Kate Garraway shared a touching poem on ITV’s Royal Carols. Together at Christmas, after an extremely difficult year in which her husband Derek Draper continued his long recovery from Covid. 

The television presenter, 54, read Love Came Down at Christmas by Christina Rossetti in front of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and other royals at Westminster Abbey in London at the service.

Kate remained calm during an emotional reading, and she spoke words of hope to millions throughout the country in the Christmas carol service. It aired on Christmas Eve.

Love and hope: Kate Garraway, 54, delivered a heartfelt poem during ITV's Royal Carols: Together at Christmas, after her husband Derek Draper's Covid battle

Love and hope: Kate Garraway, 54, delivered a heartfelt poem during ITV’s Royal Carols: Together at Christmas, after her husband Derek Draper’s Covid battle

Kate said: “Love fell at Christmas, all love is lovely, all love divine, and love was born at Christmas. Stars and angels gave this sign.

‘Worship us the Godhead. Love incarnate. Love divine. We worship our Jesus. But wherewith we have a sacred sign.

“Love God, all men, love for prayer, gift, sign, and God”

Tough times: Kate read a poem Love Came Down at Christmas by Christina Rossetti for the royals in attendance, while Derek continues his recovery at home

The times are tough: Kate read Love Came Down At Christmas, a poem by Christina Rossetti to the royals present. Meanwhile Derek is continuing his recovery at home

Strength: Kate held her composure during the emotional reading as she delivered words of hope to millions across the nation when it aired on Christmas Eve

Strong: Kate was composed during this emotional reading, which she gave words of hope for millions in the United States when it aired Christmas Eve

Kate’s husband Derek (54), was taken to the hospital by coronavirus in March 2013. He spent more than one year in intensive care and returned home to Kate, Darcey (15), and William (12). 

A journalist shared her story about how she and her close friends realized that Derek understood their feelings during a recent appearance on Good Morning Britain.

Kate explained that Derek has a lot of communication and mobility problems.

She spoke about a time when they played a morality question game together.

Screen star explained that the group had been asked to answer the question, “Who’s more likely to get money from the ground and hold it?”‘.  

Moving: Westminster Abbey was filled with guests who listened to Kate read the poem when the service was recorded on December 8

Moving: The service at Westminster Abbey was recorded and was attended by guests.

Darcy said, “Everyone in this room all spoke at once!” Und er [Derek]”Started to laugh.”

“It was the best moment, because you realized that he understands, and he gets it.”

‘And he’s right! It’s because she’s the most probable!She laughed.  

'He does get it, he does understand!': Kate recently detailed a heartwarming update on her husband Derek's slow recovery from Covid-19

‘He does get it, he does understand!Kate shared a touching update about Derek’s slow recovery after Covid-19.

Kate’s GMB co-host Richard Bacon, 46, asked if the moments happen often as Kate responded: ‘You get these extraordinary flashes which create a huge surge of hope.’

But he also said: “That must sustain you through periods when it feels like there’s no change.” 

“But we’re most grateful that we have this chance because so many people died.”  

Thankful: Kate admitted there was still a 'long, long way to go' with regards to his recovery, but that she felt grateful to have him home this festive period

Thanksful: Kate said that although there were still many steps to take in regards to her son’s recovery, she is thankful to have him back home for this Christmas period.

Richard spoke out about Kate’s NHS team: “Sometimes, when you go through the most difficult human experience you can also see the best in human nature.” 

Kate agreed and said: “You must remember that in the middle of it, there were the positive things that emerged from the pandemic. There’s the sharing of community, kindness, and the community.” 

Derek, an ex-political advisor, was taken to hospital when he became seriously ill from the highly contagious respiratory virus that had been sweeping across the United Kingdom during March 2020.  

He spent last December in hospital but has recently returned home and she felt grateful to have him back this festive period.

Kate acknowledged that there is still much to be done in his recovery but said she was grateful for him being home during this holiday period.   

When she thought about having her son home for Christmas, she stated that there was a lot more to come. Derek, however, was still in the hospital.

“We didn’t know if he would live or die. We prayed that it was moving in the right direction.” 

Old times: Kate and Derek at the 2007 National Television Awards, two years after their wedding

It’s been a while: Kate and Derek, at the 2007 National Television Awards. This was two years after they were married.