JK Rowling hosted some prominent women activists and feminists from across the country for a self-confessed, boozy lunch in support of the “Respect My Sex” campaign.

The Harry Potter writer and 56-year-old posted several pictures to her Twitter account, which has 14 million followers, showing a glimpse at the extraordinary meeting at The River Cafe in Fulham.

Guests included Professor Kathleen Stock, who resigned from her University of Sussex job after being accused of ‘transphobia’ and Helen Joyce, who penned Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality.

The co-founder of Sex Matters – which has united with other causes under the slogan ‘Respect my Sex if you want my X’ banner – Maya Forstater was also there.

They were joined by MP Rosie Duffield and veteran activist and campaigner at Get The L Out- Lesbian NOT queer campaign group Lianne Timmermann.

Ms Rowling said: ‘There was a lunch and I’m not saying I’ve only just sobered up enough to type this tweet but at the same time, I’m not not saying that.

To be truthful, it was me who got them drunk. I can recall being told authoritatively that I was only 66% straight. 

“Watch this space to see further developments.”

The River Cafe’s spokesperson said that it doesn’t comment on customer requests.

Event featured women campaigners and activists as well as some who had been 'cancelled'

The event featured activists and women who were campaigning for change, as well as those who had already been “cancelled”. 

JK Rowling with Labour MP Rosie Duffield at the event, which was held in London yesterday

JK Rowling and Labour MP Rosie Duffield attended the event in London yesterday

JK Rowling with Liane Timmermann, activist and campaigner at Get The L Out- Lesbian NOT queer campaign

JK Rowling with Liane Timmermann, activist and campaigner at Get The L Out- Lesbian NOT queer campaign

Ms Rowling with Allison Bailey, the barrister suing LGBTQ+ charity Stonewell and her chamber

Allison Bailey and Ms Rowling, the barrister who sued Stonewell’s LGBTQ+ charity Stonewell.

Journalists at the lunch joked about JK Rowling being assessed as being 'only 66% straight'

Lunch attendees joked that JK Rowling was ‘only 66% straight.’

SNP MP Joanna Cherry QC thanked Ms Rowling for organising the event and guests there

Joanna Cherry, SNP MP, QC thanked Ms Rowling and all those who attended the event.

Posting a photograph with Ms Duffield was Ms Rowling indicating that this event was to support the ‘Respect my Sex’ campaign.

She added: ‘Two ex-single mums now united for women’s rights.’

Joanna Cherry, QC SNP MP, was also present as a guest. She wrote that she had the most wonderful day yesterday. Thank you ⁦JK Rowling for bringing together so many of the women who’ve helped sustain each other through difficult times.’

As additional photos were posted online, attendees shared some of their conversations.

Ms Rowling stated that she was only 66% in straight assessments.

Julie Bindel, a journalist and guest said that there was a lot to be done with 34%.

Then Ms Rowling responded: ‘I’ll need dinner, mind. I’m not a pushover.’

Yesterday’s London gathering of women campaigning for change elicited some predictable responses from many on Twitter.

Many have received death threats or had their views cancelled by woke-zealots. 

Prof Stock resigned from her academic post at the University of Sussex after being accused of ‘transphobia’ by some students.

Ms. Bailey is currently suing Stonewell, a LGBTQ+ charity, and her London chambers for alleged censorship of her views about transgender issues.

Helen Joyce (the author of Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality) has accused the broadcasting industry and book industries with trying to cancel her.

Businesswoman Angela Wild has also spoken out about how she had been sent ‘death and rape threats on a daily basis’ by transgender rights activists over her t-shirts and badges campaigning for women’s sex-based rights.

Heather Binning, Caroline Ffiske, and Miss Forstater were among the activists who urged voters not to trust politicians on matters such as what constitutes a woman. 

The exact location of the event has been revealed as The River Cafe, in Fulham

The River Cafe in Fulham has been identified as the exact venue for this event.

The River Cafe specialises in Italian food in the converted Thames Wharf industrial storage facility by the River Thames at Hammersmith

River Cafe is a restaurant that specializes in Italian cuisine in the former Thames Wharf storage area by Hammersmith. 

Ms Rowling with Angela Wild, who makes t-shirts and badges campaigning for women’s sex-based rights

Ms Rowling with Angela Wild, who makes t-shirts and badges campaigning for women’s sex-based rights

MP Rosie Duffy with Joanna Cherry QC, Member of Parliament (MP) for Edinburgh South West

Joanna Cherry QC and Rosie Duffy, MP for Edinburgh South West

Women's rights groups have banded together to call on voters to question politicians over their views on the contentious topics of sex and gender identity, using the slogan, 'Respect my Sex if you want my X'. Pictured (left to right): Caroline Ffiske of Women Uniting, Heather Binning (Women's Rights Network) and Mayra Forstater (Sex Matters)

A coalition of women’s rights organizations has gathered to ask voters for their opinions on the controversial topics of sex, gender identity and sex. They used the slogan “Respect My Sex if You Want my X” to urge them to do so. Photo (left to right), Caroline Fiske (Women’s Rights Network), Heather Binning and Mayra Fortstater (Sex Matters).

The campaign, which uses the slogan ‘Respect my Sex if you want my X’ has been described as ‘the most significant women’s movement since the Suffragettes’. 

Rosie Duffield, Labour MP, supported the motion on Saturday. She has been accused of transphobia because she claimed that only women possess a cervix. 

Campaign urges candidates for councillor to make clear their position on transgender topics before they are elected. 

After senior Labour leaders struggled with questions about the topic, it is now official.

The party leader Sir Keir Sterner, who was unwilling to answer if women can have a penis, and Anneliese Dodds (women and equality spokesman) who tried to redefine what a woman looks like. 

Mumsnet readers have praised the three women behind the ‘fantastic campaign’.

Bellinisurge wrote: ‘This issue needs as much sunlight and mainstream coverage as possible. It is a terrible thing. [for]Trans people deserve healthcare and support. Just not undermining women’s support and healthcare in order to get it.’

Slothtoes wrote: ‘Oh my god. This is the moment when things are changing… The time has come for voters to get involved. Maya and her colleagues did brilliant, creative campaigning. We are grateful. Please let this not fall apart by becoming a left v right issue with voters.’

The announcement comes amid an ongoing debate about trans issues, particularly in sport.

Boris Johnson leapt two-footed into a row Wednesday because he believes biological males shouldn’t be permitted to participate in women-only sporting events.

According to the Prime Minister, parents must be involved in any decisions that children make about changing their gender.

He made his weightiest comments so far on the issue as he faced a Tory split over a ban on conversion therapy. 

The PM is backing making illegal the “abhorrent” practice of forcing gay people into heterosexual relationships.

He has refused to lift the ban proposed on transgender people’s practice – in spite of opposition from Scottish Tories and backbench MPs.

The Prime Minister spoke during a visit at Welwyn Garden City’s hospital. He was first asked about transgender therapy, then he went on to discuss his opinions regarding transgender people generally.

He added, “It’s not reasonable for children to be considered so-called Gillick competent to make decisions about their genders or any other irreversible treatments they may have.” At the minimum, I believe that parental involvement should be allowed.

He added, “I do not believe that biological males should compete in female sporting events.”

He continued: ‘We will have a ban on gay conversion therapy, which to me is utterly abhorrent. However, there are complex issues and sensibilities that arise when you go beyond sexuality to consider gender. These are some things I believe still need to be resolved. 

A few of the female campaigners that attended the luncheon with JK

Professor Kathleen Stock: Philosopher who resigned from her academic post at the University of Sussex after being accused of ‘transphobia’.

Pictured: Professor Kathleen Stock

Pictured: Professor Kathleen Stock

Maya ForstaterWomen’s rights activist who co-founded the group Sex Matters, which has the ‘Respect my Sex if you want my X’ slogan.

Pictured: Maya Forstater

Pictured: Maya Forstater

Allison Bailey: Barrister suing LGBTQ+ charity Stonewell and her London chambers over claims she was ‘silenced’ for her views on transgender issues.

Pictured: Allison Bailey

Pictured: Allison Bailey

Helen Joyce. Trans: When Ideology Meets Reality author who accuses broadcasting and the book industry of trying to cancel her.

Pictured: Helen Joyce

Pictured: Helen Joyce

Liane TimmermannActivist, campaigner and activist at Get The L Out- Lesbian Not Queer Campaign Group. Standing for lesbian women’s rights. 

Pictured: Liane Timmermann

Pictured: Liane Timmermann

Julie Bindel: Writer of Feminism for Women, a feminist broadcaster and journalist. 

Pictured: Julie Bindel

Pictured: Julie Bindel

Suzanne Moore: Writer and former Guardian journalist who said the paper subbed out her articles on ‘female experience belonging to people with female bodies’. 

Pictured: Suzanne Moore

Pictured: Suzanne Moore

JK Rowling: Harry Potter writer and women’s rights campaigner, she has been at the centre of controversy over comments on trans issues over the past couple of years. 

Pictured: JK Rowling

Pictured: JK Rowling

Angela Wild: Businesswoman sent ‘death and rape threats on a daily basis’ by transgender rights activists over her t-shirts and badges campaigning for women’s sex-based rights. 

Pictured: Angela Wild

Pictured: Angela Wild