Kate Middleton spoke to a WWII vet before Remembrance Day and revealed that Prince William had told her “a lot” about Sandhurst.

The video was shared by Kate and Duchess to their YouTube channel. Kate (39) spoke to Colonel Blum, 98, and Scout Emily (10), and asked them for their stories.

‘Well, I was a Pimlico boy and I got called up for the army,’ explained Colonel Blum. I was called up to Aberdeen. I was then selected to commission and went to Sandhurst.

Kate replied, “It was likely harder than my husband did it.” “I’ve heard lots about Sandhurst,” Colonel Blum replied, adding: “It had its moments.” 

Kate Middleton, 39, opened up about Prince William's time at Sandhurst in an interview to mark Remembrance Day. Pictured, royal takes part in the Sovereign's Parade at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst on December 15, 2006

In an interview for Remembrance Day, Kate Middleton (39), spoke out about Prince William’s Sandhurst experience. Pictured: Royal takes part in Sovereign’s Parade, Royal Military Academy Sandhurst December 15, 2006.

Prince William joined the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst as an officer cadet after graduating from St Andrews University.

His commission as an army officer was in December 2006. He later joined the RAF and served as a search-and rescue helicopter pilot. 

The royal who is second in line to the throne, has previously referred to his job as a search and rescue pilot as his greatest calling in life.

Speaking in documentary Helicopter Rescue which aired in 2013, Flt Lt Wales as he was known in the RAF, said: ‘There’s no greater feeling than when you’ve actually done some good and saved someone’s life. 

‘I don’t think there’s any greater calling in life… to be able to see a son or daughter’s face when you bring their mother or father back from the edge of death – it’s quite powerful.’ 

William described the moment that a life-or-death mission was initiated. He said, “Captain, you are trying to simulate the whole rescue, transit to rescue, and back again in you mind. Pick up any situations or problems you can see and attempt to fix them on ground before taking off.” 

Kate (pictured) told Colonel Blum that she's 'heard a lot about Sandhurst' - referring to her husband's time there

Kate (pictured), told Colonel Blum, “I’ve heard a lot” about Sandhurst – in reference to her husband’s time there

The war veteran explained how he was a Pimlico boy and got called up for the army, before going to Sandhurst (pictured, left, with Cub Scout Emily, right)

This war veteran shared how he was born in Pimlico and was called up for service. He then went to Sandhurst with Cub Scout Emily.

During the interview shared on YouTube today, Kate went on to ask the veteran what Remembrance means for him and why this time of year is so important. 

He said, “I need to admit that I’ve lost quite a few of my friends,” One friend I can recall is a soldier who was killed in action a few days prior to the end of World War II. This, I have to say, affected me quite significantly.

“You wrote your condolences to the families of these victims to let them know how much you regret.” 

“This is the season to remember not just what you have done, but your family and friends who were there with you.

‘Yes, yes, very much so,’ replied Colonel Blum. 

During the interview shared on YouTube today, Kate went on to ask the veteran (pictured) what Remembrance means for him and why this time of year is so important

Kate asked the veteran, (pictured), what Remembrance meant to him. And why this particular time of the year was so significant during the YouTube interview.

After showing a selection old photos to the duchess of Cambridge, Colonel Blum said: “That’s me when I was 18 years old. I then got leave to return to my home country and wed. That’s me and my beloved wife, who tragically died 18 years ago. 

Kate continued to question Colonel Blum about his message for Remembrance Sunday. 

He explained that he is unable to recall the memories of his childhood with many people. “It is a sad fact that when you reach 98 and get older, most people have gone.

However, every Remembrance Day I go out. I used go to Whitehall. But now, I must do a local parade in Staines with the British Legion.