Able Seaman William Stewart, 26, took advantage of the woman after going on a night out in the North East with other sailors while their was undergoing maintenance

After going out on night out with others sailors, Able Seaman William Stewart (26), took advantage. He was in maintenance and went to the North East.

After a Holiday Inn ‘naked’ mess, a judge called for an end to Royal Navy parties that have ‘excessive alcohol’.

Able Seaman William Stewart, 26, took advantage of the woman after going on A night spent in the North East, with fellow sailors, while their ship was being maintained.

They had gone out to drink before they returned to the Holiday Inn Hotel to carry on celebrations.

The court martial in Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire, was told that the female sailor, who would later become Stewart’s victim, had stripped down to her bra and showered herself and her half-naked male shipmates in prosecco.  

She went next with three others, including AB Stewart, to another male sailor’s room. There she was later woken up to discover him sexually attacking her. 

She awoke to find AB Stewart, an engineering technician she hardly knew, ‘fondling’ her breasts and touching her before he moved to the other side of the bed and sexually assaulted a male sailor, who was also asleep, before returning to rape her.

A military board found AB Stewart guilty on one count, one each of rape, assault by penetration and causing a person in sexual activity. 

Judge Advocate Robert Hill, who sentenced the disgraced seaman for 8 and 1/2 years, warned about the number of similar incidents in the Armed Forces. He suggested that a ban be implemented to discourage excessive drinking.

Bulford has been the scene of several other cases related to sexual abuse in the Royal Navy over the past year. 

In October, Leading Seaman Sam Avery was jailed for five years after raping a sleeping drunken colleague after she agreed to let him sleep in her bed. 

The court martial in Bulford Military Court, Wiltshire, was told that the female sailor, who would later become Stewart's victim, had stripped down to her bra and showered herself and her half-naked male shipmates in prosecco

Bulford Military court, Wiltshire heard that Stewart had been victim to a female sailor who stripped down to the bra and shopped for prosecco with her male half-naked copilots.

After a night in Tokyo, AB Sean Bramwell assaulted his junior colleague and lost his job. This happened just hours after Prince Charles visited his ship. 

Judge Hill sent Stewart to prison. He stated: “We want to make this observation general: It seems that there is a pattern in drinking, which leads to each party ending up in another’s cabins, and then choosing to sleep in their beds.

A Royal Navy officer raped his female friend while she slept, and was sentenced to five years in prison 

Pictured: Leading Hand Sam Avery

Photo: Sam Avery (Leading Hand)

After raping her female co-worker while she was sleeping, a Royal Navy Sailor was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

A male Leading Seaman Sam Avery was having sexual relations with the female sailor when she woke up. His hands were on her waist, and his pants down to her knees.

Unnamed woman fell asleep, having turned down his two previous advances. LS Avery then stayed the night in her bedroom.

According to her, the attack “came from nowhere” as they did not hug or kiss each other and their only contact was sexual.

LS Avery was a refueller for stealth fighters aboard HMS Prince of Wales. He denied any rape charges and said that he had no memories of ever having sex. He claimed that, if anything happened, it would have to be consensual.

In October, he was found guilty at Bulford Military Court in Wiltshire and sentenced to five-year imprisonment. LS Avery was also disgracefully dismissed from Her Majesty’s Services.

Robert Hill jailed Avery, telling him he was betraying the trust of his wife who agreed to allow him to stay in her bedchamber.

Judge Hill stated that the victim and you had been communicating for some time via a social networking site.

“You hadn’t met up until this night. Your two were in Portsmouth at the time, but you both returned to your home. [her base]With her.

“There was a moment when she and you went to bed. You were taken in trust. It had not been sexual before.

“She was firm in her rebuke of you two times – it was clear that she wasn’t up for sex.

“She was so drunk that she fell asleep before you had sex. She believed in you, and knew that you were trustworthy.

“This case is second that we’ve dealt with in the span of weeks. It follows the same behavioural pattern I describe. You should consider whether a ban should be enforced.

AB Stewart remained steadfast and did not show emotion when his sentence was read. Family and friends wept behind the court.

The Stewart family released a statement saying that they were shocked by the Court Martial’s decision and will pursue all avenues to get their son back.

“There are too many inconsistent… This case should be thoroughly investigated. The investigation is far from over.

According to Wing Commander Michael Saunders, the prosecution had heard that AB Stewart was just joining the ship. All of them had drunk a lot. As it was the victim’s birthday, she was gifted a bottle Prosecco.

Video footage from the conference show (her) pouring her prosecco onto some men with their tops down on the floor. One was AB Stewart.

The court heard the evidence of the female sailor, who said to the court that it was her birthday on the following day. That was the reason we celebrated it, as well as being promoted by a few others, which is why we also were celebrating this.

“We all had drinks, and everyone was having fun. Later, we all went to the conference room and ordered pizza. “Naked mess” was shouted. It was just tops. We all enjoyed a little prosecco, and I was a bit wet from the alcohol.

“I can recall people lying on the ground when I had my prosecco… I stood with my bottle.

According to the woman, who could not be identified for legal reasons, four sailors returned to their respective rooms in order to continue the party.

“I inquired the boy whose bedroom it was, if I could get into dry clothes,” she replied. “I changed into boxers with a top, and I continued to drink.

“I became sleepy, and then I crashed,” he said. I fell asleep.’

However, the’scared, confused’ woman woke up to AB Stewart (an engineering technician she hardly recognized), who ‘fondled her breasts’ and touched her.

She stated that AB Stewart, a Devonian whose family was from Plymouth, then moved across the room to assault a sleeping male sailor before returning to rape the woman.

He did everything he wanted, and it was over. I can remember praying that the young man next to me would awaken. It felt like a lifetime.’

AB Stewart told the court martial that all sexual activity between sailors and him was consented to by the men.

He said that the woman sailor was twerking at him in his hotel room just before they went to bed.

Although she acknowledged that it could have occurred, the woman said that she didn’t remember anything about it.

According to her victim impact statement, she said that she still has flashbacks to the events and that they had made her feel ’emotionally and physically exhausted’.  

31-year-old AB Jodie McSkimmings was discharged from the Navy in July for drunkenly attacking three Norwegian sailors.

AB Mitieli Vakalaca, who tried to rape a colleague in August, was sentenced to four years imprisonment. He refused to allow her to check if he was wearing a condom after he had been drinking heavily the night before.

AB Calvin Denver was a sailor aboard a Trident-armed missile submarine. He tried to make a female sailor give him oral sex, but she refused.