop. 

A mask is required to enter nightclubs, theatres, and cinemas, but it’s not necessary to go to bars or restaurants.

With up to 60 Tory members saying that they won’t vote for the imposition of new restrictions on Tuesday, Marmite has hit a turning point.

Take into account his positive points. The Prime Minister has charisma and great people skills. His reputation is unparalleled. His enthusiasm is infectious and he hates regulations. He is also looking for love.

These qualities make him charming and have won Labour voters in North England and all the nation’s wavers at the last election. His bombast was able to secure Brexit because he said that he “got things done” and delivered exactly what Mrs May had failed.

But – on the negative side – there’s the blathering and waffle (masking a failure to grasp detail), his incapacity to make timely decisions and the dithering that have brought his time as Prime Minister to crisis point. 

Peppa Pig’s speech was an embarrassment. Boris suddenly became less funny and more of a liability.

Not only was there a party, but the invitation was circulated on WhatsApp well in advance, there was wine and food and Secret Santa gifts. Various officials made speeches, including Jack Doyle (pictured), the PM's director of communications - one of the people who has been saying there was 'no party'

The party was not only held, it was also circulated via WhatsApp months in advance. There was food, wine, and Secret Santa presents. Jack Doyle, the director of communications at the PM (pictured) was one of those who spoke.

His charisma has been squandered with several sloppy choices, and he seems to believe he can rebound. The first was to confirm that Dominic Cummings’ visit to Barnard Castle in lockdown wasn’t a sacking offense.

We are supposed to think Boris didn’t know that his staff was holding parties, violating the rules he had ordered outsiders follow.

The secret December 18th 2020 Downing Street party was revealed and the ministers who promoted it blandly look like a bunch of naive fools incapable of thinking for themselves.

The party was not only a success, the invite was also sent out via WhatsApp. There was food, wine, and Secret Santa presents. 

Numerous officials gave speeches including Jack Doyle (PM’s director for communications), who was one of those saying that there is ‘no party.

You might think that if your job is with the Tories, which are the people who will argue about what a toilet is, or whether it’s a lavatory or the WC, but not the loo, then you would have your own “special” language where an illegal gathering of several dozen workers can be called a “gathering”. 

Gathering has almost religious connotations. This is because germs cannot be spread to these people.

It is now well-known that these “special” people think that rules we have tried to follow don’t work for them. 

I wish that every individual who was penalized for violating Covid rules between November 2019 and December 2020 receives a reimbursement from Bank of Boris.

Perhaps it is time to reconsider the once-promising desire to be the King of the World.