Let me start by wishing you a very happy New Year. We’ve made it to this point, in spite of all the challenges life throws at us. That is definitely something to be proud.

I’m not a massive New Year’s resolution maker. They are another thing to keep us from becoming the best at pilates or fluent Mandarin speakers, but they don’t help me feel like I am. Come January, I’m more of a wistful list maker. Nothing clears the head like getting a long list down on paper – especially if you’re lying awake at 3am – and then slowly ticking things off, one by one.

A list compiled by a designer and film-maker is one that sticks in my brain.

Tom Ford is a man who dresses beautifully and knows all about the essentials every fashionable man needs. He titled it The Essentials and it runs like this…

1. Pair of dark jeans

2. A sense of humor.

3. Daily reading of an intelligent newspaper

4. Use good manners.

5. Nail clippers.

6. Tweezers.

7. An magnifying mirror.

8. Beautiful toothbrush.

9. One bottle of mouthwash

10. It is a good scent that can become a personal signature.

11. A well-cut dark suit.

12. These are classic black lace up shoes.

13. Black loafers

14. A blazer.

15. Many crisp white cotton shirts.

16. Underwear and socks are new.

17. This is a classic Tuxedo.

18. Enjoy a beautiful day with a band.

19. A leather bracelet and evening watch.

20. Perfect sunglasses

21. Perfect teeth – and if you don’t have them, save up and have them fixed.

So I started to think about the 21 essentials every fashionable woman should have. And here they are…

1. You can walk comfortably in these beautiful heels.

2. Tooth floss

3. An excellent coffee maker.

4. This timeless coat is made from camel.

5. There is always more chocolate.

6. Kindness.

7. A fabulous blazer.

8. You can match your underwear with great knickers.

9. Knit in black cashmere

10. Gold jewellery – A little piece

To wear anywhere, every day.

11. Loyal girlfriends.

12. Nails that have been manicured.

13. Blonde dry.

14. Pets that don’t moult.

15. Natural-looking make-up.

16. Jeans with a great bum.

17. Bath oil.

18. These leather trousers are available.

19. Knee-high boots.

20. A sexy musky perfume.

21. This is the perfect black dress.

What’s on yours? Let me know @thestylistandthewardrobe



The camel cover-up of dreams. Coat, £559.20, Anine Bing, net-a-porter.com

These will dress up everything. Mules, £29.99, zara.com

Glamorous bling is instant. Bracelet, £130, Laura Lombardi, matchesfashion.com