Johanna Konta (former British No. 1) resigns from tennis at age 30 after she admitted she had been experiencing ‘heart palpitations,’ missed Wimbledon and the Olympics and was unable to take the Covid vaccine. But she later tested positive.

Johanna Konta (former British No. 1) has suddenly announced her shocking retirement from professional tennis at 30.  

The 2017 Wimbledon semifinalist shared her gratitude on Twitter, describing how she had managed to “live her dreams” and how she considered herself to be extremely fortunate despite the frustrating 2021 that was wrought by Covid. 

Konta revealed in August her unsure whether she should have received the COVID-19 shot. Konta refused the vaccine and tested positive after a period in isolation. Konta said that Covid has affected her mentally as well as physically. 

Konta was unable to attend Wimbledon or the Olympics because of problems with the Covid support bubbles, and she contracted the virus. 

According to her, it was “a combination of feeling quite sick and being able to sleep or just exist for a few more days.” 

“There was also a time when I had to deal with my own feelings about injustice, such as: “Why now?” This is a normal feeling. It was necessary to have some space, and for me to lick my wounds.

If she was asked why she did not take the vaccine she replied, “I don’t know. I’m not too certain.” 

Johanna Konta has announced her shock retirement from professional tennis at the age of 30

Johanna Konta, at 30 years old, has announced her sudden retirement from professional tennis.

The former British No 1 missed Wimbledon and the Olympics this year due to Covid issues

Konta, who reached a career high of No 4 in the world, revealed in August that she was unsure if she should have taken the COVID-19 vaccine (pic at 2016 Rio Olympics)

Due to Covid issues, the former British number one missed Wimbledon and this year’s Olympics. 

Konta penned an emotional message online where she emphasised how 'grateful' she felt

Konta wrote an online message expressing gratitude for her gratification.

Konta mentioned that she experiences ‘heart attacks’ when playing and is unable to concentrate during matches.

“I sometimes feel my heart beat pound.” My heart beat quickens without reason. I feel a little dizzy. 

“The first was in Birmingham, 2017 and the second was Beijing 2018, in which this occurred. It happened three months back, when I was practicing my clay training at my London home. 

“So, I would not say there is one common factor.” It has been stressed situations as well as stress-free. 

Konta posted a touching statement via social media to announce her retirement. This is the term I use the most in my career. It is also the word I think best describes it at the conclusion. 

“My playing career is over, and I’m so grateful for what it was.” 

All evidence was against me “making it” in this field. My luck came in the form of people who entered my life, and they had a profound impact on my existence that went beyond tennis. 

“I’m so grateful to these people. You are who you say you are. 

“Through my determination and the help of others, my dream came true. As a child, I was able to achieve the things I desired. 

“How amazingly fortunate I am. What a blessing I am. 

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