The Ghislaine Maxwell jury did not come to a decision after the second day of their deliberations, but it appeared that they were zeroing in on one accuser.

A jury consisting of six men, six women and six people deliberated all day. The judge received four notes from the jury including one about Annie Farmer.

They wanted to see if the girl could be used to give her evidence for two charges of conspiracy to transport or entice an unmarried girl to perform sex acts.

Judge Alison Nathan told them she’d tell them.

The jury requested earlier that the FBI take notes on a 2007 interview Carolyn conducted with the FBI. This was the first time Carolyn spoke publicly to authorities about Epstein’s abuse.

Judge Nathan stated that the evidence had not been filed so they couldn’t see it.

However the jury could refer to its mention in Carolyn’s cross examination by the defense.

On Tuesday the jury deliberated eight hours, which brought their total time of deliberation to eight hours 41 minutes.

Judge Nathan advised the jury that they would be able to deliberate on Thursday if the jury has not come up with a verdict by Wednesday night.

The jury deliberated for eight hours on Tuesday, bringing their total deliberation time to eight hours and 41 minutes

On Tuesday, the jury deliberated eight hours. This brought their total time of deliberation to eight hours 41 minutes

Members of the prosecution team at the Ghislaine Maxwell trial walk out of the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse with boxes of papers as the jury deliberates

As the jury deliberates, members of the prosecution team for the Ghislaine Maxiwell trial leave the Thurgood Marshall United State Courthouse carrying boxes of paper. 

The jury received their first notice at 10.10am, after nearly an hour’s deliberation Tuesday.

Judge Alison Nathan indicated that jurors were seeking transcripts of Jane’s and Annie’s testimony, but not Kate.

Kate is not the only accused whose claims aren’t crimes and should be dismissed from the indictment.

The jury of six men and six women deliberated for the whole day and sent four notes to the judge including one which related to Annie Farmer (pictured in a school photo)

A jury consisting of six women and six men deliberated all day. The judge received four notes, one concerning Annie Farmer. 

Prosecutor Maurene Comey stated that the two sides must agree on redactions prior to releasing transcripts.

Bobbi Sternheim is a lawyer for defense.

Judge Nathan stated that the jury was not called out, and she would provide them with the transcripts during the deliberations room.

Maxwell entered court in black turtleneck sweatshirt, black pants and a green folder.

She gave a hug to her lawyers, and waved at the young woman in public gallery. 

Maxwell’s defense presented closing arguments Monday afternoon. She stated that Maxwell was innocent and wrongfully accused for crimes she didn’t commit.

In her closing remarks, Maxwell’s lawyer Laura Menninger said: ‘The government has failed to prove any charge beyond a reasonable doubt and the only correct verdict in this case is not guilty on each count.’

Menninger said that defense tried to again discredit the statements of four accusers. “The evidence has established, what we promised you it would,” Menninger explained. In this instance, however, the reverse is true. They brought their money to the FBI, where they were accompanied by personal injury attorneys.

Menninger stated that Maxwell had been made to appear like “Cruella De Vil and Devil Wears Prada in one”.

Menninger stated that such a portrait is ‘as ancient as Hollywood’.

Defense attorney Menninger said that Epstein was a ‘master manipulator’ who ‘abused his money and his power’ but said Ghislaine had nothing to do with it 

Four of Maxwell's siblings - Kevin, Isabel, Ian and Christine - arrived to court to support their sister Monday

Maxwell’s four siblings, Isabel, Ian, and Christine, arrived at court Monday to support their sister.

Maxell's sister Isabel arrived Tuesday during jury deliberation. She has been at the courthouse each day of her sister's trial

Maxell’s sister Isabel was present Tuesday as juror deliberations were underway. Every day her sister was on trial she attended the courthouse. 

Menninger stated, “The lawyers altered their stories and government accepted them without ever corroborating them.”

Menninger stated that the accusers had’suddenly recovered memories years later’.

She stated: “The recovered memories that Ghislaine had been involved, that Ghislaine existed, that Ghislaine, the perpetrator, were there.”

Menninger stated that Epstein was the subject of a lot more conversations than the prosecution, including about his lifestyle and property.


This photo shows Ghislaine Maxwell, a bruised prisoner. 

Menninger claimed that Epstein had been a master manipulator who “abused his money” and “abused his power”.

She replied, “We aren’t here to defend Jeffrey Epstein. He is not my client.” But she also said that, “Ghislaine maxwell is not Jeffrey Epstein.”

Menninger said that Epstein was killed by the prosecution and they ‘pivoted to go after Maxwell.

It was a simple idea that “Ghislaine must have known” because she was there.

Menninger was critical of Epstein’s New York City home for stealing 38,000 photos in 2019.

She replied: Is there another 31,960 photos? Was it other women? Were there other women? Others women

The jury should not draw any conclusions from Epstein’s keeping of Maxwell photos. Menninger asked the jury if a boyfriend or girlfriend took photos of Maxwell. Would that be considered sex abuse?

Menninger called such images’straight-up sensationalism’.

Menninger claimed that the accusers inserted Ghislaine Maxiwell in their story after having ‘lawyered up.

Menninger stated that “You don’t have to be a lawyer in order to speak to the FBI.”

Menninger stated that it was up to the defense for them to pose tough questions to their accusers. Cross examination revealed that they had discovered that the truth of Menninger’s statement had been manipulated over time to make the victims get a paycheck. 

Menninger looked at the inconsistencies between Jane and Carolyn’s statements and concluded that they were suffering from “post-event suggestion”, as Elizabeth Loftus, their false memory expert, had said. This is when new or incorrect information was added after an event.

Menninger stated that Menninger had “broken promises” to the prosecution to produce many house staff members, relatives, and other witnesses in support of the claims.

Prosecutors Maxwell suggested that Epstein could be a facilitator of sexual abuse to help her maintain her wealthy lifestyle. This was wrong.

Menninger claimed that Maxwell, at the time, was a “beautiful women in her 30s” who was only beginning her career.

Epstein was known for manipulating others around him and dating women behind Maxwell’s back.

Menninger suggested that Jeffrey might have needed Ghislaine’s connections and not her money.

Menninger turned to each accuser and said Jane was an “actress who forgot all her lines” – Jane is an actor on a soap opera.


Ghislaine Maxiwell was charged  

OneThe conspiracy to lure a minor to go to illegal sex acts

Maximum sentence: 5 years

Jane, Carolyn, Annie: Accusers

TwoTo encourage a minor travel for illegal sex acts

Maximum sentence: 5 years

Jane, the Acuser

Count ThreeA conspiracy to transport a minor in order to commit criminal sexual activity.

Maximum sentence:  Five years in prison

Jane, Carolyn, and Annie Farmer are the Accusers

Count FourRansporting of a minor in order to engage criminal sexual activity

Maximum sentence in prison: Ten years

Jane, the Acuser

Count 5: A conspiracy to traffic in sex of minors.

Maximum sentence: 5 years imprisonment

Carolyn and Virginia, the two most notorious accusers

Count Six: Sexual trafficking with minors.

Maximum sentence in prison: 40 years

Carolyn is the accuser

 Just before the defense, the prosecution labeled Ghislaine Maxwell a ‘sophisticated predator’ in their closing arguments. 

Alison Moe, Assistant US Attorney for Alison Moe said Monday that she believed the victim was a predator with sophisticated instincts. She used the exact same strategy over and over. 

She added that “She was an adult woman who preyed over vulnerable children”. “Maxwell was at the heart of the entire operation.” 

Prosecutors affirmed that Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s “right hand”, caused a ‘deep and lasting harm to the young girls. 

Moe stated that the evidence again shows how close Maxwell was to Epstein’s massages.

She was in charge of all aspects, from the oils and lotions to everything. She was involved with the entire process’.

One of the household manual’s instructions was to tell staff to “hear nothing”, “see nothing” and “say nothing.”

Moe claimed that Maxwell’s jury understood why such rules were needed. It was because Epstein was her partner in crime. Maxwell, Epstein committed horrific crimes behind closed doors in the house.

Moe claimed that Maxwell ‘ran the exact same playbook with all her victims’ and should be found guilty by the jury.

She stated that there was a strong evidence for the defendant’s guilt because of the similarities between the accusers.

Maxwell was a key figure in the selection of victims that were “vulnerable” and who were struggling, said Ms Moe.

Jane was just 14 years old, and her dad had recently died. Annie was sixteen and wanted to go college. Maxwell dazzled Kate when she was 17. Carolyn lived with her mother, an alcoholic. She had also been abused since she was 4.

Maxwell or Epstein might invite them to their New York house, ranch in New Mexico, or Palm Beach home to “isolate” them. 

Moe stated, “That was by design.” Maxwell had designed that. Maxwell was ‘hanging out with these girls, isolating then befriending them.

Maxwell started to talk to the girls about sex once they were all alone, Moe stated, citing Maxwell’s massage to Annie Farmer.

Moe stated that Maxwell actually touched three accusers’ breasts.

She told the jury: ‘They were kids in massage rooms on massage tables…it’s powerful evidence of the defendant’s guilt’

Moe stated that all the girls told Moe they interacted with the same woman.

She said: ‘They knew her as charming, sophisticated….a woman who moved in social circles that were intimidating.

‘The relationships Maxwell cultivated with these girls were essential to the scheme….Maxwell helped established a close relationship that became the cover for sexual abuse.’