He was a triple-killer, who sobbed and feigned sorrow over his two children’s deaths. Today, he has been found guilty along with his partner six years later.

Today, Jordan Monaghan, a three-week old girl, was found guilty of killing Ruby and Logan eight months later.

Police later freed the 30-year-old after being quizzed eight hours about their deaths. 

Monaghan, Blackburn, then murdered Evie Adams, his girlfriend, in 2019. He gave her tramadol/diazepam overdoses, which he purchased on the blackmarket. 

Days after murdering little Logan, Monaghan  spoke about the torment of losing both of his children – and complained the police had treated him and the kids’ biological mother, Laura Gray, 28, as criminals.

Monaghan, the digger driver, cried: “It was like a terrible dream. We expect to wake up any minute.

Laura Gray and Jordan Moanghan leaving Blackburn Coroners in 2014 after the inquest into their son Logan's death

Blackburn Coroners, after inquest into Logan’s death in 2014, saw Jordan Moanghan and Laura Gray leave.

Jordan Monaghan was today found guilty of smothering three-week-old daughter, Ruby (pictured left), on New Year's Day 2013, and 21-month-old son, Logan (pictured right), eight months later

Jordan Monaghan today was found guilty for smothering Ruby (pictured left), a 3-week-old girl on New Year’s Day 2013. Logan (pictured right), was smothered eight months later.

Monaghan, of Blackburn, was also found guilty of murdering his girlfriend Evie Adams (pictured) in 2019 by giving her an overdose of tramadol and diazepam, which he bought on the black market

Monaghan from Blackburn was also found guilty for murdering Evie Adams in 2019. He gave her an excessive amount of tramadol, diazepam and other drugs that he had purchased off the black market.

“You can’t get over the loss of a child, but we were only beginning to move forward and Logan died.

You expect your children will outlive you, so don’t assume you have to arrange their funeral. We have to plan their funeral twice in the past eight months. It’s heart-breaking.’. 

Monaghan and Logan were interrogated for eight hours after Logan died on August 17.

Jordan stated, “Even though they told us that the death was not suspicious, we felt like criminals.” 

Monaghan had given Ruby a bath while Ruby slept in her Moses bag. His then-partner Miss Gray had informed Monaghan that he’d stay awake to feed Ruby at 2am.

She was later awakened by him, saying that Ruby wasn’t breathing.

Ruby was quickly taken to the hospital, where she died later. An inquest – held in April 2013 – ruled that she died of natural causes after contracting acute bronchopneumonia.

Following Logan's death on August 17, Monaghan (pictured here with ex-partner Laura Gray in 2013) were quizzed for eight hours by police before being released

Monaghan and ex-partner Laura Gray were interrogated for eight hours after Logan’s August 17th death. They were then released 

Monaghan also took Logan swimming and found him unresponsive in the pram.

Miss Gray found her son while she was going to feed him. A verdict was not recorded by the coroner.

Monaghan from Blackburn was also found guilty in the murder of Evie Adams. Monaghan gave her an excessive amount of tramadol/diazepam that he purchased on the blackmarket.

Monaghan denied that he was a member of the WhatsApp group “UK Tablets”, but admitted that he did when he gave evidence.

He told the court he had bought pregabs – an abbreviation for anti-anxiety pill pregabalin – pain-killer tramadol and anti-depressant diazepam – but insisted he took them.

They were not given to him by his girlfriend.

Miss Adams died from a fatal overdose on October 24, 2019 – a week after complaining of sickness and stomach pains.

Monaghan, who appeared at Preston Crown Court (pictured) was found guilty of a further two counts of attempted murder of a third child, who cannot be named for legal reasons

Monaghan was seen at Preston Crown Court. He was found guilty in two more counts of attempted killing of a third-child. 

The toxicologist’s report revealed that the level of tramadol found in the blood of the 23-year old was five times higher than the prescribed dose.

Professor Alexander Forrest – an expert in forensic chemistry and toxicology – told the hearing that amount ‘would make the toxicologist’s eyes rise up.’

Also, he said that the toxicology report indicated Miss Adams was taking diazepam regularly leading to her death.

Monaghan was convicted of two more counts of attempted killing of a third-child, which cannot be identified for legal reasons.