The Duchess has revealed details about the next Christmas Carol Service she will hold at Westminster Abbey to honor the “incredible work” of pandemic heros. 

Kate (39) posted today a picture of invitations she sent to friends, charity workers and teachers, in advance of Wednesday’s event.

The program, which includes musical performances by mystery guest, was created in partnership with BBC Studios Events Productions. However, it will be broadcast next month on ITV as part a special ITV programme.

In the aftermath of the two-part series The Princes and the Press (which was attacked by the Queen and Prince Charles as being biased), Prince William and Kate apparently dropped the BBC to broadcast their Christmas special. Credibility to “overblown and unfounded” claims about the Royal Family

Christmas cheer: The Duchess of Cambridge will host a Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey next week to celebrate the 'incredible work' of pandemic heroes

Christmas cheer: Next week, the Duchess will hold a service of Christmas Carols at Westminster Abbey to honor the “incredible work” of pandemic victims.

An industry insider said last week: ‘It was all arranged to be on BBC1 but it was switched in the last few days because of the terrible row over the documentary. 

“And things will get worse between Royal Family and BBC before they get better, as the second half of the documentary threatens even further.” 

Last night’s second episode of the documentary featured Meghan Markle. lawyer issue a technical and bizarre denial the Duchess had ever bullied staff – before insisting ‘but she wouldn’t want to negate anyone’s personal experiences.’ 

According to the programme, people who are connected to either the Cambridges or Sussexes were also briefed about one.

Kensington Palace refused to comment. 

Kate will be sure to forget any grumblings about the documentary before the next week’s carol service.

The order of service have not been shared but it was revealed today that the event will be a ‘blend traditional elements with a modern and inclusive feel to encompass people of all faiths and none’. 

Sneak peek: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today shared a glimpse of the invitations sent out to guests, pictured, including charity workers, teachers and volunteers

Sneak peek: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge today shared a glimpse of the invitations sent out to guests, pictured, including charity workers, teachers and volunteers

Today, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge posted about their carol service to Instagram. They wrote that they were celebrating the extraordinary work of people and organizations across the country who support their communities.

The Royal Foundation will support the Duchess’ Christmas carol service next week at Westminster Abbey. It is expected to bring together many inspiring people.

“The December broadcast of this service will reflect on the past 18 months. It will not only look at the extraordinary challenges we all have faced in navigating the COVID-19 pandemic but also the positives, such as people and organizations coming together within their communities and small acts of kindness that span different generations and demographics, and unsung heroes who helped others.

The event, supported by The Royal Foundation, will bring together inspirational individuals from across the UK who have gone above and beyond to care for and protect those in need during the pandemic. 

William and Kate, pictured at the Royal Variety Performance, reportedly dropped the BBC for their Christmas special days after the Royal Family blasted the BBC for airing 'overblown and unfounded claims' in a documentary about the rift between William and Harry

William and Kate, seen at the Royal Variety Performance. The Royal Family had criticized the BBC for airing “overblown and unfounded” claims in a document about William’s rift with Harry.

It will also involve guests who may be more vulnerable or isolated, including people with limited social connections, the recently bereaved or those without their own homes. 

ITV’s Christmas Special is a major coup, as it usually loses royal content to BBC. 

A few words about the BBC being dropped for Christmas concerts: Source from the TV industry told The Sun: ‘It is a brand new format — the royals have never hosted a televised TV concert before. It is huge to have the Duchess as the host.

“Naturally most royal programming automatically goes to the BBC as national broadcaster. They will likely work with ITV more in the future.

Sources claimed that ITV was shocked but happy by ITV’s abrupt change in plan. They also added, “It will be a spectacular Christmas carol concert, which will be TV Gold for viewers at home.”