Punts are already being placed on the most likely name for Boris and Carrie Johnson’s new baby girl – with Charlotte, Josephine and the more unusual Sephira leading the pack. 

Maggie also made it to the top of the bookmaker rankings, which was a nod to Margaret Thatcher. Violet, Florence, Victoria, and Sarah were next. 

Borissa, Theresa, and Allegra are 100/1 each. Allegra is still in news recently after Allegra’s famous video of Allegra laughing at a lockdown party. 

With Marina Wheeler (barrister), Johnson had four children, aged 57. They are Lara Lettice Johnson-Wheeler, 28; Milo Arthur Johnson, 26; Theodore Apollo Johnson, 21; and Cassia Peaches Johnson, 24. 

Wilfred Johnson (33), is his first son. Boris has also a child with one of his affairs. 

11.45am: Boris Johnson leaves a NHS hospital this morning after his wife Carrie gave birth to a baby girl - their second and his seventh child

7.40am: Boris Johnson 's wife Carrie has given birth to the Prime Minister's seventh child today - a baby girl, pictured arriving at a London hospital this morning

11.45 am: Boris Johnson, his second wife and seventh child, leaves the London NHS hospital after he gave birth to his baby girl. Boris Johnson’s wife Carrie arrived at 7.40am to give birth today to their seventh child, a baby girl.

After a turbulent 24 hours on Downing Street, Mr. and Mrs Johnson announce the birth of their daughter at London’s hospital. The birth was attended by the Prime Minister. 

The couple’s spokesperson said that both mother and daughter were doing well. They would like to express their gratitude for the support and care provided by the amazing NHS Maternity Team.

They announced their new baby at the end July. The environmental activist, 33, spoke out about having miscarried earlier this year.

Wilfred was blessed with a new sister the morning following the announcement by the Prime Minister that England has entered Plan B to fight the Omicron strain of coronavirus.

Johnson faced Tory anger about the restrictions and was also dealing with the aftermath of last year’s Number 10 Christmas party, which was said to have broken the rules. This led Allegra Ston, senior Government adviser, to resign.

Also on Thursday morning, the Conservatives were fined £17,800 over a controversial donation which helped cover the lavish refurbishments to the couple’s Downing Street flat.

The PM has a son, Wilfred, with third wife Carrie Johnson (above at the G7 in Cornwall) and four with his second wife Marina Wheeler. He also has a daughter from an affair in 2009.

Wilfred is a son of the PM and his third wife Carrie Johnson. He also has four children with Marina Wheeler. In 2009, he had an affair with a woman who gave him a girl.

Boris, Carrie and Wilf on holiday in Scotland when the little boy in a sling was just five months old

Boris and Carrie took Wilf to Scotland for a holiday when Wilf was five months old.

They were photographed entering the hospital at around 7.40 am.

Johnson plans to spend time with his family. However, it seems unlikely that he will take extended paternity leave.

According to the official spokesperson for the Prime Minister, he stated that there was a recognition of the unique role the Prime Minister plays and that this time is particularly difficult for the country. The Prime Minister will still lead as people expect while taking time out for his family.

Labour leader Sir Keir starmer, sent his congratulations and added that he wished the best for the new baby.

Boris' daughter Lara (together in 2012) reportedly branded her father a 'selfish b*****d' after allegations he had an affair with Carrie surfaced in 2018

Boris’ daughter Lara (together in 2012) reportedly branded her father a ‘selfish b*****d’ after allegations he had an affair with Carrie surfaced in 2018

Boris, pictured with his four children from his marriage to Marina, right, pictured together in London when she became a QC in 2016

Boris (right) is shown with his four children, Marina from his marriage.

Johnson’s new addition means he now has at most seven children. However, he often misleads when asked about the number.

Wilfred Lawrie Nick Johnson was born April 1, last year. The name was partly in tribute of Nick Hart and Nick Price who saved the life of Prime Minister David Cameron when he was hospitalized with Covid-19 in March.

They were married in May at Westminster Cathedral.

With Marina Wheeler, his ex-barrister wife, Mr Johnson has four children.

In 2013, it was revealed that he had had an affair with a woman while he was London’s mayor.

You might like to try your luck on Allegra (50/1), Theresa (50%/1), or Borissa (100%/1). Big betting houses offer baby name odds  


Charlotte – 3/1

Margaret/Maggie – 7/2

Violet 7/1

Florence, 8/1

Victoria – 8/1 

Alexandra – 9/2

Josephine, 10/1

Beatrice – 11/1

Mabel – 10.1.

Elizabeth – 12/1

Isabella – 12/1

Octavia – 12/1

Sophia – 14/1

Diana – 16/1

Theresa, 33/1

Allegra 50/1

Borissa – 100/1 


Josephine 5/1

Sephira 6/1

Sarah 8/1

Anne 10/1

Geromina 1/1

Alice 1/1

Esmee 14/1

Anais 16/1 

Helena 18/1

Beatrice 20/1 

Serephina 20/1 

Olivia 22/1 

Phoebe 22/1 

Louise 33/1

Norah 40/1

There is a 500/1

Allegra 500/1