Jason Hughes loves inspiring his team to aim higher and dream bigger every day. He has held various contests to get his team members in on the action at his San Diego offices. Jason Hughes asked his employees to participate in a contest presenting everything from poetry and music to artwork and clothing designs. One employee submitted a pencil drawing, while others performed a song they had written. A manager even designed a handcrafted table. So much hard work and dedication went into the entries, he has made contests a regular part of the Hughes Marino brand. “We are grateful for our team, which puts so much heart and hard work into all they do,” Jason Hughes said. The grand prize winner was Ashley Lewis, who took home $1,000 for the mural she painted on the back wall of HM’s San Diego building. The colorful creation features the company’s core values with creative graphics. “Nature your personal and professional life” and “Be authentic, grateful and humble” are some of the phrases painted on the wall. In addition to contests, the team at HM has been known to celebrate employee birthdays in a big way with In-N-Out burgers, cupcakes, and a gourmet hot dog bar. When it comes to recreation and retreats there ain’t no mountain high enough for the HM team. Hiking, mountain climbing, billiards tournaments, and basketball games are just a few of the activities the team has been known to partake in. Outside of the office, fun and family time are always encouraged. Employees are given extra time off around the holidays and the team is always searching for new, creative ways to connect and have fun. It’s truly an amazing and innovative place to work.

By Rolen Awerkamp

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