The International Space Station (ISS) gives astronauts a view that is unique to our planet.

The ISS orbits Earth from a height approximately 250 miles. This means the station can make around 16 trips around Earth per day.

Yusaku Makawa, a Japanese billionaire, shared a timelapse video showing Earth from the space station. 

Maezawa posted this video TwitterThe view was described as “breathtaking” by.

He wrote, “Took a Time lapse of Earth From the ISS Window,” This is an exact orbit around Earth. Breathtaking.’

Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa (pictured left) and his assistant Yozo Hirano (right) trained at Star City in Moscow ahead of their expedition to the International Space Station

Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese billionaire (pictured left), and his assistant YozoHirano (right), trained at Star City Moscow in preparation for their trip to the International Space Station.


Yusaku Maezawa, a fashion entrepreneur and billionaire turned indie musician was influenced by the Japanese indie music scene.

Maezawa, a Japanese citizen born in Chiba in Japan’s 1975 prefecture of Chiba in Japan was graduated from Waseda Jitugyo High School 1991.

There he founded SWITCH STYLE, an Indie Rock band that eventually produced an EP in 1995.

Following graduation, he traveled with his ex-girlfriend to the United States where he bought CDs and recordings of music he enjoyed.

He returned to Japan in 1995 and established an import CD/record mail-order company.

After his success, he started to expand.

His online business was founded in 2000. His band was signed by BMG Japan in 2000 and released an album.

Start Today Inc. also started selling clothing.

Zozotown was founded by Start Today in 2004. It sold clothes from boutiques such as the Japanese boutique United Arrows or the minimal French label A.P.C.

Zozotown’s founder Maezawa became one of Japan’s most successful entrepreneurs. Today, its name graces a stadium.

This website was unique in its early days thanks to its clean and simple design.

The rise of business began when fashion-conscious professionals started to use Zozotown online to purchase trendy, but appropriate threads from brands such as United Arrows or Nano Universe.

The company now has a wider target, with over 6800 brands, including Shimamura Co Ltd clothing, which is one of Japan’s biggest mass-market chains. However, industry professionals say that it retains a prestigious reputation.

The company grew until 2007 when it was taken public.

Maezawa used his money to purchase expensive and well-known works of art in recent years.

He spent $57.2 million on a Jean-Michel Basquiat piece in 2016.

He paid $110.5million in Sotheby’s to buy a Basquiat work of art titled Untitled a year later.  

Additionally, he bought Christopher Wool’s works, which he purchased for $13.9 million, and Richard Prince.

Maezawa spent record $9.7million in 2007 on Prince’s Runaway Nurse.

Also, he paid $6.9million to Jeff Koons for “Lobster”.

Maezawa dreams of owning works of art to display in his private museum, in Chiba Prefecture.

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The video, which is 24 seconds long by Maezawa, shows the entire orbit of our planet from the station. 

The clip begins with a stunning sunrise, just before Earth passes below. Meanwhile, the ISS’s solar panel twist and adjust their positions in the front. 

This video concludes with a stunning sunset that marks the completion of Earth’s orbit. 

Maezawa, who arrived at the ISS December 8th, has been keeping his Twitter account of 10.8 Million followers up to date on his mission. 

A video has been posted by the billionaire explaining his use of the toilet on board the ISS. There are also various photos taken from the station, including one showing him meditating with zero gravity.  

Maezawa blasted off to the ISS last week from the Baikonur cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, accompanied by his assistant and film producer Yozo Hirano. 

They are staying 12 days at the gigantic orbiting laboratory. The couple plans to investigate questions like “Do farts in space cause you to move forward?” and ‘What happens when you play Pokémon GO in space?’ 

Maezawa and Hirano spent the past few months training at Star City, where they learned how to behave in zero-gravity and specific protocols in the event of an emergency.

Maezawa claimed that the spinner chair training ‘almost feels torture’. 

In November, he posted the following tweet: “It is the hardest training I have ever done.” 

It is not clear how much the trip will cost, since the exact price has been kept secret. However, previous customers have reported paying $20-$40 million for flights to the ISS. 

However, this will not make a significant dent on the $1.9billion Maezawa has accumulated via his company Zozo. Previously known as Start Today, Zozo operates Japan’s most popular online fashion shop ZOZOTOWN.

The 46-year old tycoon, despite being the 30th richest person in the country is not the typical image of a Japanese businessman. 

Maezawa’s search for a companion female to go with him on his trip to the Moon aboard a SpaceX Spacecraft was a major news story in 2019. The spacecraft is due to launch in 2023.

However, he was not satisfied so he changed his request to ask for eight artists. He asked them to create masterpieces “that” will encourage the dreamer in all of us.

Musk announced that he is expanding his search beyond artists in March and has received over a million applications to fill eight of Elon Musk’s spots on the rocket. 

Maezawa, along with his crew of astronauts, will become the first moon-seekers since 1972 when the US Apollo Mission ended.

His Twitter account – its handle a play on his first name: @yousuck2020 – has more than 10 million followers. 

Maezawa made requests for ideas from followers ahead of the trip.

He said that it did not matter if the ideas were “silly” or “serious”, he simply wanted people to have the opportunity to take part in his space tourism adventure. 

Maezawa’s launch is a difficult time for Russia as the country’s space industry struggle to keep pace with Western counterparts in modern space racing. 

SpaceX, owned by Elon Musk and worth billions of dollars in the United States, delivered its Crew Dragon capsule to orbiting laboratory to deliver astronauts last year. This ended Russia’s monopoly over manned flights to The International Space Station.

While Maezawa's video is just 24 seconds long, it shows the space station completing an entire orbit around our planet

Maezawa’s 24 second video shows the entire orbit of our planet by the space station.

A stunning sunrise can be seen at the beginning of the clip, before Earth quickly passes by below, while the ISS's solar panels twist and adjust their position in the forefront

The clip begins with a stunning sunrise, just before Earth passes below. Meanwhile, the ISS’s solar panel twist and adjust their positions in the front.

This however allowed Russia to offer fee-paying tourists seats on Russia’s Soyuz Rockets.

Russia’s seven space tourists have been funded by their own funds and are currently working with Space Adventures, a US company. Maezawa intends to be the 8th Japanese tourist.

To beat a Hollywood competitor, Roscosmos Russia sent Yulia Peresild and Klim Schiffenko to the ISS for scenes.

However, amateur space travel has been making a significant comeback around the globe.

The video shot from the International Space Station ends with a beautiful sunset, marking a full orbit of the planet

This video, shot by the International Space Station, ends with beautiful sunsets that mark a complete orbit around the planet.

So far, the billionaire has posted a video explaining how he uses the toilet on the ISS, as well as various photos from the station - including one of him meditating in zero gravity (pictured)

A video has been posted by the billionaire explaining his use of the toilet on board the ISS. There are also photos taken from the station, such as one showing him meditating (pictured)

Richard Branson became a billionaire after he flew aboard Virgin Galactic Spacecraft. After experiencing weightlessness for a short time, he returned to Earth.

Blue Origin (the company started by Jeff Bezos) also carried out two mission beyond Earth’s atmospheric. Bezos and William Shatner, 90 years old Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek Star Trek Star, were among those who traveled with him. 

SpaceX launched a historic mission in September that took the first ever all-civil crew to orbit the Earth in an unprecedented flight called Inspiration4. 

These journeys are the start of space being available for non-professionals. There will be more launches in the future.

SpaceX will take eight amateur astronauts to the moon with a SpaceX spaceflight in 2023. The flight is being funded by Maezawa.

Russia said that future Soyuz launches will bring more tourists to ISS and it also plans to give one of its astronauts a spacewalk. 


The International Space Station (ISS) is a $100 billion (£80 billion) science and engineering laboratory that orbits 250 miles (400 km) above Earth.

Since November 2000, it has been permanently manned by rotating teams of astronauts and cosmos. 

Although crews are mostly from Russia and the United States, the Japanese space agency JAXA as well as the European space agency ESA sent astronauts. 

The International Space Station has been continuously occupied for more than 20 years and has been expended with multiple new modules added and upgrades to systems

Over 20 years, the International Space Station has been continuously used. Numerous new modules and system upgrades have been made to it. 

Research conducted aboard the ISS often requires one or more of the unusual conditions present in low Earth orbit, such as low-gravity or oxygen.

ISS studies have investigated human research, space medicine, life sciences, physical sciences, astronomy and meteorology.

The US space agency, NASA, spends about $3 billion (£2.4 billion) a year on the space station program, with the remaining funding coming from international partners, including Europe, Russia and Japan.

So far 244 individuals from 19 countries have visited the station, and among them eight private citizens who spent up to $50 million for their visit.

The future of the station is still up for debate beyond 2025. It is believed that some elements of the original structure may be deemed obsolete by then.

Russia is a key partner of the station and plans to launch an orbital platform with AxiomSpace, a private company, around that time. It will also send its modules to the station for commercial purposes. 

NASA, ESA and JAXA, as well as Canada’s Space Agency (CSA), are working in tandem to create a space station orbiting the moon. Russia and China also have similar projects, which would include a base at the surface.