Jill Biden was out on Saturday shopping in Nantucket with a motorcade of five cars and grandkids.

First lady stopped by Main Street shops to browse in Pageo Jewelers, Nalu Of Nantucket and then picked up some Polo Ralph Lauren items.

At various stops, Naomi, Hunter Jr. and Maisy, her grandkids, were seen with her. The pair spent some time at Clorinda Antinori, an Italian luxury shoe shop, trying out different options.

The spectacle was witnessed by many people, who waved and took pictures using their smartphones. 

Biden was easy to see, considering the many Secret Service agents that were surrounding her, as well the motorcade which moved alongside her on the street while she walked along the sidewalks.

Wearing a long black coat and a purple scarf, Biden wished people a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ and posed for selfies between stops.

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Jill Biden went on an afternoon-long shopping spree throughout downtown Nantucket on Saturday

Jill Biden spent Saturday afternoon shopping in downtown Nantucket

Biden and her grandchildren spent time in the various posh stores on Natucket

Biden, her granddaughters and their children spent time at the various fancy shops in Natucket

The First Lady is spending the long holiday weekend on the island with her husband, President Joe Biden

With President Joe Biden, the First Lady will spend the weekend together on the island.

The First Lady spent an afternoon out shopping and lunching with an assortment of grandchildren in the picturesque town

In the charming town, First Lady was able to spend an afternoon shopping with her children and have lunch.

Wearing a long black coat and a purple scarf, Biden wished people a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ and posed for selfies between stops

Wearing a long black coat and a purple scarf, Biden wished people a ‘Happy Thanksgiving’ and posed for selfies between stops 

Dr. Biden leaving a shop with granddaughter Natalie. Her other grandchildren, Maisy, Hunter Jr. and Naomi were also seen

Natalie and Dr. Biden leave a shop. Her other grandchildren, Maisy, Hunter Jr. and Naomi were also seen

Dr. Biden and Natalie were escorted by a large Secret Service presence

Natalie and Dr. Biden were met by large Secret Service personnel.

Dr Biden's husband, President Joe Biden, did not join the shopping trip, going to mass with son Hunter and grandchildren later in the day

Joe Biden was Dr Biden’s spouse, but he did not accompany the shopping trip. He went to mass later with Hunter and his grandchildren.

Dr Biden spent the day partially masked up. Both she and the president have been vaccinated

The president and Dr Biden were partially masking for the entire day. She and President Obama were both vaccinated

The sunny but cold day on Nantucket was part of the opening of the holiday shopping season

It was part of opening day of holiday shopping season.

Biden, much like her husband, appreciates a good pair of aviator sunglasses

Biden appreciates sunglasses in aviator style just like her husband.

The Biden clan stopped for a late lunch at Slip 14, on the town’s Old Wharf, for a food break. They serve local cod and seafood like calamari.

Then, it was back at them.

After her long wait at the restaurant, the first lady walked to Faherty Clothing and stopped by Faherty’s to browse more. It sells sustainable clothes. Biden visited a nearby flower shop.

She didn’t respond to a question from DailyMail.com on whether Americans can have a safe holiday season given the new Omicron variant of COVID, which the World Health Organization called highly transmissible and a ‘variant of concern.’

Small Business Saturday is a White House initiative that encourages shoppers to support small businesses rather than large ones.

For the first lady it was the second day in a row shopping. President Joe Biden joined her and her grandkids on Friday for post-Thanksgiving dinner. Then, a stop at the local bookshop.

There, she was joined by a couple of grandkids who went shopping with the president while he explored town.

Jill Biden spent Saturday shopping in Nantucket

Jill Biden was out shopping on Saturday in Nantucket

The first lady waved as she came out of the Ralph Lauren store

As she walked out of Ralph Lauren, the first lady waved

For the first time, it was an entire shopping weekend.

President Joe Biden, like many Americans, got some of his Christmas shopping out of the way on Friday, picking up Pokemon cards for the grandkids and some kids’ books for baby Beau.

Biden spent over an hour walking along the cobblestone streets of downtown Nantucket. He stopped at shops and spoke with locals.

He was so nice. One of Craftmasters’ staff said that they had a good conversation. Biden purchased a leather passport holder for Christmas. They sell leather products. 

Staff member: “He’s very nice gentleman,” he added.

Biden paid $100 to get the $19.99 Pokemon card pack at Sunken Ship. Employees inside said that he did so with a $100 bill. 

Naomi, Finnegan,, and Maisy Biden’s grandchildren joined Natalie, Hunter Jr. and Beau Biden for Friday’s shopping. Some went with President Obama, while others visited separate shops along with Jill Biden.

Nantucket Bookworks has been a favorite place for the Biden family for 35+ years. In fact, they were the ones who purchased hardcover books for their baby Beau. Hunter Biden is the name of Beau. Baby Beau is now almost two years of age. 

Jill Biden also bought several Christmas ornaments, which was a first-time tradition. 

‘Dr. Biden likes ornaments,’ a bookstore employee said to DailyMail.com.

There are many ornament choices in this store, including minature shops and different colored globes. Also, there is a selection of Christmas-themed ornaments such as Santas or reindeers. There is also a large area for children that contains books and toys.  

Prof. Dr. Biden of a local college also purchased several books.  

Biden’s stops were made ahead of Small Business Saturday when people are encouraged to shop in smaller stores.

‘Small businesses are the backbone of communities across the country — and it’s crucial we support them during the holiday season and all year round. On Twitter, the president wrote “Shop small” and shared photos from his shopping spree.

President Biden got some of his Christmas shopping out of the way on Friday; at Nantucket Bookworks he and the first lady bought Christmas ornaments and books for Baby Beau

President Biden got some of his Christmas shopping out of the way on Friday; at Nantucket Bookworks he and the first lady bought Christmas ornaments and books for Baby Beau

At the Sunken Ship, Biden bought Pokeman cards for his grandkids

Biden purchased Pokeman cards at the Sunken Ship for his grandchildren

Biden spent over an hour walking the streets of Nantucket on Friday, where he shopped and stopped to chat with locals

Biden spent more than an hour strolling the streets of Nantucket Friday. He stopped for a chat and bought groceries.

The president, who has been coming to Nantucket for Thanksgiving most years since the mid-1970s, indugled in one of his long standing traditions – walking around stores, chatting with people and watching the town Christmas Tree lighting ceremony.

For that brief period of time on Friday he was plain ‘Joe’ again – except he was surrounded by Secret Service, White House staff, and members of the press. As he was walking, agents cleared his path and The Beast followed him down the street.  

Biden’s ability to move outside for so long is unusual for any president.  

It was difficult to miss him – there were a lot of cars and people around him, as he walked.  Biden’s path was chaotic and people raced to keep up, as everyone tried to get ahead of him. It was push, shovel and holiday cheer. 

The townspeople were elated to see the president, despite the chaos. 

Biden was just as joyful to be outside, stopping by to speak to people even when a yellow police line separated him and a row of Secret Service agents.  

He was told by a man that he looked younger in real-life.

The president was greeted by a little girl dressed in pink, who sat down on his shoulders.

Other people shouted out, “We love Joe,” and “Hey, President” as well as, “Happy Thanksgiving.”  Nearly everybody had their phones out and took photos of the moment to preserve them for posterity. 

Biden, who is proud of his Scranton roots was in the area and stayed at the home of billionaire David Rubenstein (13,000 feet), located within the inner harbor. The local road was closed by the state police and Coast Guard vessels patrolled its vicinity. 

President Joe Biden, with two of his grandchildren, walked the streets of Nantucket on Friday to do some shopping

On Friday, President Joe Biden and two of his grandsons walked through Nantucket to go shopping

Biden waves to the crowds during his jaunt around Nantucket

Biden makes greetings to Nantucket residents during his stroll around the area.

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden stand with members of their family during the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Jill Biden, first lady and President Joe Biden are pictured with their family members during the Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Baby Beau Biden on dad Hunter Biden's shoulders with mom Melissa at the side

With mom Melissa by his side, Baby Beau Biden is balancing on Hunter Biden’s shoulder.

President Joe Biden's granddaughter Maisy Biden holds Beau Jr. as the president's family attends a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

While President Joe Biden’s grand-daughter Maisy Biden holds Beau Jr., the president and his family attend a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony

Biden had lunch at the Nantucket Tap Room where he ate a burger and posed for photos

Biden ate lunch at Nantucket Tap Room, where he took photos and had a burger.

For his shopping spree, the president broke free from the bubble of the presidential motorcade after a post-Thanksgiving lunch with his family. 

Biden ran to some shops as agents guided him towards the presidential limousine known as The Beast. While staff and media raced for catch-up, the agents quickly moved to remove the large crowd of people who had gathered to watch the motorcade go. 

The rains that came and went didn’t stop the president. He walked on cobblestone pavements with an umbrella, his grandchildren beside him, his baseball cap on, his mask on. Maisy Biden would sometimes hold onto the president’s arm while they walked. 

Shopkeepers came knocking at their doors with cell phones in hand to hear what he was talking about. He visited an array of stores – Sunken Ship, Island Cashmere, Centre Point and Freedman’s of Nantucket.

The route he took was circular around downtown, stopping at the spot where the Christmas Tree was still dark and waiting for light to come on. 

For the tree lighting, the Biden family gathered together in mass: Beau the baby was handed around by family members: Maisy took Beau closer to the tree to view it after it had been lit. Dad Hunter held Beau on his shoulders while mom Melissa held him.

Biden was not present to light the tree. He stood by Jill, his wife and all of their families to observe the proceedings. 

Biden’s grandkids were able to take selfies while they danced and sang along with local high school students singing Christmas carols.  

President Biden talks to the crowd gathered to see him

The President Biden speaks to the people gathered to meet him

Biden appeared to make some purchases in some of the shops

Biden was seen making purchases at some shops

Crowds of people gathered to catch a glimpse of the president

Many people came together to get a look at the president.

The Bidens attended the ceremony for the lighting of the Nantucket Christmas Tree

The ceremony to light the Nantucket Christmas Tree was attended by the Bidens

President Biden shakes hands with the town crier, next to him Maisy Biden holds Baby Beau

Biden meets with the town crier. Next to him, Maisy Biden holds Baby Beauty.

The Bidens' grandchildren cheered as the tree was lit

When the tree was lit by the Bidens, their grandchildren were enthusiastic.

A crowd gathers on the street of Nantucket to see the president

The president is seen by a crowd as they gather on Nantucket’s street.

Locals posted their sightings of the president

A number of locals shared their photos and descriptions of seeing the president.

President Biden spent more than an hour walking the streets and visiting shops

Biden spent an extra hour exploring the streets and shopping in downtown Manhattan.

Biden carried an umbrella and wore a face mask and a baseball cap for his jaunt around town

Biden wore an umbrella, a baseball cap and a face mask on his trip around the city.

President Biden also talked to the press about his decision to place a travel ban on some African countries after a new variant of COVID was detected

Biden spoke to the media about his decision not to travel to certain African countries because of COVID.

President Biden started his day taking his family to lunch at the  Nantucket Tap Room, which serves traditional New England food and is located in a historic building from 1845 in downtown Nantucket.

The president was seen taking photos with customers and shaking hands while inside. Local reporters noted that he was eating a hamburger.

After the Bidens left Nantucket Bookworks where employees claimed the family was shopping there for 35+ years, they stopped.  

Jill Biden was there, as was Hunter, Melissa, Ashley, Naomi, Finnegan, Maisy, Natalie, Hunter, and baby Beau Biden; and, Peter Neal, Naomi’s fiancé. 

Biden families have a tradition of eating out every Friday following Thanksgiving.