Juan Alessi, Jeffrey Epstein’s housekeeper has taken part in Day 4 of Ghislaine Maxill’s sex-trafficking trial.  

Alessi stated, in response to Prosecutor Maurene Comey that he had worked for Epstein as a maintenance worker at the Palm Beach residence between 1990 and 2002.

He was responsible for making sure that the house appeared like a five-star hotel when Epstein arrived. This included having 100 dollar bills in every Epstein car.

Alessi stated that Maxwell was his first encounter in 1991. After that, their relationship became more professional and less cordial.

Alessi stated that she took control of the house from the moment she arrived. She said to me that she was the woman of the house. Also, she told me that (Epstein) was her responsibility.

Alessi says Maxwell was at Epstein’s property visits ‘95% of the times.

Jeffrey Epstein's housekeeper Juan Alessi took the stand Thursday in Day Four of Ghislaine Maxwell's sex trafficking trial

Juan Alessi, Jeffrey Epstein’s housekeeper took part in the Day Four trial against Ghislaine Maxwell for sex trafficking. 

This courtroom sketch shows Ghislaine Maxwell entering court followed by two US Marshalls, for Day 4 of her trial

Here is a courtroom sketch showing Ghislaine Maxiwell entering the courtroom, followed by two US Marshalls. This was Day 4 in her trial. 

Alessi, in an interview with Palm Beach police 2005, admitted that he would clean off vibrators after Epstein gave a girl a massage.

After each massage, the bed should be cleaned. This strongly indicates that there is some sexual activity.

Alessi claimed Thursday that Maxwell provided him with’many and many instructions’ on how to operate the house in relation to every aspect.

Comey asked Alessi questions about the understanding of Maxwell’s and Epstein’s relationships.

Maxwell, he replied, was Epstein’s ‘girlfriend. 

Jeffrey Epstein's former housekeeper Juan Alessi claims that Ghislaine Maxwell opened up to him when he asked her why she was so close to the pedophile

Juan Alessi, Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-housekeeper claims Ghislaine Maxwell spoke openly to him after he asked why she had been so close to the child pedophile.

Comey wanted to know if Maxwell had ever given him any instructions about how to talk to Epstein.

He stated that she said to him, “I was only supposed speak to Mr. Epstein whenever he asks a question.”

Comey wanted to know if Maxwell gave any instruction about Epstein’s eye contact.

Alessi stated that Jeffrey does not like being looked in the eyes. Never look into his eyes. Take a look in another direction and then answer. 

 Last year Alessi appeared as a guest for a podcast interview with Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the Epstein survivor who claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew, allegations he denies.  

Alessi revealed to Alessi that Epstein was at Epstein’s Palm Beach home twice or three times while he visited.

Andrew is remembered for being polite and was the only Epstein guest to tip him. 

Alessi was interviewed at Florida’s home by Giuffre, who showed up unexpectedly at Alessi’s door.

The last time they saw one another was 2002, when Giuffre traveled to Thailand as a masseuse. After that trip, she never came back to Epstein. He had requested her to bring Maxwell a baby.

They spoke to Maxwell, and they shared stories about Maxwell’s mistreatment of them as Epstein workers. 

Alessi spoke out in a podcast interview with Epstein survivor Virginia Roberts Giuffre, who claims she was forced to have sex with Prince Andrew

Alessi was interviewed by Virginia Roberts Giuffre (Epstein survivor) in a podcast. Virginia claims Alessi was forced to have sex on the radio with Prince Andrew. 

Alessi stated in the podcast: “That relationship between Epstein’s and her, I have never understood.”

Giuffre said: ‘Me neither, I asked Maxwell, so…’

Alessi stepped in, saying that she had told her numerous times. I replied: “Ghislaine! Why are you doing that?” I asked why you were staying with him. (She replied) “I hate this guy, but I have to stay with him.” “Why?” I replied: I said: ‘Why don’t you leave ?”’? You have money.

Giuffre said that the relationship between them was confusing.

Epstein said that he ‘liked massages’ since the moment he met him. He also spoke of the need for secrecy in the home.

He stated that he was not allowed to speak to Virginia, but he was supposed not to. There was no talk, nothing. Conversations were not permitted to be interrupted’.

These six charges are against Maxwell 


Incentives to encourage minors (maximum 5 years sentence) to participate in illegal sex activities  

 Incentive to a minor travel for illegal sex acts (age 20 years).

20 years of Conspiracy to Transport Minors With the Intent to Engage in Criminal Sexual Activity (20 Years)

Transport of minors with the intent to engage criminal sexual activity (minimum 10 years, maximum life)

A conspiracy to traffic in sex

Sex Trafficking of Minors 

Ghislaine Maxwell also faces two charges of perjury but those counts are due to be tried after her sex crimes trial. 

She was accused of giving testimony in defamation proceedings in which she testified in 2016.  


Prosecutors claim Maxwell groomed three girls for Epstein between 1994-97. 

The indictment does not name them, however, she is alleged to have targeted them in London.

Maxwell would, according to some reports, befriend the girls and ask them questions about their lives as well as their education. It is alleged that Maxwell would take the girls to movies, and then go shopping with them, putting them at ease. This trust was enough to allow her to deliver them to Epstein later.

In order to “normalize” the later abuse, she allegedly undressed before the girls and then asked them sexual questions. 

Prosecutors say she then assisted Epstein in their abuse, and even took part herself. 

Sex abuse is alleged to include’sexualized group massaging’. 

According to the indictment, Maxwell also encouraged Maxwell to encourage Maxwell to spend money on Epstein to pay for her education.

Questioned by Prosecutor Maurene Comey, Alessi said that he worked as a maintenance worker and house manager for Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion between 1990 and December 2002. Pictured is Epstein's Palm Beach mansion submitted by the prosecution as evidence

Alessi stated that he had worked for Epstein as a maintenance worker, and then house manager at the Palm Beach estate between 1990 and 2002. The prosecution submitted Epstein’s Palm Beach home as evidence. 

Alessi stated that Alan Dershowitz, the lawyer at Epstein’s home, was present’many’ times but not with any underage girls. Dershowitz denied any wrongdoing.

Alessi stated that Prince Andrew visited the house at least twice or three times while I was there.

“He was polite, kind and always courteous. He was always polite and left us a tip.

Alessi stated that it was’sickening” to consider Giuffre being abused, and claimed he didn’t see anything suspicious.

Broken host Tara Palmeri makes the point that Alessi’s story has been rewritten so many times, which is highly problematic. 

Alessi stated that Epstein would “come to my house and say, Call this girl. It was hundreds of girls. I have a long list. Joanne, Judy, Nicole. So many girls.”