Julian Assange and his fiancée Stella Moris register their intention to get MARRIED in Belmarsh prison where the WikiLeaks founder is being held

  • Julian Assange (55) applied last month for Stella Moris, Wikileaks’ founder, to wed Stella Moris 
  • Belmarsh Prison, where Assange is kept in December could host a ceremony
  • They will pay the bill, and accuse the governor of interfering with their marriage
  • Assange fights extradition to the USA on charges that she leaking data national defense.

Julian Assange, Wikileaks founder and partner, has registered in London to wed at the prison where he is currently being held. 

Stella Moris is Mr Assange’s girlfriend. She visited him at Belmarsh Prison. It is in south-east London.

They have accused Dominic Raab, the Justice Secretary and the prison governor of conspiring to stop the wedding from happening.

Ms Moris stated to the media that she hopes there will be no more ‘interference’ in the couple’s wedding plans.  

South African-born lawyer Stella Morris (right) and Assange (left) began dating in 2015 after she helped work on a legal bid to halt his extraditions

Stella Morris, South African born lawyer (right), and Assange began to date in 2015 when she worked on an extradition case.

Gabriel, four, and his brother Max, two, were conceived while Assange was hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London

Gabriel, four years, and Max, two years, were born while Assange was hiding in London’s Ecuadorian embassy.

She stated, “Today Julian (and I) are officially registering our intention here at Belmarsh prison. This was originally planned for three weeks back.

“Officially, these are not the best circumstances but I’m relieved that reason has prevailed. We hope for no more interference.”

“Everyone over 18 has the right in the UK to marry whomever they wish, regardless of their origin or background.

“This right has been written into law. Julian has not been charged in any country with any offense, and he’s not currently serving a sentence. His imprisonment only serves to prolong his suffering.

I hope that this injustice is soon overthrown so that we can have a happy marriage without the confines of Belmarsh.

They have been together for many years, and they have tried to marry despite being barred from the courts.

Two children were born to them, Gabriel (four years old) and Max (two years). 

The Wikileaks founder is fighting extradition to the US from Belmarsh Prison where he has been held since 2019

Wikileaks founder, who is currently being held at Belmarsh Prison since 2019, fights extradition to the USA

Assange is pictured peeking out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in a photograph from 2016

Assange seen in London’s Ecuadorian Embassy, looking out in a photo from 2016.

Belmarsh Prison has held Mr Assange since 2019, after he was removed from the Ecuadorian Embassy by police, before being taken into custody for breaking his bail conditions.

He entered the building in 2012 as a way to avoid being extradited to Sweden. 

Assange is being sought in the USA on charges of conspiracy to obtain national defense information. This allegation stems from WikiLeaks publishing hundreds of thousands leaked documents related to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.