Judge exempts 36-year old businessman from alcohol consumption over Christmas. He BIT his girlfriend’s wrist during cocaine, alcohol, and panic attacks… Less than 2 weeks after the previous incident

  • Wyn Williams (36), was put on a 2-year community order in an effort to improve temperance.
  • North Wales’ businessman, James Jones, admitted that he was subject to several common assaults between March and April
  • Although he claimed that the victim was manipulative, he pleaded guilty before the court. 

The court today prohibited a businessman who allegedly bit his partner in December from drinking alcohol.

Wyn Williams, 36 years old, from Lon Howell (Denbigh), North Wales, was given a two year community order. He will be receiving rehabilitation to address his temper.

Additionally, he will need to observe for 90 days alcohol abstinence.

Andrew Jebb was told by Andrew Jebb the district judge at Llandudno Magistrates court that the ban will apply to the Christmas period.

District judge Andrew Jebb told him, at Llandudno Magistrates Court, pictured, that the ban will cover the Christmas period - and this timing intentional

Andrew Jebb, District Judge, told Andrew, Llandudno Magistrates Court pictured that the ban would cover Christmas period. This timing was intentional

This timing was part of the punishment, he said.

Williams must pay £180 in costs and now has a non-molestation county court order in force.  

Rhian Jackson, the prosecutor, said that victim Laura Hurst was attacked by her ex-boyfriend during Covid Lockdown. He used cocaine and also drank alcohol. 

Williams first denied two of the assaults on March 25, 2005, and April 5, but later admitted to them when police interrogated him.

He said that the victim had been manipulative but pleaded guilty to it in court. 

Huw Roberts, who was defending the case, claimed that the infractions took place during a time of difficulty and the relationship was over.

Wyn Williams, 36, was placed under a two-year community order with rehabilitation to look at his temper, as well as a 90-day alcohol abstinence monitoring, at Llandudno Magistrates Court in north Wales

Wyn Williams, 36 years old, received a two year community order that included rehabilitation for his temper as well as 90-day monitoring of alcohol intake at Llandudno Magistrates Court. 

Williams was told by Judge Jebb that whatever problems may have existed in their relationship, it did not justify your behavior. 

“There are clearly issues regarding your anger that you must deal with.”

The defendant was previously convicted of assault and he said that biting was shocking.