DailyMail.com has obtained exclusive visitor logs that reveal Jeffrey Epstein had access to the Clinton White House. These logs show Epstein visited the Clinton White House at least 17 times in his first years as president.

Epstein, who passed away in 2019, visited Bill Clinton at The Executive Mansion three times over the period of three years. His first invitation came just one month after his January 1993 inauguration.

Logs reveal that the financier made 14 visits to our office on different days. He even visited three times in one day.

According to records, Epstein was invited into the White House by several of Clinton’s senior advisors and aides. One such adviser later became the Treasury secretary. 

According to documents, Epstein stated in the majority of his visits that he was visiting the West Wing. This suggests that there is a high probability that he was actually meeting Clinton.

Friends in high places: Jeffrey Epstein forged a relationship with President Bill Clinton in the early 90s, even visiting him at the White House at least 17 times during his first term

High-ranking friends: Jeffrey Epstein formed a friendship with President Bill Clinton during the 1990s. He visited him at least 17 times at the White House in his first term. 

Jeffrey Epstein

Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in 1995. Maxwell, 59, is accused of procuring underage girls for the pedophile Jeffrey Epstein between 1994 to 2004

DailyMail.com has obtained visitor logs that show that the White House visits by the pedophile would have taken place around the time his madam Ghislaine Maxiwell was allegedly purchasing underage girls to be abused.

Epstein visited the White House on 14 separate days and stopped by twice in one day on three occasions during Bill Clinton's first term

Epstein visited 14 days in succession the White House and was present twice on one occasion during Bill Clinton’s first term.

This revelation reaffirms Clinton’s relationship with Epstein. He was well-known to have flown Epstein on his private jet, known as the “Lolita Express”, dozens of times since he left office.

Clinton stated that Epstein, who was arrested in 2019, hanged him after he had been questioned about the “terrible crimes” he and his friend committed.

While Epstein was not arrested for his crimes until 2006, his visits to the White House were scheduled during which Epstein’s alleged madam Ghislaine Maxiwell was recruiting young girls.

Maxwell, who is charged with being Epstein’s procurer from 1994 to 2001, is accused by Maxwell. This period was when the pedophile seemed to be gaining trust of the most powerful men in America. 

Clinton’s victory over George H.W. Bush’s victory in 1992 elections paved the path for Clinton to become one of America’s most accomplished Democrats.

Epstein, who was still working as a financial manager, had just left Towers Financial. This agency collected debts and would eventually collapse due to the Ponzi scheme. It cost $450 million.

Steven Hoffenberg who co-owned the company was imprisoned for twenty years. Epstein wasn’t arrested or charged.

The newly uncovered visitor logs puts renewed scrutiny on Clinton's friendship with Epstein, who was known to have flown the former president on his private jet - known as the 'Lolita Express' - dozens of times after he left office. Clinton is pictured on the aircraft with Ghislaine Maxwell in 2002

Newly discovered visitor logs shed new light on Clinton’s relationship with Epstein. He was well-known to have flown Clinton on his private jet, known as the “Lolita Express”, dozens of times since he left office. In 2002, Clinton was pictured with Ghislaine Maxiwell on an aircraft. 

Maxwell met Epstein in the 1990s. They briefly dated, but Epstein eventually became his manager at the Palm Beach home and, according to prosecutors, a top recruiter for minors.

He would eventually acquire all the trappings of an a millionaire playboy over the next ten years: his private Caribbean island, his $75million New York mansion, his ranch in New Mexico, as well as his New York City home.

He also would gain the friendship of William Jefferson Clinton.

According to some reports, Clinton may have been a self-made man who was attracted to Epstein due his similar cut.

According to Epstein, he told his friends that he invested in people, whether they were scientists or politicians. That’s all I do.


DailyMail.com received the visit logs under FOIA request from Clinton Presidential Library.

These documents show that Epstein visited the Clinton White House for the first time on February 25, 1993. The person who sent the invitation to Epstein is named as Rubin. It is indicated that the location was in West Wing, called ‘WW’.

Robert Rubin became the director of National Economic Council after Clinton was elected.

Clinton was so fond of Rubin, he made him Treasury Secretary in Jan 1995.

Epstein's first visit took place a month after Clinton's inauguration in 1993. He stopped by again months later on September 29, 1993 with Maxwell (pictured) for a reception organized by the White House Historical Association after he donated $10,000

His first visit to the White House was just one month following Clinton’s induction. After donating $10,000, he returned to the White House Historical Association on September 29th 1993.

According to the visitor logs, Epstein's first visit to the Clinton White House was authorized by a person identified as 'Rubin', believed to be Robert Rubin (pictured) who was the president's director of the National Economic Council at the time and was later appointed treasury secretary

The visitor logs show that Epstein visited the Clinton White House for the first time after being authorized by someone identified as “Rubin”, believed to have been Robert Rubin, who at the time was president’s director, National Economic Council, and later became treasury Secretary

Rubin would continue to chair the Council on Foreign Relations between 2007-2017, which is a think tank.

Epstein was an CFR member between 1995 and 2009. He donated $350,000, which it then gave to an organisation that fights human trafficking.

According to the logs, Epstein was admitted for White House visits at 9:19 AM. Clinton’s daily schedule shows that he met with Rubin at 1:15 PM that day.

Epstein may not have been present.

DailyMail.com called Rubin and Rubin’s wife told us to “call his office” before we hang up.

Rubin spokeswoman, said: “To the best of Mr. Rubin’s recollection, he never met and spoke with Mr. Epstein.’

Epstein returned to the White House Historical Association on September 29th to host a reception. He had donated $10,000 for the refurbishment of the building.

Epstein used philanthropy in this instance to get access to influential men. This tactic would be used extensively after his 2006 conviction.

White House social secretary Ann Stock (pictured) who was listed in Epstein's little black book, was the reception's point of contact during his September 29, 1993 visit

Ann Stock, White House Social Secretary (pictured), who was included in Epstein’s black book was the point-of-contact for the reception on Epstein’s September 29, 1993 visit.

The event was captured in photos that show Epstein and Clinton touching hands, with the men looking wide-eyed.

Maxwell (who attended the same school as Epstein) can be seen staring intently at Clinton in background

Another image shows Clinton speaking to Maxwell, Epstein and their guests as they mingle.

Ann Stock was White House’s social secretary and the point-of-contact for the reception. She was also listed in Epstein’s little black books.

Stock was an important ally to Epstein, and the ex-president stated that it was a personal loss when she resigned in August 1997.

Maxwell’s visit was approved by ‘Rathbone. This appears to have been Linda Rathbone who was the special assistant of the chief.

Stock and Rathbone did not respond to messages inquiring about their comments.

Epstein made his third visit to Washington on the 17th of December. The admitting authority was named ‘Mortman’. This appears to be Lisa Mortman (staff assistant to the director for media affairs).

Epstein arrived at the White House at 9 :27 AM. Clinton’s schedule shows that he was with Hillary Clinton at 10:30AM for the Annenberg announcement. The grant will be used to enhance education.

Clinton spoke highly of the grant in front of thousands of people and said it was one of the biggest of its type at that time.

It is unclear if Epstein was present at the event but it is the exact kind of philanthropy that Epstein used for his own purposes.

Ted Kennedy and Richard Riley (education secretary at that time) were also present. Ted Sizer, a education reformer, was another attendee.

Epstein visited the White House on December 17, 1993 at 9:27am, less than 45 minutes before Bill and Hillary Clinton honored late publishing billionaire Walter Annenberg and Leonore Annenberg for their $500million grant to improve education (pictured)

Epstein visited the White House on December 17, 1993 at 9:27am, less than 45 minutes before Bill and Hillary Clinton honored late publishing billionaire Walter Annenberg and Leonore Annenberg for their $500million grant to improve education (pictured)

Mortman didn’t return phone calls requesting comment.

Epstein visited the Clinton White House for his fourth time on December 21st. He was signed in by Kelly.

There are no other details, but it is interesting to note that Clinton’s mother, Virginia Clinton Kelley, was alive when she passed away from cancer the next month.

According to visitor logs, Epstein arrived in the West Wing at 12:16pm.

Clinton went to Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Texas on the morning of Pan Am Flight 103. He returned to the White House at 11:15pm.

The Oval Office would be open until 2pm to receive ‘Lunch/Phone and Office Time’. This left Epstein with an ample window of opportunity for him to meet Epstein.


Epstein made 12 visits during 1994.

On March 24, the first one was adopted by Mark Middleton (Middleton), who was at that time special assistant to President.

He served as an assistant to Thomas F. McLarty (the chief of staff).

Middleton was accused of setting up himself as an international deal-maker in February 1995. This is exactly what Epstein would like.

A White House investigation found that Middleton had misused his power to impress business clients in 1996. Middleton was removed from the executive residence without the approval of senior officials.

Clinton's office previously issued a statement in regards to his travels on the plane and denied knowing anything about the financier's crimes

Clinton’s previous statement on his plane travels and the fact that he knew nothing about the criminals was issued by Clinton’s bureau.

Middleton refuted the allegations.

According to visitor logs, Epstein arrived in Fort Bragg at 3:00 PM on March 24, 1994. Clinton was already leaving for Fort Bragg on the same day. Clinton’s visit to Pope Air Force Base, North Carolina on that date was followed later by an event in Dallas, Texas.

Epstein also mentions a second name, ‘Ewing’. This was Karen Ewing who served as the chief of staff.

According to a source, she sent names to the Secret Service to clear them. Epstein went to Middleton’s place and not her.

Logs indicate that Middleton met with Epstein in room 176, which was not in the White House but in the former Executive Office Building.

Middleton wanted a meeting space near the White House mess so that his guests could be impressed by the proximity of the Oval Office.

Source said that Mark tried to appear larger than he actually was. The White House was his way of making himself appear larger than he is.

“Mark knew that Epstein managed the money of Les Wexner,” referring to billionaire founders of L Brands, Victoria’s Secret and L Brands.

‘In 1994, Clinton was facing midterm elections. Mark believed that he would be able to get some Wexner’s cash.

According to a source, among the people that Epstein would meet on his trips to the White House was George Mitchell, (pictured far left with the Clintons in 1999) the former senator who at the time was Senate majority leader

Sources claim that Epstein was likely to meet George Mitchell during his visits to the White House. Mitchell is pictured at left in 1999 with Clintons. Mitchell was the ex-senator who was then the Senate majority leader.

The source stated that Mark wanted to position himself as the man who could attract such big donors.

Sources said Epstein was’very charming’, but this was not unusual for those wanting access to the president.

Source said that he didn’t dress well and was dressed in jeans and a button-down white shirt.

“Onetime he got into conversation with me, and claimed that he had been an Navy SEAL. Because I had just finished a book about the SEALs, I was able to verify that he was lying. I asked him “What is your class number?”

Epstein was unable to answer the question. His face smiled back at me as he said, “You got me.” He smiled at me and moved on.

Sources claim that Epstein was likely to meet George Mitchell during his visits to the White House. Mitchell was a former senator and was the Senate majority leader at the time.

Mitchell became Governor of New Mexico later and was one of the Epstein victims Virginia Roberts stated in a deposition she was loaned to Epstein for sex.

Mitchell denied all wrongdoing.

Epstein visited again on April 20th 1994.

Clinton was at the Oval Office from 3:15pm on that day, when he started a series briefings with senior staff.

Epstein visited the White House twice on April 21.

His destination in both instances was the West Wing.

Clinton spends his day either in the Oval Office, attending briefings, and/or at a reception to support the Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments.

Clinton arrived at Blair House to receive the Prime Minister from Greece. He returned to the White House around 8pm. Epstein could have been there, however.

Sources said it was the most likely that Clinton and Epstein had met in days like these.

According to the source, Mark probably saw the President’s schedule and told him: “Come back later. We’ll try to get you into there.”

“Even if you only have a minute, it is still a meeting with the president,”

On April 25, Epstein returned to the White House, this time destined for the West Wing.

Epstein’s arrival at 5:15pm came just as Clinton was having some time off.

He attended an event in which he announced the inaugural National Crime Victims’ rights Week. The ceremony ended mid-afternoon.

The schedule states that he has ‘downtime for the remainder of today’. This means that he still had ample time to visit Jeffrey Epstein.

In visits signoff by Middleton, Ewing and Epstein on May 13, Epstein made two trips to the West Wing in one day.

He visited the West Wing twice, once at noon and again at 4.

Clinton has a schedule that shows that he will have lunch, phone, and office from 11.05am to 1.05pm in Oval Office. He also plans on having ‘phone, office, and lunch’ in Oval Office. These times coincide with Epstein’s visit.

Epstein made his next West Wing trip on June 7. Clinton was absent at that time for an official visit in France.

Clinton, however, was present at the White House July 28th when Epstein returned for two visits in one day.

Epstein’s visit to the West Wing at 2 PM coincided with Clinton’s lunchtime and office hours in the Oval Office.

Epstein’s visit at 6:30 p.m. coincided with Clinton attending a Congressional Meeting and then a reception held in the Blue Room. Ann Stock hosted a dinner in State Room.

Epstein’s attendance is not known.

In 1994 Epstein made two last visits. Middleton signed off the first one on September 26th. Clinton was at that time in New York attending the UN General Assembly.

Stock signed Epstein in on his October 27th visit. Clinton was on an official trip to the Middle East at that time, and was not in the country. He was then in Jordan.

Surprisingly, the logs indicate that Epstein traveled to the East Wing. However, Hillary was with Clinton on this trip.

According to a source, Maxwell visited the White House during 1994 with Epstein for one visit. However, her name is not listed in visitor logs.

Middleton didn’t return phone calls requesting comment. Ewing refused to comment. 


Epstein met Clinton only once in 1995. It was January 28. Middleton again signed him in, this time with 2:45pm.

Clinton got ‘down’ time from 1:45pm that day for the rest the day. That gave him plenty of time with Epstein.

Epstein would make his final White House visit, but the connections with him were already made.

Two months after Epstein's final visit to the White House in 1995, he attended a DNC fundraiser in Palm Beach where Clinton was present as well as singer Jimmy Buffett, actor Michael Douglas's ex-wife Deandra Douglas, and others

Epstein returned to the White House two months later. He attended a DNC fundraising in Palm Beach, where he was accompanied by Jimmy Buffett and Deandra Douglas (actress), who were also present.

They began to meet outside the White House. Two months later on March 30, Epstein spent $100,000 to go to a Democrat fundraiser at Palm Beach, where Clinton was there.

Don Johnson of Miami Vice, Deandra Douglas and Jimmy Buffett’s wife, Deandra, attended the event.

The friendship that Epstein had with Clinton soon became so close, mutual friends began to bring up the financial expert in conversation.

Lynn Forester was a British socialite who served as a member of Clinton’s National Information Infrastructure Advisory Committee, and his Secretary Of Energy Advisory Board. She wrote a letter on April 27, 1995 to Epstein.

Forester was believed to be the one who introduced these men.

There was simply too much information and so little time. Although I had fifteen seconds to speak with Jeffrey Epstein about currency stabilization, it was too late to address a subject that is very close to my heart. Namely, “Affirmative Action and the Future”.

Forester, a Manhattan resident, would be selling her Manhattan townhouse for $4.95million in 2000 to an unknown corporation at the exact same address as Epstein’s Madison Avenue office.

Maxwell bought it at $8.5million lower than the market price. She moved in quickly and remained there until 2016, when she decided to sell it.


Epstein’s flight logs reveal that Clinton flew at most 26 times after leaving office on Epstein’s jet, also known as the “Lolita Express”, and possibly as many as 10 with no Secret Service detail.

These trips were a multistop trip to Asia, including stops in Russia, Oslo Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Clinton traveled to Africa in 2002 aboard Epstein’s plane, along with Kevin Spacey (a disgraced actor) and Chris Tucker (a comedian).

Photo previously published by DailyMail.com shows Clinton receiving a massage by Chauntae Davis on his trip.

Photos previously published by DailyMail.com showed Clinton being given a massage during his trip to Africa by Chauntae Davies, who claims she was raped by Epstein

Previous photos published by DailyMail.com show Clinton getting a massage from Chauntae Davies on his Africa trip. Chauntae Davies claims Clinton was raped. 

Clinton sits comfortably and laughs as Chauntae Davies, then a 22-year-old massage therapist, rubs her hands into his shoulders

Clinton can be seen sitting comfortably, laughing, and Chauntae Davies (22-year-old masseuse) rubs his shoulders.

Davies was an Epstein victim. He was flight attendant, and was repeatedly molested by the pedophile.

Clinton stated in 2002 to New York Magazine that Jeffrey was both a successful investor and a dedicated philanthropist. He has a keen understanding of the global markets as well as a deep knowledge of science and technology of the twenty-first century.

“I particularly appreciated his insight and generosity during my recent Africa trip, where I worked on democratization and empowering the poor, citizen services, and fighting HIV/AIDS,”

Clinton and Epstein became so close that Clinton had 21 Clinton email addresses and Epstein had 21 in his black book’ of contacts.

Epstein gave more than $94,000 to Democratic Party candidates over the years, in an apparent effort to purchase influence.

Epstein’s attorneys also claim that Clinton helped him create the Clinton Global Initiative, his charity organization, which has been the center of his post-presidency.

Clinton also was photographed as he hugged Epstein’s housekeepers during a visit to New York.

Numerous reports claim that Clinton was on Epstein’s Caribbean island, an assertion Doug Band, the former adviser to the president has confirmed.

Virginia Roberts (the Epstein victim) stated that Clinton arrived at Little St James along with “two young girls” from New York in 2011, during a 2011 deposition.

The extent of Clinton's relationship with Epstein and Maxwell came under intense scrutiny after the financier's 2019 arrest as photos resurfaced showing Ghislaine attending Chelsea Clinton's wedding in 2010

After the 2019 arrest of Maxwell, Clinton’s relationships with Epstein and Maxwell were under scrutiny. Photos showing Ghislaine at Chelsea Clinton’s 2010 wedding have resurfaced. 

Roberts stated that he asked Jeffrey about Bill Clinton’s activities here and was laughed off by him, saying “Well, he owes you a favor.”

“He didn’t tell me about the favors he gave to me. I never knew. It was hard to tell if he meant it. It was just a joke…

‘…He said to me many years ago that everyone owes his favors. All of them are in the other’s pocket’.

Clinton’s spokespersons have consistently denied this allegation.

Band claimed to Vanity Fair that Chelsea Clinton had been so close to Maxwell because of her ‘access to yachts, nice homes, and that Chelsea needed this’.

Maxwell, in fact, was invited to Chelsea’s Rhinebeck wedding in 2010. A photo shows Maxwell looking down at the bride.

Clinton released a statement in 2019 following Epstein’s suicide.

At the time, a Clinton spokesperson stated that he didn’t know anything about Epstein’s terrible crimes in Florida or the New York charges he was recently facing.

It stated that President Clinton had made four travel arrangements on Jeffrey Epstein’s aircraft in 2002 and 2003. One was to Europe and Asia; one was to Asia; and two were to Africa. This included stops for the Clinton Foundation.

DailyMail.com reached Clinton through a spokesperson, but she did not reply to our requests for comment.