The pavements of Manhattan become a graveyard for tired and drooping Christmas trees  as early as today. One of the first to jettison hers every year is Vogue’s famously perfectionist editor-in-chief Anna Wintour who simply refuses to tolerate the clutter of fallen pine needles a moment past Christmas Day.

While you may be reading this relaxing in your new gifted PJs – and rightly so – New Yorkers have already moved on, as we discovered when we flew out on Boxing Day a couple of years ago and were taken aback to discover almost every trace of the festive season already gone. Christmas? That’s so yesterday! We’re busy, busy, busy. But someone should tell them they’re seriously missing out.

This post-festive, cosy haze for me is the best time of year. It can be chic and stylish if done well. Start your days slowly in silky pyjamas and fluffy slippers – or my new favourite, fur-lined Birkenstocks. Santa may be feeling generous enough to give some cashmere trousers and trainers as motivation. Add a long puffer coat, a warm cashmere beanie and you’re ready for a stylish stroll to the pub. 

Indulge in long baths with  a favourite book – or YOU magazine, of course – and why not put on a detoxifying face mask while you’re at it? Between Christmas and New Years, time seems slower. It’s a good opportunity to look at your wardrobe. If you’ve got any energy left after all that Christmas buying, you could grab some quality basics in the sales. I prefer shopping from the comfort of my own home to the hustle and bustle on the highstreet. How can you avoid making an error purchase? Instead, find a few bargains that last. Remember these rules before you hit the checkout…

– Rather than frantically searching at random, start by compiling a wish list –bookmarking things you really love – before the sales actually begin. Keep your fingers crossed that these items sell. 

– Stay true to yourself – and don’t be swayed by the size of the discount. You’re not suddenly going to transform from a minimal dresser to a bohemian or squeeze your size 39 feet into a 37 just because the shoes are half price. 


Look at your social media calendar for 2022 and consider major events. The sales are  a great opportunity to pick up  a special dress with big savings, avoiding that last-minute panic buy at twice the price when the event eventually rolls around.

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