A source claims that Kate Middleton was’really upset’ by the separation of Prince Harry from Meghan Markle.  

Rumours that the Prince of Sussex (37), and the Royal Family are at odds have circulated since Megxit. These rumours were amplified by Harry and Meghan’s shocking interview with Oprah in March.

Meanwhile Prince William and Harry are said to have barely spoken and have an ‘incredibly strained’ relationship after two years of rows over Harry’s wife and her alleged treatment of staff, the couple’s decision to emigrate to America and the ‘truth bombs’ the Sussexes have dropped in TV interviews watched by tens of millions of people around the world. 

People magazine spoke to insiders who claimed that the Duchess found it difficult seeing the Duke, 39, over their estrangement. They added: “Everything has been enormously stressful with Harry and Meghan, but if anything this’s pulled.” [her and William]Get closer. 

Kate Middleton, 39, has been 'really, really upset' about the fall-out with Prince Harry, 37, and Meghan Markle, 40, this year, a source has claimed

According to a source, Kate Middleton (39), is’really, truly upset’ by the fallout between Prince Harry, 37 and Meghan Markle 40 this year.

Oprah Winfrey and Meghan had an intense chat in March. They claimed that Kate made Meghan cry prior to her marriage to Prince Harry.

Kate was among the first to see Harry after he was reunited at the funeral of his grandfather Prince Philip – even holding back to try to reconnect him with Prince William. 

Gary Goldsmith, Kate’s uncle at that time, stated that Kate was trying to mediate and restore peace after Prince Harry’s nuclear truth-bombing.

Gary Goldsmith (56), who is the brother of Kate’s mom Carole, called her a “brilliant arbitrator and peacemaker” and said that she was trying to reconcile their relationship.

Prince William and Harry are said to have barely spoken and have an 'incredibly strained' relationship after two years of rows over Harry's wife Meghan

According to reports, Harry and Prince William have never spoken each other and their relationship is ‘extremely strained’ after two years’ of rows about Harry’s wife Meghan.

Sources claim that the Duchess is not likely to forgive Prince Harry, her stepson, for his actions after stepping down as Senior Royals last March.

Harry opened up to Oprah Winfrey about their relationship in multiple interviews over the past year. In March, Harry claimed that Prince Charles had ‘let him down’.

Camilla Tominey, Royal Expert, wrote in The Telegraph about a source telling Camilla that Buckingham Palace was sending the message that Prince Harry is still loved by his family but that the Duchess Of Cornwall would struggle to get on with her life.

A source said that Prince Charles had suffered from the fallout with Prince Harry, and that it had been “really hard” for him.  

The source said that the Cambridges have found 'everything with Harry and Meghan' has been 'hugely stressful' but has 'pulled Kate and William closer together'

According to the source, while Harry and Meghan have been extremely stressful for them, it has brought Kate closer to William.

The comments were made in the midst of speculation that Harry (40), and Meghan (40) won’t be celebrating Christmas with other members of the Royal Family. 

Instead, it is thought the Sussexes may spend the holidays in their £11 million mansion in the Californian enclave of Montecito.

Reports claim that the couple declined an invitation to celebrate the occasion with Queen Elizabeth and another family member because of the potential media attention.

According to a royal source, Page Six was told by a person close to the matter that Harry and Meghan will not be coming. They would have already communicated this to their families if they were.

“But, this is Her Majesty’s first Christmas without husband. One would hope they would wish to spend it with her.”

In addition to losing her husband of 73-years, Princess Philip, the monarch (95), has suffered from several health issues which have forced her to miss many events lately. These included Remembrance Sunday commemorations last week, often considered one of the most important days in her calendar.