One man was arrested for the crime of raping another prisoner after he threw a French six-year old boy off a viewing platform 100ft at Tate Modern. 

Jonty Bravery (age 20), is suspected of having attacked a man aged 30 in HMP Belmarsh’s bathroom block. This is where he is being held for at least 15 years in prison for attempted murder. 

Bravery was detained by the police inside the prison. He was then taken to South London Police Station for interrogation. 

Scotland Yard has confirmed that they were alerted after HMP Belmarsh inmate claimed he was raped while being held. 

According to a source, Jonty was quizzed over several hours by the Sunday Mirror.  

MailOnline received this statement from the Met: “The incident is said to have taken place on Tuesday, 9/11.” He was in his 30s when he allegedly victim and notified another prisoner. Prison authorities were then alerted. Police were then called.

Jonty Bravery

Jonty Bravery

Jonty Bravery (pictured) has been charged with raping another prisoner at a jail shower

Bravery is serving a minimum 15-year jail term in HMP Belmarsh, pictured. He was arrested inside the prison on Thursday and taken to a south London police station for questioning having been arrested on suspicion of raping a fellow prisoner

Bravery, shown here in HMP Belmarsh is currently serving at least a 15 year sentence. Bravery was taken into custody at the prison and brought to south London’s police station. He had been accused of rape.

“The prison staff saw the man and sent specialist medical personnel to his hospital.

“A man in his 20s, was charged with rape and taken to south London’s police station.

“He was released later on bail and returned to the custody of prison.”

Bravery currently serves at least 15 year in prison after being convicted for the attempted murder of six-year old French boy. 

Bravery grabbed the child and threw it from a gallery viewing balcony onto the ground, some 100ft lower. 

The injuries that the boy received were life-threatening, but he has slowly been able to get better in France.   

Old Bailey judge Mrs Justice McGowan sentenced Bravery to Ealing in west London.

‘You had intended to kill someone that day – you almost killed that six-year-old boy.’

Bravery’s autistic spectrum disorder (ASD), was not the reason for the attack. She also acknowledged that expert evidence showed he poses a ‘grave and immediate threat to the public.

The judge added: ‘You will spend the greater part – if not all – of your life detained… you may never be released.’

Bravery, an attractive, well-built man, was dressed in white shorts and a T-shirt. Bravery occasionally crossed his legs and placed his hands behind him as he viewed the 20-minute hearing by Broadmoor Hospital’s videolink.

Bravery, who was living in supportive accommodation, had previously lashed out at staff and received one-on-one supervision from Hammersmith and Fulham Social Services.

He was allowed, however, to travel unsupervised for up to 4 hours.

Deanna Sheer, the Prosecutor of Bravery, said that evidence was found to show Bravery intended to kill or seriously harm someone. Bravery’s statements were apparently recorded on an’shocking and prophetic’ secret recording, which was made by caregivers. Bravery was not notified by his parents.

It was on Sunday August 4 2019 that Bravery – who has a mental disorder – left his accommodation and travelled to the Tate Modern in central London, spending at least 15 minutes stalking potential victims before ‘scooping’ a six-year-old boy up and over the railings as the youngster skipped slightly ahead of his family.

The incident was captured by CCTV, but Bravery did not appear in court. Bravery then backed away from the railings.

“He could be seen smiling and raising his arms,” said the prosecutor. He appears to laugh and shrug at one point.

Ms Heer then said to Bravery that she was mad.

The lawyer also recorded him saying, with a smile, “It’s no fault of mine, it’s the social services’ fault.”

Bravery had originally planned to strike at Britain’s highest building, the Shard. However, he was turned down by the entrance fee.

Bravery was asked by police, following his arrest, if he wanted to appear on the news.

He stated that he’d been “seriously unhappy” recently, and that he needed to do everything possible to escape his apartment.