John Lewis has paid charity in row after festive advert was made. One duo claimed that John Lewis copied their rendition of a popular song.

  • John Lewis has committed to making donations to Mind and Cruse Bereavement care
  • This year’s Christmas ads featured it being accused of copying The Portraits, a folk-duo. 
  • John Lewis claims plagiarism. However, he has agreed to make “substantial” charity donations 
  • Although it claimed there was “no substance” to the claim, later they stated that they were able to give them a ‘glad to do so’

John Lewis donated to charity chosen by two duos who claimed it copied their Christmas song.

Lorraine and Jeremy Millington’s portraits of their husband and wife Lorraine said that the Together In Electric Dreams cover in the festive John Lewis ad resembled last year’s slow arrangement for charity.

The retail giant, which had said there was ‘no substance’ to the claim, was now ‘glad to donate to The Portraits’ chosen charities’ Mind and Cruse Bereavement Support – but insisted it ‘would never copy another cover version’.

The Portraits (pictured) released their version of the song, which featured vocals from their 14-year-old daughter Ciara, last Christmas to raise money for families affected by Covid-19

Last Christmas, The Portraits released their rendition of the song featuring vocals by their daughter Ciara (pictured), to help raise funds for Covid-19 families.

John Lewis has pledged to make a substantial donation to charity after being accused of copying a folk duo's version of the song used in its Christmas advert (pictured)

John Lewis, who was accused of copying the Christmas song of a folk group has pledged to give a large donation to charity.

As an up-tempo song, Together In Electric Dreams was first released in 1984 by Philip Oakey & Giorgio Moroder. 

Lola Young, a 20-year old London singer performs the John Lewis version. 

John Lewis didn’t specify how much he had donated.

John Lewis spokesmen said, “We have common interests in The Portraits’ love for the song and our dedication to charities.”

‘We’re glad to donate to The Portraits’ chosen charities and proud that our Give A Little Love campaign has generated £8m for good causes in the last year, including donations to Mind and Cruse.

“Our Electric Dreams cover is original and was authorized by our agency. They obtained copyright licenses from the original publisher of the song on our behalf.

“We are well-known for our stripped-back Christmas campaign covers. This version matches our style. One brand such as ours will never use another version of a cover.

Ms Millington is from Loughrea, County Galway in Ireland. She told PA this month that she wanted John Lewis to do the ‘honorable thing’ and give to Mind and Cruse Bereavement Care “in the spirit and Christmas”.

She told PA Monday that they were unsure what amount the donation would be. They asked for our trust and didn’t want us to reveal the exact sum.

“We are in constant contact with Cruse Bereavement Support, who are in great need of funding right now, and we are glad that this will happen, particularly if it is as substantial as John Lewis has assured us.

“Meanwhile we are excited to be in a position to re-release Together In Electric Dreams along with a cover of Ed Sheeran’s song Photograph. All proceeds will go to Cruse Bereavement support to mark the loss of lives over the past two years as well as the people who supported them.