After failing to reach a decision for the third day, Kyle Rittenhouse’s murder trial judge allowed jurors access to their “very confusing” set of instructions.  

Judge Bruce Schroeder sent the jurors away again on Thursday night, allowing them to take their jury instructions home after a juror requested they be allowed to.  

It is 36 pages long and was created by the judge. The document outlines how the law should apply in this case.

After Defense Attorney Mark Richards asked Schroeder to deny the request, he feared that jurors might try to do their own legal work. 

“I fear it will be like the old dictionary and they begin defining words, and such other things outside of research. Richards said that it was her concern.  

But Schroeder decided to grant the request, noting to the prosecution and defence that the instructions were ‘very confusing.’ 

Rittenhouse was 18, and shot and killed 2 men, and injured a 3rd during BLM riots that took place in Kenosha in Wisconsin in August 2020.

Five charges are against him: First-degree reckless murder, first-degree intention homicide and attempted first-degree intent homicide. He also faces two counts each of recklessly endangering his safety.  

Schroeder states that the state must show by sufficient evidence that you can prove beyond reasonable doubt that defendant didn’t act in self defense. 

Kyle Rittenhouse, center, pulls out his chair for a meeting Judge Bruce Schroeder called during his trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 18, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kyle Rittenhouse, centre, takes out his chair during a meeting with Judge Bruce Schroeder at Kenosha county Courthouse on November 18, 2020 in Kenosha.

Judge Bruce Schroeder alerts the attorneys that a man claiming to be with a major news network was arrested the previous night during Kyle Rittenhouse's trial at the Kenosha County Courthouse on November 18, 2021 in Kenosha, Wisconsin

Attorneys are notified by Judge Bruce Schroeder that an individual claiming to belong with a major media network was taken into custody the night before Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial in Kenosha County Courthouse, November 18, 2021.

Protestors both supporting him and calling for him to be found guilty have gathered daily on the courthouse steps

Every day, protestors calling for the conviction of him have been gathering at the steps of courthouse.

It continues: ‘The law of self-defense allows the defendant to threaten or intentionally use force against another only if: the defendant believed that there was an actual or imminent unlawful interference with the defendant’s person; and the defendant believed that the amount of force that the defendant used or threatened to use was necessary to prevent or terminate the interference; and the defendant’s beliefs were reasonable.’

A key point it notes is that Wisconsin has imperfect self-defense, which means that ‘a belief may be reasonable even though mistaken.’  

Fox News’ Neama Rahmani is a former federal prosecutor. As in California, this isn’t reasonable and therefore it’s no self-defense. You have an unreasonable subjective defense. This is what makes law more complex.

But she said the 36 pages were not necessary given the amount of victims and the charges. 

On Thursday, there were no notes by the jury to show what evidence was in focus.

Rittenhouse was just 17 years old at the time. He pleaded not guilty to the charges and said that he used his gun in self-defense when a mob threatened him with death.

Prosecutors claimed Rittenhouse didn’t need to fire his weapon during violence.

Assistant District Attorney James Kraus claimed that while he had not exhausted his duty of retreat, he also did not exhaust all options. 

Rittenhouse told the court he went to Kenosha to provide first aid and protect property from looters, describing how one of the men he shot, Joseph Rosenbaum, threatened to kill him earlier and tried to grab his gun.

Rittenhouse said, “If I had let Mr. Rosenbaum steal my firearm from my, he’d have used it to kill me and possibly more people, if he got my gun.”  

Now, Rittenhouse has been on the stand since Tuesday morning. He shot and wounded two men in Kenosha during an August 2020 riot. 

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth serves coffee and cookies outside the Kenosha County Courthouse, during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S., November 18, 2021

Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth offers coffee and cookies to the public outside Kenosha County Courthouse during Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. This took place in Kenosha (Wisconsin), U.S.A. on November 18, 2021.

A spokesman for the sheriff's department told the coffee and cookies were a 'goodwill gesture in the hopes of reducing tensions'. 'It seemed to work,' they said received cookies and coffee from the sheriff’s office as a gesture of goodwill to reduce tensions. They said that it worked.

A protester who previously called himself Maserati Mike, but has now identified himself as Jesse Kline, carries a Colt rifle bag as he walks with a dog outside the Kenosha County Courthouse, during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S., November 18, 2021

One protester, who was previously identified as Maserati Mike and now as Jesse Kline walks along with a dog in front of Kenosha County Courthouse during Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial. This is Kenosha County, Wisconsin. November 18, 2021.

Daily protestors gathered at the courthouse steps, calling for his guilty verdict and supporting him. They have been mostly peaceful, although they did get into a fight on Wednesday.

Also, Thursday saw the arrest of a male.

Outside the court, however, was the main event of the day when an unidentified man, previously known only as “Maserati Mike”, turned up to confess that he is actually a former Ferguson police officer, Missouri. This Missouri city was the scene of 2014’s race riots.

Jesse Kline did not serve on the force during the Riots. He was dismissed in 2018 for stalking and threats to a female companion and poking his chest with a pistol.

Kline was seen in a Maserati black with an assault rifle on Tuesday. Police told him that he should surrender the weapon as it’s illegal to carry one in this area.

He was seen carrying what looked like a similar weapon in a large bag on Thursday. Protestors asked him to reveal what was inside the bag. He pulled out large sex toys and waved them around. 

As the Rittenhouse trial continued, nervous waiting for the outcome, Kenosha County Sheriff tried to distract the masses by distributing ‘cookies of peace’ at the courthouse and serving cups of coffee.

Hector Sheriff David Beth, who was unable to control the riots in 2011 when his 116 officers were overwhelmed by over 1,000 demonstrators, was seen at the courthouse as the jury considered the case for the third time. 

In an attempt to maintain peace, he was seen approaching Rittenhouse supporters and BLM protesters, and offering cookies and warm drinks.

“The Sheriff wanted the community to know that he was doing his part to reduce tensions outside of the courthouse, and to bring people together. 

A spokesperson for the force said that it seemed to be working based on what they were seeing.

He was not successful in his attempts. A man showed up at the court with a firearm, which is a crime because it’s within 1,000 feet of school. Yesterday, two people were taken to court for disorderly conduct. 

Although violence is not yet common beyond this, tensions remain high and growing. 

Five elementary schools made it clear Wednesday night they will be staying remote the rest of this week, in an effort to prevent unrest from affecting their students.  

Bishop Tavis Grant (left), Jacob Blake's uncle Justin Blake (right) and Daunte Wright's brother Damik Wright (center). Damik told 'Wherever there is police brutality we are coming and will stand in solidarity with them'

Bishop Tavis Grant (left), Jacob Blake’s uncle Justin Blake, and Daunte’s brother Damik (center). Damik told ‘Wherever there is police brutality we are coming and will stand in solidarity with them’

The man is the only person who was arrested on Thursday. Two protesters were arrested on Wednesday for disorderly conduct

On Thursday, the man was the only one to be arrested. On Wednesday two protesters were arrested for disorderly conduct. 

An armed man dressed in all black and wearing a mask being arrested for having a firearm by the Kenosha County Police in front of the Kenosha County Courthouse. He has not been identified

A Kenosha County Police officer arrested an armed man in black wearing a mask and carrying a gun in front of Kenosha County Courthouse. The identity of the man has yet to be determined

One of the schools, Frank Elementary, stated in a Wednesday Facebook post that they would switch to virtual Friday and tomorrow as a precaution.

We also have a large attendance area that includes homes around the Kenosha courthouse. With their teachers and other crew members, students log on to the site at 8:15 am.

For any potential tensions, 500 National Guard troops are on-duty 60 miles from Kenosha. 

After the Jacob Blake shooting, hundreds of protesters stormed their town to confront Sheriff Beth. The Kenosha Police department, with fewer than 200 officers, had to be overwhelmed. Residents begged the Governor for assistance, but only received a handful of National Guard troops.   

Among those at the courthouse on Thursday was Daunte Wright’s brother Damik Wright who told ‘Everybody is boots on the ground regardless of whether its Mexico or Canada we are coming. The problem isn’t limited to one family. 

He said, “Wherever police brutality is occurring we will be there and stand in solidarity with them.”