Jim Belushi, actor turned cannabis farmer, believes that John Belushi would still be here if he was a pothead’ who claimed marijuana to be the ‘greatest medication’.

Jim now owns a marijuana farm in Oregon and spoke out about the health benefits of cannabis during an interview to promote Growing Belushi, his reality television show. 

Jim (67) told Yahoo Entertainment that he believes it is the best medicine. It can give you energy. It is very imaginative. 

According to Jim, the former star of According to Jim said that his brother would not have died as young if he had been smoking cannabis. John Belushi, a SNL and Blues Brothers actor was just 33 years old when he died from a heroin and cocaine overdose in Beverly Hills’ Chateau Marmont.

“You know, he overdosed and I think that if he were a marijuana user, he would still be here.” Because it’s a great medicine,’ Jim shared, noting John’s battle with drugs may have stemmed from Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy – a term to describe brain damage cause by repeated head trauma.

“I believe he was suffering from CTE because he played football. I think that his behavior may have been influenced by this. 

Actor turned cannabis farmer Jim Belushi believes his brother, John Belushi, would still be alive today if he had been a pothead

Jim Belushi is an actor and a cannabis farmer. He believes that John Belushi would be still alive today if John had not been a pothead.

John (right) passed away of a cocaine and heroin overdose at age 33. Jim (left) believes he wouldn't have died so young if he'd been using cannabis

John (right), died from a heroin and cocaine overdose when he was 33 years old. Jim (left) believes he wouldn’t have died so young if he’d been using cannabis

Jim stated that his brother was a middle-linebacker at high school in suburb Chicago, and that football had caused brain damage for him.  

I knew that he was suffering from brain damage. CNN reported that Belushi told CNN in the first episode of Growing Belushi that he took drugs and alcohol as soon as he was able.

John might have had a different treatment plan if healthcare professionals 50 years ago knew the same things as today’s medical experts.

Jim stated, “If they knew more about cannabis and how it can heal, in the 70s I don’t think John would have been alive today,”

Jim is passionate about ‘The death of his brother led to the rise in healing and stigmatization around cannabis. 

John's passing acted as a catalyst for Jim's (pictured) success, ultimately fueling his passion for 'healing power of cannabis, trauma, and the opioid epidemic'

In an effort to honor his brother, Jim has created Blues Brothers inspired marijuana products (Pictured: Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi)

John’s passing acted as a catalyst for Jim’s (left) success, ultimately fueling his passion for ‘healing power of cannabis, trauma, and the opioid epidemic’. Jim created Blues Brothers-inspired marijuana products (right), in an attempt to honour his brother. 

Jim founded Belushi Farms (pictured) in 2015 to operate within Oregon's medical cannabis market. His mission was to use the farm 'as a gateway to healing' and, for him, the business is 'all about the medicine'

Jim founded Belushi Farms (pictured) in 2015 to operate within Oregon’s medical cannabis market. He wanted to make the farm “a portal to healing” and the business was “all about medicine”.

Jim’s success was triggered by John’s passing. 

“You may have heard the old saying, “When you drink water, remember who dug it.” Jim shared his thoughts with Yahoo: “When drinking the water remember those who dug it.”

John dug the water well for me. I consume a lot of water. John’s example of another career, and another way to get my job, would have made me want to work at my father’s restaurant.

Jim, with the help of John’s Blues Brothers co-star Dan Aykroyd, launched a product line of ‘baby blues’ or ‘parking lot joints’ inspired by their film.  

Blues Brothers products pay tribute to John, and Jim’s growth. 

“John paved the way for me to enjoy this wonderful life. Of course, I am honoring him. 

John received numerous accolades both during his life and posthumously, including an Emmy for his writing on SNL, two Grammy nominations and a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. 

John was also a triple billboard star in film, television, and music three years ago.

‘On his 30th birthday, the Blues Brothers were number one, he was on the number one comedy show on TV, and the movie Animal House was number one grossing movie,’ his then-wife Judy Belushi Pisano told Hollywood 360 in 2020.  

Jim Belushi is seen touring his pot farm on the Rogue River near Eagle Point in 2018. Over the last seven years he has grown the farm from 48 plants to 93-acres

Jim Belushi tours his 2018 pot farm near Eagle Point on the Rogue River. Over the last seven years he has grown the farm from 48 plants to 93-acres

He is passionate about the product (pictured) and believes it is 'the greatest medicine. It gives you energy. It's very creative'

The product is his passion (photo). He believes that it’s the best medicine. You get energy from it. You can be very creative with it.

Jim, a relatively newcomer to marijuana and admits that he is a lightweight, founded Belushi Farms to serve Oregon’s medical marijuana market in 2015.

He wanted to make the farm “a portal to healing” and the business was, to him, all about medicine.

“I think” [cannabis]Medicine across all categories is not just for Alzheimer’s and headaches, PTSD, seizure, backaches, pain but also improves the taste of foods, the touch of your loved one’s skin, and the sound of the music,” Belushi said to Hemp Grower last summer.

It opens up your heart to music and rhythm. This is a healing tool for PTSD. Sometimes it can make you feel relaxed and euphoric. It encompasses all aspects of the wellbeing that cannabis can provide, although it may be more subtle.

Jim (pictured at Belushi farms) believes if healthcare experts 50 years ago had the same knowledge medical professionals do today, that maybe John could've had a different treatment plan

Jim (pictured at Belushi farm) thinks that John would have a better treatment plan if health care professionals 50 years ago could have the same knowledge as today’s healthcare professionals.

'In the 70s, if they knew what we knew today about marijuana and the healing benefits I think my brother John would still be alive,' Jim shared (Pictured: Belushi Farms)

Jim stated, “In 70s, they would have known more about marijuana and how it can heal them. I’m sure my brother John would still exist.”

In the last seven years, he has grown his cannabis farm – which is located in an area of southwest Oregon that Jim refers to as the ‘Napa Valley of marijuana’ – from 48 plants to 93 acres. 

Jim formed a partnership with Chris Karakosta (his cousin) and Captain Jack, a famed marijuana grower who were his first partners in the market. They are also known for providing cannabis to Saturday Night Live cast members during the 1970s. He allegedly also went to Afghanistan to purchase special seeds. 

Jim claimed that Jack met him through Aykroyd.

Coneheads are a sworn invention of this author [weed]”

Jim, Jack, and Chris worked together to develop the brand. This is illustrated in Season 1 of Growing Belushi. The trio even traveled to Colombia in search of the strains used to make Blues Brothers products.  

Fans can continue following Jim’s cannabis journey in season two of Growing Belushi, which premieres Wednesday, Jan. 19 on Discovery and Discovery+.