Kate Garraway describes the Downing Street Christmas party to be ‘heartbreaking’ and ‘depressing’, after Derek Draper was hospitalized for a year with Covid. 

Good Morning Britain, at 54, said that she tried to make everything work and adhered strictly to lockdown regulations during the party. 

Her documentary Finding Derek was released in January. She also talked about how her family dealt with the fact that her husband, who had contracted coronavirus, spent over a year in serious condition. 

She commented on the Downing Street party reports today and said that she didn’t want “to throw stones” because it was absurd and heartbreaking.

“But there’s definitely something very, very unpleasant about it. They didn’t realize the extent of the destruction… The rules affected all of us.

Kate Garraway today said that reports of a Downing Street Christmas party are 'heartbreaking and depressing'

Kate Garraway stated today that news reports of Downing Street’s Christmas party is ‘heartbreakingly depressing.

In her documentary Finding Derek, released earlier this year, she spoke about the struggles her family faced as her husband Derek Draper spent a year in hospital gravely ill after contracting coronavirus

In Finding Derek, the documentary she made earlier in the year, she talked about how her family dealt with Derek Draper’s illness. Derek spent one year in hospital after contracting coronavirus.

Susanna Reid was the co-presenter. She said, “I don’t think anybody is trying to describe malign intent here.

“But Adam Wagner who is a lawyer – Adam and I regularly chat to Adam on-the-program – has been as you suggest, analyzing the legals about this.

Then she continued by quoting a document that stated: “During that time, there were only two legal options to host an indoor gathering with more than 30 persons.

The only exception was that guests were not allowed to mix with other people outside their home. This doesn’t appear to be the case.

The only legal alternative was to declare that the event was “reasonably necessary for employment”. There seems to be no reason why a party for over 30 persons indoors, where Covid is more likely spread, would be considered reasonable necessary for work.

Garraway said, “Because we just remembered the scrutiny that was put through to make it work.”

Susanna said, “And now you know. I spoke to you about it a lot, even the simple stuff like “Can they be left alone?” Can I have someone in the house to take care of my children?

It was very complex. It was very complicated. But, I don’t think I could have done that. I’m sure every household did that. This is just sad.

Reid concluded: “How did Downing Street people do the same thing ….? Are we following the rules?” We’ve set the rules.

In the face mounting anger, Boris Johnson agreed to an internal investigation of allegations that he hosted a Covid-rule-breaking Christmas party at Downing Street.

While the Prime Minister insisted that all rules were observed on that night, the PM apologized over any impression created by footage leaked of staff from No 10, laughing at coronavirus restrictions. 

Boris Johnson has agreed to an internal investigation into allegations of a Covid-rule-breaking Christmas party in Downing Street in the face of mounting anger

Boris Johnson, in protest of growing anger has accepted an internal investigation into the allegations about a Covid rule-breaking Christmas party held in Downing Street.

The Prime Minister has repeatedly insisted the rules were followed that night but apologised over the impression made by leaked footage of No 10 staff joking about coronavirus restrictions

Although the Prime Minister insists that the rules were strictly followed on the night, he apologized for the impression created by the leaked footage showing No 10 staff laughing about the coronavirus restrictions.

As he ran from a Whitehall media scrum, the adviser who exposed the Downing Street Christmas party on the famous video didn’t answer any questions. Instead, he fled to hide details about four other gatherings.  

Ed Oldfield was a former public schoolboy of 23 years. He kept his head down while he moved purposefully through Whitehall, being followed by a pack of journalists. 

The controversy over Downing Street’s illegal Christmas party in last year’s last week has shaken Westminster and caused Ms. Stratton yesterday to resign. 

But it has now emerged that the December 18 event may have been only one of as many as six Whitehall bashes held in the run-up to Christmas – at a time when the country was under stringent Covid restrictions.

On the day Dominic Cummings left No10, it was claimed that there was a “leaving do” where the PM made a speech, held a game night, and celebrated in Downing Street. Other parties were also reported to be held at Tory headquarters and Whitehall.

The ‘raucous’ dos, at which several officials were said to have been seen ‘rat-a**ed’ on copious amounts of wine, have certainly left Whitehall with a lasting hangover as the events are probed by the Cabinet Secretary and the Met Police.

On Wednesday, the press conference announced a tightening on rules. These included the return of Work-from-Home guidance and Covid health certificates being mandatory at large venues. Additionally, mask rules have been extended to fight the Omicron variant, which is quickly spreading across England.