Katie Price landed a £45,000 payday for her Channel 4 documentary, and avoided paying a penny for renovations to her ‘Mucky Mansion’, it’s been reported.

The 43-year-old reality TV star’s series will air as planned on Wednesday despite her recent arrest on suspicion of breaching her restraining order, after she allegedly branded her ex-husband Kieran Hayler’s fiancée Michelle Penticost a ‘gutter sl*g’ in ‘abusive messages’.

Katie did not pay any of the renovation costs to her West Sussex home, but she received a substantial fee for appearing in the series.

Cashing in! Katie Price landed a £45,000 payday for her Channel 4 documentary, and avoided paying a penny for renovations to her 'Mucky Mansion', it's been reported

It’s a cash-in! Katie Price landed a £45,000 payday for her Channel 4 documentary, and avoided paying a penny for renovations to her ‘Mucky Mansion’, it’s been reported

A source told The Sun: ‘Katie hit the jackpot with the show – she got a £45k fee and didn’t have to put any of her own money into the project.

“The production company is paying the costs and she has gotten a lot freebies from companies that want to be on her show, or in her social media.

MailOnline was informed by a spokesperson from Channel 4 that the production company did not cover the cost of renovations to the house.

MailOnline reached out for clarification to Channel 4 and Katie Price representatives. 

Drama: The reality TV star's series will air as planned on Wednesday despite her recent arrest on suspicion of breaching her restraining order

Drama: The Reality TV Star’s Series will Air as Planned on Wednesday Despite her Recent Arrest on the Charge of Breaching Her Restraining Order

After Katie Price’s bankruptcy hearing, which was postponed until February 2022, Katie Price’s payday is sure to be a welcomed boost for her finances.

In November it was reported that her hearing had been rescheduled, giving her more time to pay back her debts to creditors, after failing to take out an individual voluntary arrangement to pay back £12,000 of her debts.

Katie Price’s Mucky Mansion is set to air its first episode on Channel 4 on Wednesday night, just days after the star was arrested on suspicion of breaching her restraining order after she allegedly branded her ex-husband Kieran Hayler’s fiancée Michelle Penticost a ‘gutter sl*g’ in ‘abusive messages’. 

In an effort to get rid of the scandal, the star posted a social video in which he roasts chestnuts.

Following her release after a 12-hour interrogation, with officers now examining her phone for evidence, her fiancé Carl Woods was said to be ‘furious and embarrassed’ at her behaviour, but an insider claimed that he has ‘zero intention’ of leaving her. 

MailOnline was told by a source that Katie is at the edge of the worst crisis she has ever faced. However, Carl does not intend to leave. Carl’s only accomplishment in recent days has been to turn the tide. 

Nut-ting to see here: On Tuesday the shameless star released a bizarre social video roasting chestnuts in an attempt to brush off the scandal

Nut-ting to see here: On Tuesday the shameless star released a bizarre social video roasting chestnuts in an attempt to brush off the scandal

Insider said that Carl would stand beside Katie, and would wait to see if she was ever in jail.

“Katie has been heavily relying on Carl for support during this very hard time.

Woods could be heard in Price’s bizarre Instagram video on Monday, in which she was filmed roasting a bag of chestnuts on the fire at her £1.35 million ‘mucky mansion.  

Despite Price’s carefree attitude, relatives and friends of the star have said her future ‘looks bleak’ as cops probe whether she broke a court order with a foul mouthed message. 

Price is also facing a probe into her finances, and how the reality star affords a life of luxury despite being in millions of pounds of debt, after allegedly calling her ex’s fiancée a ‘gutter sl*g’ in texts with the police probing her phone for evidence that could send her to jail.

Loyal: Price's fiancé Carl Woods was said to be 'furious and embarrassed' at her behaviour, but an insider claimed that he has 'zero intention' of walking away (pictured in August 2021)

Loyal: Price’s fiancé Carl Woods was said to be ‘furious and embarrassed’ at her behaviour, but an insider claimed that he has ‘zero intention’ of walking away (pictured in August 2021) 

A source claimed there are concerns that Price may not been paying creditors fully, despite raking in heaps of cash from TV and brand deals, the Mirror reports. 

They said concerned parties are ‘casting the net far and wide to assess how much money is coming into Katie’s coffers’ and are preparing a dossier of deals Price, who is in £3.2 million of debt, has made recently ahead of a court meeting in February.  

The star’s ex-husband and his fiancée were seen picking up their children on Monday as Kieran Hayler, 34, wore a white bobble hat and black gilet as he left the car with his daughter Bunny and son Jett, who he shares with Price.

While carrying their infant son Apollo Phoenix, Penticost was seen opening the door for Michelle Penticost (39). She was also joined by Valentino her son, who comes from a previous relationship.

Images taken after Price was detained on Friday for violating her restraining or. After a 12 hour interrogation she was released, but not before her phone was confiscated by officers.   

Struggle: Price's relatives and friends of the star have said her future 'looks bleak' as cops probe whether she broke a court order (pictured with sister Sophie and mother Amy)

Price in Trouble: Price’s friends and relatives have told Price that her future is ‘bleak.’ Police are investigating whether Price violated a court order. Price was photographed with Sophie and Amy.

Price was issued a 5-year restraining injunction prohibiting her contact with Ms Penticost in 2019. She had hurled a ‘tirade’ of abuse at her. Price could face five years imprisonment if she’s found guilty. 

She also dodged a potential jail term today after paying £7,350 of fines she owed for driving offences. Price had been listed to appear at Crawley Magistrates’ Court on Monday over non-payment of £7,358 in fines dating back to January 2019.  

The court staff on Monday confirmed Price had paid the fines and Price wasn’t expected back in court. A court summons was given to Price after she failed to repay any fines. 

Loose Woman star even faced a potential jail sentence for failing to pay the fines. In the past 10 years, Price was banned from driving for speeding and drink driving.

Trouble: Price was handed a five-year restraining order forbidding her from contacting Michelle Penticost (pictured with Kieran Hayler in 2020) directly or indirectly in 2019 after hurling a 'tirade of abuse' at her

Trouble: Price received an order of restraining for five years prohibiting her from speaking to Michelle Penticost. Price (pictured here with Kieranhayler in 2020), was accused of hurling abuse at Price.

Mother-of-5 was warned at her final court hearing she could face a prison sentence immediately for any infringement of the law. Amanda Kelly, District Judge said that if she does not follow the instructions in the months and weeks ahead of her then she will be sent to prison.

At the hearing her solicitor, Joe Harrington, Price’s finances were so ‘disorganised and chaotic’ that a £7.50 toll for using the Dart Crossing had escalated into a £1,400 debt due to her failure to deal with it. 

A source close to her family told The Sun their fears about the reality star’s future and said that they wanted her to go back into rehab: ‘Katie’s been having a tough time recently and her behaviour in the past couple of weeks has become slightly erratic.

‘She was enraged on social media.

Her family asked her to return to the Priory to work through her problems. She’d done well in her previous visits. This is not something Katie would want to do.

“They are proud of her for not going to prison. Her family is in shock. They do their best to support and protect Katie. However, if she is right about the accusations, the situation looks dire.   

Family outing: Hayler, 34, pictured on Monday with his daughter Bunny (far left) and son Jett (second from left), who he shares with Price, his partner Penticost (seen carrying their baby son Apollo Phoenix), 39, next to her other son Valentino (far right), who is from a previous relationship

Family outing: Hayler, 34, pictured on Monday with his daughter Bunny (far left) and son Jett (second from left), who he shares with Price, his partner Penticost (seen carrying their baby son Apollo Phoenix), 39, next to her other son Valentino (far right), who is from a previous relationship

The reality star posted a defiant message on Instagram on Sunday, saying she ‘still has her sparkle and drive’ after she was released on bail from Worthing police station.   

Price shared her excitement in an Instagram post. 

Katie Price’s legal history 

October 2003 She escaped from a speeding conviction on a technicality because cops didn’t arrest her in 12 weeks. The Range Rover she was driving was said to have been clocked at 70mph while in a 40mph zone. In October, Price was also accused of assaulting a nightclub patron. However, her charges were dropped after police failed to capture Price within twelve weeks.

June 5, 2008 Given three penalty points, fined £200 and ordered to pay £80 costs at Feltham magistrates’ court for talking on her mobile phone while driving on April 18.

January 7, 2009. Brighton magistrates granted a leniency on the matter. The driver was accused of breaking the 30mph speed limit and failing to identify himself to police.

July 7, 2010. Crawley magistrates sentenced her to imprisonment in her absence after she was caught speeding at 99 MPH on September 16. 2009. After speeding at 99 mph on September 16, 2009, her lawyer claimed that she was just speeding as she was being harassed and hounded from the paparazzi. However, officers said she had no speeding cars around. She was fined £250, ordered to pay £500 prosecution costs and given four points on her licence.

September 28, 2010. Mid-Sussex Magistrates’ Court found her guilty of not being in control of her pink lurid horsebox, which weighs 7.5 tons. This was after she veered off into another Sussex lane. She was fined £1,000, ordered to pay £650 court costs and a £15 victim surcharge and given three points on her licence, taking her tally to 10.

December 1, 2010. After being caught speeding at 83mph on a camera, she was stopped on the A23 in Pyecombe (West Sussex) on 10/12 2009. Price was unable to attend the hearing but pleaded guilty. In her absence, she was fined £1,000 and given three penalty points on her license (taking her total at that time to 13 points). This took her over the 12-point limit and brought an automatic six-month driving ban and so she was disqualified from driving for six months.  

August 31, 2012 After failing to comply with two speeding tickets, she was banned from driving for twelve months. On September 5, 2011 and September 6, 2011, she was caught speeding through London. She claimed that her mother had taken care of all her concerns and that she hadn’t seen any warnings from the police. Ms Price was already carrying six points and was suspended for 12 months. She was also fined £400. 

February 16, 2018 After driving at 60 mph on the 50 mph A24, she was banned from driving for six month. Already had points on her licence. After the 2017 incident at Dial Post in West Sussex, Ms. Price didn’t tell police about her speeding ticket and was later charged with failure to give details. Ms. Price did not show up to the meeting. magistrates’ court and was given a six-month ban and a £750 fine.

28 July 2018 After photos of Ms Price driving her Ford Fiesta while she was still prohibited from using the roads, police questioned her. Photos showed Ms. Price, along with Jett (aged four) and Bunny (aged three), driving her grey Ford Fiesta from Gatwick to her home. Ms. Price surrendered to police, and she took to Instagram to claim that the ban had been lifted. But when she realized it was not, she confessed to her wrongdoing to authorities in order to avoid being convicted.

September 26, 2018, Crashed her £63,000 Ranger Rover on September 26, while allegedly on her mobile phone. Police were notified about the crash. Katie Pugh (23) a Marketing Executive, stated to MailOnline, that her Mercedes was rear-ended by the troubled star while she and Pugh were stuck on the A3 at Roehampton in Surrey. Pugh stated that Ms Price was looking at her mobile phone minutes before she collided with her Mercedes at approximately 5.30PM, September 26th. 

October 10, 2018. Arrested on suspicion of drink-driving in the earlier hours of the morning on October 10, after being found by police in her garish pink Range Rover in Woolwich, East London. When her Range Rover crashed into another car, Ms Price was said to have been celebrating Kris Boyson’s 30th birthday. After undergoing a roadside breath analysis, Ms Price was then taken to Plumstead police station. She was later released from the cell after spending a night there. Ms Price was then photographed driving her car without wearing her seatbelt, just 36 hours after her drink driving arrest – an infraction that carries a £100 fine.

December 2018 Postal requisition for her drunk driving charge

January 2019, Disqualified driver was caught driving and given an additional three-month license.

Februar 2019 Served a Additional three-month ban following conviction for drink driving in October 2018.

June 2019  Price is fined after shouting abuse at ex-Hayler’s girlfriend Michelle Penticost in a school playground, in Shipley, West Sussex. Price was issued with a five-year restraining order against her and ordered to pay £606 in fines and court costs.

Autumn 2019, Issued with her sixth ban – a two-year disqualification –  which she appealed. This was reduced down to 18 months.

March 20, 2121 Weeks before Carl Wood’s 18-month ban expires, she gets behind the wheel Carl Wood’s Range Rover. Police question her over the matter

September 28After being in an early-hours crash, Ms. Price was taken to hospital and booked for DUI.   

Sussex Police reported that a woman aged in her 40s was detained at Partridge Green property, West Sussex around 12:15 on Friday night. Under investigation, she has been released.

According to a spokesperson, a report regarding an alleged breach in a restraining orders was filed on Friday evening at 5.45pm.

Later on Saturday, Price was seen being driven out of Worthing Police station by Woods and has been pictured being driven around again today.

She was seen on the back seat of a Mercedes, with her hand on the headrest, as her fiancé drove the vehicle.

Price is now prohibited from talking to Hayler’s girlfriend Penticost, as Penticost was verbally abusing Hayler in the primary school playground. 

Price admitted in 2019 to verbally abusing Ms Penticost and her friend Andrea Quigley after young children and a teacher witnessed her hurling a ‘tirade of abuse’ including shouting ‘f****** c***’ multiple times at both women.

According to The Sentencing Council, the maximum penalty for breaking a protective order is five year imprisonment.  

Penticost is reported to have complained to Sussex Police that Price had sent Hayler abusive messages on Friday.

Sources claimed the messages branded Penticost a ‘gutter sl*g’ and a ‘c***ing we piece of s***’, according to The Sun.

They also added that the words had been “absolutely vile.”  

Hayler and his fiancée were understood to have been interviewed by police in their home before Price was taken into custody. Under investigation, she has been released. 

Penticost was allegedly left “devastated” and “threatened” by the messages.

Hayler’s spokeswoman said to The Sun, “We are able to confirm an incident that took place Friday. Michelle was then left upset after a series of threats and abuses.”  

Price accuses her ex-husband of sexually assaulting someone. 

Hayler, who was a stripper in the past, verbally denied these ‘false allegations’ and promised to cooperate with police.

A police spokesperson said that officers responded to reports of a suspect violating their restraining orders at 5.45 p.m. on Friday 21 January. 

Officers detained a woman in her 40s. She was released while investigations continue.   

Hayler’s fiancée Penticost shared a cryptic message on Instagram which read: ‘Normal people don’t go around destroying other human beings.’ The hashtag #restrainingorder was also shared by Penticost. 

Price claims that she went to police before the divorce — but suggests that the alleged victim has now come forward herself. 

According to Sussex Police, Hayler was not arrested. They described Hayler as an alleged victim who was 16 years old in 2016 and called her a “girl”.

They confirmed they were subject to sexual assault allegations and are currently investigating.

No arrest was made. Specially-trained officers provide support to the little girl. According to Hayler’s spokesperson, the Mirror reported that the girl was devastated by the untrue accusations and requested to speak with the investigating officer to clarify his identity.

«He is sure that these allegations are false, and they have been invented by a third person in an act de vengeance. 

“He will work to get his name cleared and for the people responsible to be held accountable.”

According to a source, Hayler told The Sun that police have spoken to Kieran about an allegation dating back to 2016, and believed to be made by Katie.

‘Kieran is co-operating and insists he has done nothing wrong — but he’s happy to speak to the cops about it. 

“He is just trying to get out of his marriage with Katie.”

Price stated earlier this month that she was driving drunk and on high cocaine after a series of traumatic events. She feels ashamed about herself, having narrowly avoided jail last month.

Former glamour model, was given a suspended 16-week sentence and a two year driving ban after she turned her uninsured BMW X5 back into a hedge on September 28. She had been disqualified for being under the influence while on a country lane in West Sussex.

In her first television appearance since being sentenced, she stated that 2022 would be “a year of no dramas” and said she is currently undertaking Dry January, which means she stays sober for a month, to get the year started.

Harvey, her 19-year-old son, was present by video link. Harvey asked about the possibility of her being arrested for her most recent arrest. Harvey replied, “The events were truly traumatic.”

“It was traumatic, and I don’t want to discuss it. What I will tell you is that I did go to the Priory. I made the decision to finally see a therapist each week to help me deal with my traumatic experiences that lead to that car.

Although I hide things well, I find it very difficult to openly talk about my feelings. My mental and physical state are both reasons I was in the car. But I can talk about them when I am ready.

“I am ashamed of it all. These are just some of the reasons I’m still struggling with. It is a new year and I still deal with it.

Price escaped with a suspended prison sentence because she complied with a requirement to attend the £6,800-a-week rehab centre – despite going out shopping while staying at the facility.

A judge told the former glamour model that she was not worthy to celebrate Christmas after she had committed her ninth motoring offense.

Breach: Messages from Price were alleged to have called Penticost vile names, as seen in mocked-up picture above - breaching the restraining order


Price made a statement following her appearance in court, stating that she was sincerely sorry and grateful for the safety of all involved.

The drink-driving advocates claimed they are ‘gobsmacked” by the sentence. However, the judge stated that Price will not be sent to prison because she had completed her stint at The Priory celebrity rehab center and has remained out of trouble.

Price, however, has made a vow to continue her life and said that 22 was her lucky number. My birthday. Deal or No Deal is the main box. This is my year with no dramas.

Price shares Harvey, Junior (16), and Princess (14-14) with Dwight Yorke and Jett (8-8), and Bunny (7-7 with Kieran Hayler) but wants to grow her family.

Her comments included: “Babys, marriage, this is the year that I want it all. Carl is the right man for me and I am certain that we will be married.

“It will be England. My mum, who is in terminal illness, can’t travel, so it will be there. Therefore, I would never marry if my mom wasn’t there.

Amy Price was diagnosed with Idopathicpulmonary Fibrosis by Price in 2017. This condition causes scarring of the lungs, making it hard to breathe. There is no treatment currently.

Also, the television personality took some time to talk about Harvey And Me, her book on her oldest child who is suffering from septo-optic and diabetes insipidus as well as ADHD, autism, ADHD, and other conditions.

Katie spoke out about her husband’s recent relocation to a residential college. She explained that he was now separated. I know the feeling of being separated from my family. He’s only three hours from me now. Also, I cannot just stop by to see him.

“How he has coped without me–I’m still seeing Harvey every weekend, but it’s new places, new people, and how he fits into that. Although it’s difficult, they are getting to know Harvey well. It’s difficult to deal with Harvey’s complex behavior and needs.

“It’s still hard and we’re still trying to get used to it.”

Pictured: Price was pictured leaving Worthing police station after being interrogated for 12 hours by police officers

After being held for twelve hours, Price is seen leaving Worthing’s police station. 

Harvey was asked his opinion on college by the teenage Harvey. He replied: “It is really wonderful and fantastic mummy.”

Price said, “There is so much that we haven’t covered. I’d love for you to visit and talk more.” To let everybody know, I am happy.

Price spoke for the first time since she was released from suspended confinement last month.

Katie was taken to the hospital after being arrested by police on the spot of her crash.

A test revealed that the personality on television had consumed 66 micrograms alcohol per 100ml of breath, which is almost twice the legal limit for 35mcg.

On a test, she also showed positive results for cocaine. Police shared an image of the scene that showed the car upside-down. After the crash, her family was concerned about her health.

Happier times: Police are to question Price's ex-husband Hayler over historic sexual assault allegations (pictured in 2016)

Happy times: Price’s ex husband Hayler is being questioned by the police about historic allegations of sexual assault (pictured in 2016).